Chapter 759: Birds Of A Feather

The tanned fella felt a gaze and turned back to see Feiyun. He slightly raised his brows before smiling, revealing his white teeth.

Feiyun nodded and smiled back. Monk Zhi Zang noticed the connection and asked: “Who’s that young man?”

“A friend.” Feiyun replied.

The workers from the pavilion came over. Feiyun took out a spirit stone to buy some food and wine before asking for a place to stay.

A worker noticed how liberal the guy was with money and said that there were two rooms available. 

Too many heretics have come for the conference so they didn’t have anymore regardless of how much he paid.

For people at their cultivation level, staying one night on the street wasn’t a big deal at all. However, the heretics cared about face and reputation so they couldn’t just sleep outside.

“I will be going to Mount Potala to meet a friend for a few days. I’ll be back during the conference to help you, Young Noble.” The monk said.

“Go ahead.” Feiyun wasn’t afraid of the guy escaping because he had his soul. He could sense the monk wherever he went.

The monk stood up and placed his palms together while slightly bowing his head before disappearing from sight.

The experts on this floor naturally took note of this and felt their scalp tingling - this was a supreme master able to come and go silently with a speed too fast for the human eyes.

On the other hand, the weaker cultivators had zero ideas. They didn’t know that there was one fewer person on the floor right now. 

While the food and wine were being brought up, two skinny men with yin energy walked closer. Their skin was white while there was a black smoke circling around them.

They have been following Feiyun and the five girls ever since they got here. Lust was clearly shown in their hot eyes as they stared at the girls with a smirk.

Feiyun naturally sensed the two of them but he simply didn’t give a damn. He told Ruixin to pour wine for him.

The angry girl was unwilling at first but eventually caved, even going as far as massaging his back afterward.

The two men became jealous. One of them shot out a black ray spanning for two meters - a special technique to see Ruixin’s naked body.

Many cultivators cultivated special gazes. For example, magical gaze, heavenly gaze, sword gaze, evil eye, crescent eye…

Most had the ability to see through clothes but no one would do this, especially to a female cultivator. This was a despicable method that could result in death.

However, the heretical lords have gathered in this town, causing it to be lawless and ruled by whoever has the bigger fist.

Feiyun scowled with a fierce gaze: “You’re courting death.”

Ye Siwan instantly unsheathed her sword with lightning speed, decapitating the man in the blink of an eye. His head flew out and rolled like a ball.

More than half of the people here got no idea who did it. They only saw the handsome man shouting before another falling to the ground.

This scared some of the Giants nearby. They praised their luck for not messing with this group or they would die without a burial.

However, the stronger masters saw Ye Siwan’s matchless appearance since a corner of her veil was lifted as she attacked. They quickly got a good idea of who these people were.

Several lords wearing expensive clothes also took note of this on the fourth floor. One man with a few strands of white hair near his temples said: “The Mo Brothers are relatively big shots at Heavenly Cloud. Their father, Mo Taigong, started a brothel city that is probably the number one in Jin right now after the fall of Beauty’s Smile. Unfortunately, they’re messing with the wrong person right now.”

“Mo Angchun toyed with women his whole life but eventually died to one, how ironic.” Another heretical lord smiled.

“These two are nothing but their father is not a simple character. He’s the first disciple of the seventh hall lord from Senluo, haha.” 

Another lord said: “That woman is the number one beauty in Earthchild, Ye Siwan. Mo Taigong won’t be able to do much even if he comes.”

“Oh? So that handsome youth must be the famous love thief who fought against seven masters in the ruins? This will be interesting.”


Mo Angxia touched the thick blood splashed on his face, finally realizing that his big brother was laying in a puddle of blood.

“You killed my big brother, do you know who we are?!” He furiously roared and gathered a maelstrom in his dantian, wanting to destroy the group with his soulbound artifact.

“The audacity to stare at my maid, death comes for you regardless of who you are.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Whoosh!” He swung his sleeve and a spirit wave rushed over, turning into nine dragon-tigers issuing loud roars. They instantly tore Angxia to pieces.

He then placed another spirit stone on the table and told the waiter: “Clean the corpses.”

The excited waiter nearby ran over to take the stone before taking away the two corpses and cleaning the blood.

Nothing was left behind outside of a faint stench.

The other heretics who have been paying attention to the five girls naturally retreated, aware that this youth was not one to be trifled with.

The Mo Brothers were half-step Giants yet still got killed so easily.

“Pardon my interruption, Young Noble. Are you Yi Zhenfeng?” The short-haired, tanned youth came over and sat down without any hesitation.

“So you know me.” Feiyun waved his paper fan with a smile.

The floor suddenly became quiet. Others started listening, whether deliberately or just out of mere curiosity.

“Haha, I knew it, so another fellow love thief. One thousand drinks aren’t enough when drinking with a friend.” The tanned youth acted familiar and took out a cup before slamming on the table: “Miss, fill my cup.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Ruixin found this youth to be impolite.

People normally served her, not the other way around. There was only one exception - the evil Yi Zhenfeng.

Moreover, this guy claimed to be a love thief as well. So he was just another pervert. Pouring wine for a guy like this would make her vomit from disgust.

“Aren’t you Big Brother Yi’s maid? That’s your job, no?” The youth became angry and said: “Big Brother, this maid has a disciple issue! Why don’t you lend her to me for two days, I’ll guarantee that she’ll listen. If I tell her to lay down, she wouldn’t dare to stand, tell her to meow and she wouldn’t dare to bark. Tell her to... what are you doing?! I’m a guest…”

“Boom!” Ruixin had thrown the wine bottle and struck the youth’s face.

The guy rubbed his forehead and hair while shouting: “Miss, I am a love assassin famous in all of Jin. I’ll forgive you this time out of consideration for Big Brother Yi, don’t force me!”

Ruixin took off her veiled hat, ready to give the youth a beating. However, Feiyun smiled and said: “Ruixin, pour a cup for this fellow love thief.”

“Hmph!” Ruixin angrily gritted her teeth and put her hat back on. She picked up another bottle and threw it again towards the youth’s head: “Drink it yourself.” She then left right away.

The youth picked up the deformed bottle while rubbing his forehead and wiping away the wine. He smiled and said: “Your taste is exactly like mine, I also like a fiery girl like her, they’re so much more interesting in bed.”

“Bi Ningshuai!” A gust blew by and Xie Honglian landed on the same floor.

“Shit, found me again?!” He immediately leaped out of the nearest window in order to run. Unfortunately, his feet caught the railing so he fell on the street, yelling “shit” again, clearly having landed on a pile of trash.

He got up and fled with Xie Honglian right behind him.

“Brother Bi, let’s talk about flirting again next time.” Feiyun didn’t mind fanning the fire.

“Bi Ningshuai, you’re courting death!” Xie Honglian took out a spirit sword and unleashed a red lotus. Her sword hymn echoed for dozens of miles.

Feiyun seemed quite amused by this but there was another phantom-like guest sitting in front of him now. It was Violetsea King who had a smile on his face.

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