Chapter 757: Still Sexy

The seven-colored carriage stopped and a sharp ray filled with runes came from within, as thin as can be.

Feiyun hurriedly sidestepped and dodged the ray. This turned out to be a crimson needle, around one inch long and as thin as an ox’s hair. 

There were seventy-two formations carved on this third-ranked spirit treasure. His forehead would have been pierced if he wasn’t fast enough. Nevertheless, it left a bloody line on his cheek.

This person seemed to be stronger than White Moon Messenger and hard to deal with.

He wiped the blood off his cheek with his fingers and smiled: “Not bad at all, a well-deserved reputation.”

“Yi Zhenfeng, surrender and I might spare your life.” The wife of Myriad Laws Sect Master sat in her carriage with spirit butterflies circling around her. Her voice seemed pleasant but still authoritative. This was the tone of someone in a position of power for a long time.

“Spare me? Sounds like you’re interested in me.” Feiyun smiled.

“Play nice now and you can be our guest.” Her voice showed no emotional fluctuation after the teasing comment.

Feiyun thought that she was smart enough to figure out that he wasn’t a pervert but actually a member of the court.

“Haha, unfortunately, a love thief like me has no interest in an old married woman like you, give me two carriages full of your young disciples and I’ll think about it.” 

“You’re asking for it.” She stopped wasting time and sent out the crimson needle.

Feiyun used his Swift Samsara to move like a phantom and landed on the carriage in order to lift up the purple curtain and drag her out.

However, the moment he touched the cloth, he suddenly had a bad premonition and decided to leap backward and retreat.

“Whoosh!” Another needle of an orange hue flew out, also a third-ranked treasure. Its power was ordinary but the sharpness was immense, piercing through his shirt sleeve.

“A second spirit needle?” Feiyun flew around the sky, pursued by the two spirit needles.

“This is the seven-colored needle set from Sacred Spirit Palace? All third-ranked treasures.” Monk Zhi Zang slightly raised his brows.

“I haven’t heard of it before.” Ye Siwan said.

“Rumor has it that they fell out of a divine hedgehog and were refined by Fire Master, an Enlightened Being of Sacred Spirit Palace. He’s their best blacksmith and had created many Dominating Armaments. As for the grand blacksmiths in Jin? The majority of them are his disciples and grand-disciples.” The monk said.

“You must be someone important, to know so many things.” The person in the carriage laughed.


“And you’re right, this is indeed the seven-colored needle set while I am Fire Master’s youngest daughter, Huo Yanyan.” She revealed.

Five more blinding rays shot out of the carriage with the following colors - yellow, green, black, blue, and violet.

A total of seven needles began chasing Feng Feiyun. Spirit energy surrounded him as the sharp needles shot by, looking like rainbows in the sky.

“I suppose I have to try a little harder then.” Feiyun said and released an explosion of white light.

His heavenly weapon essence started with a liquid state before turning into thousands of white needles. Each had the same sharpness as the other seven.

They flew out like the rains and knocked the seven back, issuing loud clunks in the air.

The seven-colored needles were powerful for their sharpness but in terms of actual destructive ability, they were weaker than other third-ranked treasures. Thus, Feiyun’s weapon essence overwhelmed them.

“What spirit treasure is this… how are there so many of them?” Huo Yanyan couldn’t believe it.

Feiyun landed on the carriage with both hands on his waist, looking like an unstoppable master that was feeling very lonely: “Gotta be at least that good for a top move, right?”

“Hmph!” A massive aura resembling a tsunami erupted inside the carriage. People couldn’t help feeling suffocating pressure.

A slender figure flew out of the carriage. She dressed in the court style, looking relatively young at first glance. Her cultivation was mighty as she unleashed a large palm seal at him.

Feiyun unleashed a fiery palm strike back, more than one hundred meters wide. 

It looked like a fire mountain crushing her palm strike to pieces. The clouds in the sky within a thousand miles dispersed, revealing a blue expanse.

“Boom!” She couldn’t handle this force. Her expensive spirit dress had many burnt holes on them; her trinkets and jewelry on her head were knocked away so her hair draped down like a waterfall.

“Haha, no point in putting your hair up. Change the style and you look like a twenty-year-old again.” Feiyun laughed.

“You court death!” Her long hair fluttered to the wind as she ripped out her spirit robe, revealing her sexy undergarment.

She had sharp eyes, ample milky-white breasts, and slender arms. Her belly button was exposed by this point. A seven-colored divine flower was located right beneath and out came her soulbound artifact - a peak third-ranked spirit sword with incredible power.

The sword unleashed an energy slash more than three hundred meters long, ready to split the heaven and earth.

“Youngest daughter of a grand blacksmith indeed, you got a lot of powerful spirit treasures on you. Sigh, that’s why Myriad Laws is so strong, it’s tough to not be strong when they have such a rich lady.” Feiyun lamented being born several hundred years too late or he would have a rich wife right now.

“Heaven-raising Rod!” He took out a black rod as big as a mountain. One hundred formations rotated and turned the sky black. Black clouds billowed everywhere.

This was also a peak third-ranked spirit treasure. He swung it down and knocked the sword out of her hand, rendering her unconscious.

He grabbed her by the waist and threw her into the carriage before turning back towards the other pursuers: “Yo, people from Myriad Laws, I’m taking your sect master’s wife with me, go back and tell him that she’s still very sexy, great figure, soft skin too! I’ll be taking her to the heretical conference. I'm sure many heretics who hate your sect will be interested in her, maybe I can make some friends there, haha! Go!”

The three-winged bird soul came out again and started pulling the carriage forward. Monk Zhi Zang and the four girls also got on top as it headed north towards Mount Potala.

Meanwhile, the disciples and elders of Myriad Laws in the back turned pale. They started cursing while chasing but eventually lost sight of the swift carriage.

They thought it was over for them. The guy was bringing their lady to a heretical conference. Their sect had lost all face after this debacle; the sect master would definitely be enraged after finding out.

“Fast, go report this back. The consequences will be… unimaginable if the lady is actually brought there! We need to mobilize our entire sect to give chase!” A supreme elder was going crazy.

White Moon Messenger had an ugly expression as well. Her beloved daughter and favorite disciple were taken away. She must rescue them even if it meant risking her life.

Li Xingtian could read her emotion and said: “Junior Aunt, as I have said, this Yi Zhenfeng is exceedingly strong. I was lucky to escape with my life. We’ll have to report this to the sect master and Black Sun Messenger and use the power of our entire sect to save Junior Sister Liu and Junior Sister Ye.” 

“Let’s go.” She seemed to have aged ten years just now as she stood there, pondering.

Her eyes eventually became decisive as she murmured to herself: “Ling Su, I can’t save our daughter this time, you have to take action.” 

She thought about Liu Ruixin’s father, a majestic man. Her eyes became filled with both hate and love - a complicated feeling. In the end, she started flying towards Sacred Spirit Palace.

Solar wasn’t in a good spot either. Their top prodigy, Wu Yangsheng, lost one arm to Yi Zhenfeng and swore to repay this humiliation at all cost.

Plus, Feiyun had killed the top members of a sect under them. They needed to avenge these fallen members or no other sects would join them in the future.

All three top sects in Earthchild have mobilized fully along with their tributaries. Something big was going to happen.

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