Chapter 756: Sect Master’s Wife

Feiyun put away the massive golden Buddha after leaving Heavenly Kingdom. This was considered the gate, granting him access whenever as long as he had it on him.

This massive thing took up more than half the space in his spatial stone.

“Do not divulge what you have seen in there or I’ll have to kill you.” Feiyun was as serious as can be.

Though Liu Ruixin was a carefree girl, she still knew whether something was slight or serious. His eyes, in particular, truly scared her. She looked like a little quail standing next to an eagle and the eagle said, ‘be a good girl and lay eggs or I’ll eat you.’

She naturally nodded several times in response.

Feiyun slightly frowned in contemplation. The biggest benefit this time was suppressing Yama on top of finding news about his potential return. This would definitely shock Jin, even the five dynasties and Sacred Spirit Palace.

The golden age of Buddhism was immensely prosperous ten thousand years ago. Their territory was twenty times the size of Jin, stronger than all five dynasties combined. However, this corpse of Yama would also return stronger and should be unstoppable.

On the other hand, Feiyun didn’t really care about its destruction. He just needed to run in the worst-case scenario. Nevertheless, further planning was prudent.

“The two of you visited the kingdom?” Ye Siwan came over looking like a fairy with auspicious clouds around her slender figure; her hair as long as a waterfall. There was a sweet fragrance around her.

She had reached the early eighth-level of Heaven’s Mandate after absorbing four strands of Buddhist energy. However, her expression seemed complicated as she tried not to look at Feiyun’s eyes.

“Yes, we went in for a look.” Feiyun nodded.

She opened her mouth but hesitated, closing her lips once more.

“Ask what you want.” Feiyun remained calm.

“You’re the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun?” Ye Siwan had suspected this the moment she saw the scripture.


“You’re also Yun Feitian and Yi Zhenfeng?” Ye Siwan’s voice clearly became angry as she trembled, gritting her teeth.

Ruixin noticed that something was wrong and refrained from asking Ye Siwan for treasures. Her eyes darted back and forth between the two.

Feiyun had an awkward smile as he said: “Isn’t this better? So now, you don’t feel that there is an age gap between us. We’re the perfect pair made in heaven…”

He gradually stopped after seeing her eyes turning red with tears dripping down. She turned and ran away.

“What…?” Feiyun didn’t understand.

“Sigh, everyone says that you’re the romantic king, turns out you don’t understand a woman’s heart at all, sigh.” Liu Ruixin straightened her posture and acted like a mature grandpa who has seen everything in life. She was smart enough to run after Ye Siwan in order to not have her head knocked by Feiyun.

He stood there for a bit before shaking his head with a smile. He left the great hall and saw everyone outside.

Each had a different expression. Ruixin was happy because Ye Siwan gave her some rare treasures. She was busy checking them out.

Bai Ruxue still had an ice-cold appearance like a snow lotus, zero expression on her flawless face.

Mu Xirou was the opposite and Feiyun could understand why. After all, he killed her childhood friend but now, she was stuck being his maid and could lose her virginity to him at any moment. This must be a tough situation to be in.

Finally, Ye Siwan was still here to his surprise. She stood next to Ruixin; her face now covered by the clouds as well. Who knows what she was thinking right now?

The happiest was still monk Zhi Zang. He had a mysterious smile and didn’t ask about the kingdom after seeing Feiyun. “The three big sects of Earthchild have come several times, their sect masters too.”

“Don’t worry about them. How long until the heretical conference?” Feiyun asked.

They have been here for more than a month so it should be soon.

“Within six days, are you really participating?” The monk asked.

“Of course, haha.” Feiyun laughed before leaving the ruins.


Numerous experts have gathered outside the pagoda ruins. More than half were from the three big sects. Banners filled up the sky along with figures floating in the clouds. One could hear the war drums.

The entire entrance was fully surrounded by multiple layers. The sect master of Solar was here in person, sitting on top of a chariot with a bright glow around him.

“The pagoda issued visual phenomena after Yi Zhenfeng entered the great hall. They clearly found amazing treasures there.” He said.

The sect master of Myriad Laws wasn’t present, only his wife. She looked around thirty years of age and wore a court outfit while riding a seven-colored carriage. Her hair was tied up in a bun; skin perfect, breasts ample. She would look several years younger if it wasn’t for her mature outfit style.

Rumor has it that she was even stronger than her husband, having entered Sacred Spirit Palace to train at a young age. This was a tough woman who had authority over half of her sect.

“The mysterious monk is difficult to deal with due to his unfathomable cultivation. He noticed my two previous attempts at scouting.” Her voice was pleasant yet dignified.

White Moon Messenger from Sun Moon was present. She coldly uttered: “Doesn’t matter how strong he is, they’ll all die.”

A beam suddenly landed near them. Li Xingtian in full armor bowed and reported: “Yi Zhenfeng has figured out a different escape path.


“How can this be? Only Enlightened Beings can do so!”

Many wanted to give chase.

Suddenly, they could hear Feiyun’s laughter echoing from above. He and the four girls appeared above the clouds behind the big sects.

“Sorry, Fellow Daoists, for making you all wait so long. Unfortunately, I have to go to the heretical conference and have no time to get closer to your sisters, what a shame. I’ll definitely come back and visit each sect afterward, haha!” He closed his paper fan and left.

“Leave Ruixin and Siwan behind, Yi Zhenfeng!” White Moon Messenger had nothing but fury in her eyes as she unleashed a crescent wave of energy spanning more than thirty meters, ready to cut down the sky.

“My apology, Sun Moon Messenger, but they have been very obedient. I can’t leave them behind.” Feiyun made a sword mudra with two fingers and sent a fiery slash forward, easily cutting the crescent wave.

The impact issued a metallic banging on top with numerous sparks.

White Moon Messenger’s hand started bleeding. The stream of blood turned the ground into lava.

She was at the early ninth level; her blood was pure enough to melt the ground.

She quickly retreated and stared at her hand with disbelief. How could this guy be so strong?

Feiyun wanted to take advantage of this in order to either injure or kill her. However, Ruixin told him: “Don’t kill my mother.”

“Don’t hurt my master.” Ye Siwan said as well.

“Women are so troublesome.” Feiyun pulled back and decided to leave.

This was out of caution. Though his cultivation was far stronger than before on top of having an Enlightened Buddha with him, these three big sects were no joke. Maybe two or more Enlightened Beings from their side could come out.

His main business right now was getting to Mount Potala.

“Rumble!” The seven-colored carriage gave chase right behind him, pulled by a spirit bird with three wings.

It was fast enough that Feiyun couldn’t lose it.

“That’s Myriad Laws Sect Master’s wife, it’s only behind the eight-step dragon carriage.” Ye Siwan reminded.

“Amitabha, let me send her to the other side then.” Monk Zhi Zang placed his palms together and put on a cute smile.

“The wife of the sect master, huh? If we capture her, that whole sect will go crazy. All of them will come, keke.” Feiyun smirked before turning into a ray to fly straight at the carriage.

Everyone in his own group naturally had nothing but disdain for the guy, even going for someone else’s wife. He should really just be a “love thief”.

“Boom!” His seven bones became a starry diagram engulfed in fire. He crushed the spirit bird in no time at all.

So it turned out that the bird was actually a beast soul. It turned back into strands of smoke and returned to the carriage.

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