Chapter 755: Suppressing Yama

Feiyun didn’t want to alarm Yama and started using his divine intents to communicate with the pious beasts.

However, Yama was a prudent one and noticed this, deciding to take the initiative.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s body trembled violently, especially his back and left arm. An evil energy oozed from his skin with a deafening roar: “Want to destroy me?! I’m taking your body then!”

A billion energy rushed out of the spine and upward, wanting to infiltrate Feiyun’s brain.

Yama initially wanted to slumber and waited for more of his pieces to be collected before taking over Feiyun’s body and providence. But now, the latter had tried to kill him so he naturally wouldn’t just sit and await his death.

“Hmph! You think you can control my mind?” Feiyun scowled.

The wisdom bone on top of his forehead exploded with fire. “Screech!” A faint figure of a phoenix attacked Yama’s soul. At the same time, Feiyun’s left eye also shot out another phoenix.

Yama’s soul was naturally powerful. It traveled up the spine and caused Feiyun’s body to tremble violently.

The two phoenix figures weren’t weak either. They circled around like two real phoenixes with sharp claws and proud eyes, perfectly displaying the might of the divine bird.

Meanwhile, Feiyun gathered his forty divine intents and created a Heaven Punishing Hammer to help the phoenix figures.

Feiyun’s cultivation had soared so his divine intents strengthened as a result. On the other hand, Yama was only a remnant soul. In the past, he could suppress Feiyun’s divine intents but this was no longer the case.

“How can this be?! Forty?!” Yama’s soul nearly got destroyed from the first defeat.

A holy light erupted beneath Feiyun’s lotus platform. This holy power entered his body and suppressed Yama’s malefic energy.

The skin on the spine and left hand started protruding. Yama was being forced out.

“Our flesh has fused for a long time now, you can’t force me out!” Yama roared.

He used to be a big shot and wouldn’t even care about an insignificant character like Feiyun. Alas, he had no choice but to live a borrowed life with this insect. Now, this insect wanted to chase him out?

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun’s divine intents formed a crimson blade, directly cutting a piece off of Yama’s soul.

However, Yama’s retaliation also heavily injured Feiyun. His organs severely ached, causing him to vomit blood.

“Turning your body into a battlefield? You’ll explode before you can kill me!” Yama wasn’t feeling good either and threatened the guy so that he would stop.

Feiyun was hellbent on taking this guy out. He used his divine intents and seven phoenix bones to create a minor rotation. Seven phoenix figures entered the spine and fought against Yama to gain territory.

Others couldn’t interfere until he successfully suppressed Yama’s soul regardless of how strong they were.

“Boom! Boom!” His back and left arm exploded with flesh splattering.

He could last this long thanks to his minor completion physique. Anyone else would have turned into a puddle of blood by now.

He eventually seized the upper hand with the seven phoenix figures surrounding Yama’s evil soul, refining it like seven cauldrons. His divine intents turned into a massive mountain and pressed down on the evil soul, stopping it from moving.

“Feng Feiyun, don’t forget that you have promised to help me with something! You don’t have to toy with that witch anymore, I want you to help me find another host instead!” Yama finally conceded after being imprisoned by the seven phoenixes but still put on a tough act.

“Haha, you owe me one too so we’re even.” Feiyun said.

“Young man, you’re too naive. Do you think this is my entire soul? That sage from Violetsea only got half of my corpse from the burial, my other half has an even stronger soul that has been resting for ten thousand years. Its cultivation is beyond your imagination and it will return soon to destroy everything in this land. And those who have my body parts? They’ll get special treatment.” Yama coldly uttered.

Feiyun had heard Feng Mo said that they found a head, two eyes, the heart, the left arm, right thigh, and three ribs. The other parts were missing.

Feiyun assumed that Yama was wounded and got dismembered, leaving behind an incomplete corpse. This no longer seemed the case if the guy was telling the truth.

Another calamity was coming to this land?

He stopped thinking about this and said: “Just a crappy corpse without a skull, heart, and spine. How strong can it be with full energy back? Nothing you say will matter today.”

“You’ll find out soon, haha!” Yama laughed.

The meditating beasts shot out Buddhist rays into Feiyun. This pure power resulted in numerous Buddhist figures appearing, giving off a holy sensation.

The Buddhas began chanting a merciful scripture. The entire platform was shrouded in a blinding barrier with dancing runes, eventually culminating in a golden scripture.

Feiyun’s back and left arm began to split open and separate from his body. He then took out the ghost bottle and sucked in both of these parts. Even though he was bleeding all over, he never felt better.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re clearly afraid and don’t dare to kill me.” Yama’s nefarious laughter came from the bottle.

This bottle was very effective against evil and yin creatures but it could only suppress Yama, unable to fully refine him.

Feiyun shook the bottle and said: “You’re overthinking it, I’m waiting for your other corpse to come then I’ll capture it too so that I can create an ultimate evil pill.”

“In your dream.” Yama gritted his teeth.

Feiyun ignored the guy and put away the bottle. His Buddhist light lit up and all the wounds closed. His aura became purer with Yama gone, just like a deity now.

The area around him was white while he had golden currents coursing through him. A Buddhist halo appeared behind his head; chants resounded around him.

Only an enlightened monk could have this halo and resonating chants but now, Feiyun did too.

Liu Ruixin was standing in the corner. She had a delicate figure, lacking curves outside of her buttocks area. Her eyes were as wide as can be while watching this.

It was as if she had entered a holy world with sacred Buddhas everywhere. She suddenly had the urge to kneel and worship. Of course, she didn’t do so because Feiyun was the main focus, pulling her back into reality since she didn’t want to worship him.

Feiyun didn’t communicate with the beasts at all. This resonation lasted for a while before he floated away from the lotus platform. He calmly said: “The one behind the previous calamity might be returning. I need to prepare for this in order to avoid needless casualties and shall destroy it this time.”

“Amitabha.” The beasts began chanting some unknown hymns.

He landed next to Ruixin and patted her on the shoulder, waking her up from her stupor: “Let’s go, we got business outside.”

Ruixin was startled with her hair flying everywhere while being dragged out by Feiyun: “The monster ending the golden age of Buddhism is returning?”

“Maybe.” Feiyun’s eyes became serious.

“Those spirit beasts here are so strong, especially the ones in the center. Maybe they can stop it.” She didn’t know their true cultivation but could tell that any of them was stronger than her sect master.

Feiyun took out the seven-inch golden statue and opened a door in the sky: “They have made an oath to never leave this world. Heaven will not allow them to violate this oath.”

The two of them then left Heavenly Kingdom through the portal.

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