Chapter 753: Sacred Ground

“Clearly being stingy…” Liu Ruixin said this but had pretty much accepted the suggestion, agreeing with the logic. She found it difficult to control her spirit energy right now.

Her cultivation increased in just a short time, making it harder to control. If she were to fully lose control, then she could lose her cultivation in the best-case scenario. Worst case? Her life.

Long Luofu had the help of her royal ground’s treasure on top of being a historical genius so this wasn’t a problem for her. In spite of this, she still needed to separate the process into seven attempts just to be safe.

“Such impudence. In order to become a proper maid, you need to learn how to respect your master.” Feiyun said.

“Young Noble Yi, please forgive me.” Ruixin said with a sarcastic tone while performing a maid bow.

“Sigh, I’ll have you teach you more later.” Feiyun sighed disappointedly then asked: “Where are the others? They’ve left?”

“They won’t leave even if you chase them away now.” Ruixin said: “Because the evil souls are gone in the great hall, a few ancient seals are open too, allowing paths to secret places. Sister Ye, Cool Bai, and Blockhead have gone there to find ancient treasures. I’m forced to stay here because I’m the weakest but Sister Ye said that I would get a share too if they find something.”

Feiyun found these nicknames to be amusing. Cool Bai was obviously Bai Ruxue and Blockhead was Mu Xirou. [1]

The grand hall was an important area in Heartlost. Though ten thousand years have passed and most treasures were damaged now, the ones located in the sealed areas could still be around. They were definitely the top spirit treasures too.

Feiyun had the yellow river and something like the spirit vessel; he naturally wouldn’t care for other treasures. He wouldn’t even ask them for Dominating Armaments if they found any.

“Where’s the monk?”

“I’m a little angry talking about this guy because he got super lucky. He laughed for two days and three nights after becoming an Enlightened Buddha, so noisy. Then he found a Dominating Armament in a secret pond, laughing another day, pretty much turning into a Fat Buddha. Because he laughed so loudly, the other guardians came. He managed to kill one and chased away two more. Now, he’s probably sitting at the entrance to the great hall and beating whoever he sees. He’s in a good mood with limitless energy.” She sounded jealous.

Of course, she was also emotional. After all, an Enlightened Being was a near-mythical character for someone like her. Being in contact with one was too much to take. This feeling would naturally subside with time. 

Nonetheless, she would brag to all of her junior sisters about this after returning.

Feiyun, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised in the slightest. Monk Zhi Zang has been stuck for several hundred years and only had two more years of lifespan left.

This trip was his last attempt and he didn’t have that much confidence either. Now, he had another millennium to live and became the top dog in this land. Anyone would laugh for several days straight afterward.

Plus, he had a Dominating Armament now too, like a tiger with added wings. His future path seemed quite bright as if blessed by the Great Buddha himself!

“Since they’re all busy, how about the two of us go in there to take a look? A world buried for ten thousand years, what will it look like now?” Feiyun turned around and looked at the door before going in.

Liu Ruixin was naturally excited; she has been waiting to go the entire time.

They passed through a white barrier, pushing through it and causing white ripples. Suddenly, they fell a hundred meters down and saw an ocean beneath.

A 120-meter-long spirit bird came out of nowhere and caught the two of them.

“This is Heavenly Kingdom? A real world… the seniors didn’t lie to us.” Ruixin climbed up the bird’s back and stared at the boundless ocean while listening to the waves.

She saw numerous fish playing on the surface, some were massive, to say the least.

The yellow river rotating around him flowed to the sky, looking like a galaxy descending with Buddhist light everywhere.

He took a deep breath and found that his pores were relaxed and loosened. Spirit energy started entering his body, surprising him with its density.

This might be even thicker than the spirit energy found in the central dynasties.

Moreover, he noticed an active spirit vein in the ocean. It wasn’t as big as the dragon vein in Jin but still stretched across 30,000 miles.

The bird flew for two more days and Feiyun found an even larger vein. He used his divine intents and still couldn’t find its source.

This one was definitely comparable to the dragon vein, stretching for several hundred thousand miles. This level of spirit vein was quite rare.

“The Buddhists back then were quite something, able to drag this type of spirit vein into this high-level realm.” Feiyun sighed.

“The main vein here is at the million level. The one you’re looking at is only a branch of the main one, there are twenty-one of them here, divided across the nine continents and twelve oceans.” The bird suddenly spoke.

“And here I thought you were mute.” Feiyun knew that it could speak from the beginning.

Spirit beasts possessed an intelligence barely inferior to humans so this one could speak easily.

Ruixin became frightened and ran back behind Feiyun.

“I’m young and don’t know much. You can go talk to the ancestors instead.” The bird added.

“More than one thousand years old is young?” Ruixin clicked her tongue and noticed something else. She loudly continued: “Why is that sun up there so tiny? It can’t illuminate this whole place, right?”

“That’s not a sun, just a sarira left behind by an Enlightened Being that will always be up there, granting us the power of life.” The bird said.

Feiyun nodded. He has been observing the last two days. There would be a new solar sarira after several tens of thousand of miles. Some places even had two at the same time.

It looked like the kingdom really produced many Enlightened Buddhas. They became these sariras after dying to forever illuminate this land.

A high-level realm still couldn’t create light, water, and life. Thus, these wise sages worked together to develop the place.

The spirit beasts here must have been tamed ten thousand years ago. They spent their time listening to Buddhist hymns and reading scriptures, inheriting this culture. They no longer cultivated the beast dao but simply Buddhism. Once reaching the right level, they could also become Buddhas.

When the older ones die, the young ones would also learn the same Buddhist scriptures, waiting for the new master of the kingdom to come, hoping that this would make the land more prosperous and suitable for life.

This place definitely had no humans left. Any that were lucky enough to survive the disaster should be dead from old age. After all, even an Enlightened Buddha can’t live for ten thousand years.

Feiyun suddenly had a wicked thought. What if there were women here? Then maybe there would be some descendants left. Some monks might have sacrificed themselves so that humanity in here could live on.

He saw many treasure trees and spirit medicines along the way, some deserted shrines and convents as well. Some floated on the ocean, others were up in the clouds.

One pagoda was situated on an island like a scene from a painting, protected by numerous formations. Spirit fruits and grass were planted all around. A sacred spring ran through it as well.

Ruixin’s eyes were wide open after looking at the treasures.

“Haha, don’t even think about it. You can’t open these formations left behind by Enlightened Buddhas.” Feiyun laughed.

“Hmph, the items here are all up for grab. I saw a convent on an island earlier, filled with violet bamboo and a crescent sacred spring. I called it, it’s mine now.” She said.

“You want to be a nun?” Feiyun laughed.

“So what? None of your business.” She glared at him.


The bird flew another three days and landed on a verdant mountain - a sacred ground of this area. Many ancestral spirit beasts have been waiting here.

1. Mu means solemn but it also sounds similar to Mu, which is Wood

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