Chapter 751: Yellow River

This Evil Buddhist Soul was mighty with an aura resembling the primordial sky. It had intelligence and started murmuring.

Feiyun couldn’t fully hear what it was trying to say, only that they were afraid of the door opening. A power in there could kill them all.

That only made him want to open it even more!

His eyes became determined as he decided to risk it all. He had prepared for the incoming darkness draping down on him and took out the bottle.

It floated above his head with flashing runes before releasing a plume of blue ghostflame from its mouth.

This was a supreme spirit treasure of the Yin World and had a suppressive property versus evil, especially specters.

It could capture and refine them into pills or liquid. Eating these things was very beneficial for cultivators that train with the yin affinity.

The bottle successfully stopped the first attack from this soul. Alas, Feiyun wasn’t the Yin Mother and couldn’t utilize the bottle’s true power.

This was a soul capable of killing Enlightened Being so he was being pushed back.

Each attack from the soul was akin to him being smashed by a hammer, resulting in sharp, bone-deep pain.

“The bottle can’t do it!” He gritted his teeth and stopped another thirteen moves before vomiting blood. The bottle nearly got knocked out of his hand.

Monk Zhi Zang standing far away wiped the sweat off his forehead and murmured: “He’s suicidal, that’s a hotblooded youth for you.”

He was also admiring Feiyun’s physical constitution. He became wounded after being attacked by a single strand of intent from this soul, nearly dying as a result.

However, Feiyun faced thirteen blows directly. Of course, ninety-percent of the power was absorbed by the bottle but this was very impressive.

People would be frightened if they heard about a seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate taking on an Enlightened Being.

The door has yet to open but there were signs of Feiyun’s body crumbling. The Immortal Phoenix Physique still wasn’t enough to make up for the cultivation difference.

“Boom!” The rotating scripture suddenly stopped while the large Buddha became more resplendent.

A pure Buddhist light shot out from its stomach with extreme force.

“Whoosh!” More strands oozed out. They originated from Heavenly Kingdom.

Feiyun and the others felt something akin to warm water from a spirit vein or as if they had just eaten some spirit pills. Their pores loosened in order to absorb this power.

Fatigue was wiped away; wounds recovered at a visible pace. They started feeling immensely comfortable.

“This is the essence accumulated over ten thousand years, just one strand is enough to save someone’s decades of training.” Monk Zhi Zang was astonished and took in seventeen strands.

Each looked like a lightning bolt and contained immense power; all swallowed by him.

Buddhist hymns came from within him. He became shrouded in a bright radiance and instantly understood the profound dao of an Enlightened Buddha. The seeds started growing inside him. It wouldn’t be far until a breakthrough.

He has been stuck at the peak ninth level for several hundred years now, just missing one last bit. He started crying from being too emotional, able to grasp his goal despite being so close to death.

He felt the urge to come to hug Feiyun and even kiss the guy while screaming, “we didn’t waste our life!”

Another ray more than one thousand meters long flew out of the kingdom, looking just like a yellow river.

The monk had taken in seventeen strands so far but that was completely insignificant. The power inside was beyond calculation.

This kingdom once gestated numerous Enlightened Buddhas, 3,000 in one generation and more than 10,000 in total. Moreover, it has been ten thousand years. The essences from these dead Enlightened Buddhas have returned again to form this incredible river of Buddhist energy.

For example, the royal clan of Jin had a Dracomization Pond. After each coronation, numerous spirit stones and alchemy materials would be thrown in there. An accumulation of essences came next. This process would last for several hundred years until the current emperor abdicated.

This would allow for the next emperor to use it and become a master in an extremely short time.

Long Luofu bathed in the pond seven times in one year and absorbed the centuries of accumulation. She became a pseudo-Enlightened Being right away.

This was a shortcut requiring an immense amount of resources, more than ten times versus cultivating normally. Only the royal clan or the four great clans would be able to do so.

Now, Heavenly Kingdom was far mightier than Dracomization Pond. It had accumulated for ten thousand years as well, resulting in energy perhaps 10,000 times greater than the pond.

Just seventeen strands alone nearly allowed the monk to get to the next realm. This was indicative of its potential.

The four girls heard him and also took advantage of this rare opportunity, quickly grabbing the golden strands.

However, some contained too much energy. Liu Ruixin dropped to the ground, unable to move, after getting just one. She actually didn’t mind this and started absorbing this energy. Bai Ruxue also found one and did the same.

Mu Xirou was a half-step Giant, stronger than the other two. She grabbed two which was her limit. One more would result in being crushed to death by the energy.

Ye Siwan got four that rotated around her like dragons. Bright lights entered her perfect skin. Her cultivation increased at an insane pace.

This yellow river was extremely beneficial to them but was a calamity for the evil souls in the great hall. Being illuminated meant turning to smoke.

Even the strongest one got struck by the river. Its evil affinity was completely purified and became a part of the river.

The wounded Feiyun sat down near the door of the kingdom and wiped away the blood on his lips. He put away the bottle and held the scripture with excitement in his eyes: “Haha, gotta take the risk to reap the result! Completely worth it!”

The top powers used their resources on their chosen successors. Long Luofu and Beiming Potian were lucky enough to enjoy this.

Though Feiyun was technically the Divine King and the successor of the Feng, he didn’t get a similar treatment and needed to cultivate himself.

This was no longer the case. Feiyun was confident in reaching the ninth level in an extremely short time, even Nirvana.

His understanding of the grand dao far exceeded anyone in Jin. He just lacked the accumulation of energy and resources.

He began channeling the golden energy inside his body and raised his hand. The golden river felt the purest form of Buddhist energy inside him and started rotating around him.

Though his energy was akin to a firefly versus the river, it was far purer. The external strands acted like subjects greeting their king and rotated around him.

Even the toughest officials would need to greet an infant that would become the future king by getting down on their knees.

Feiyun wasn’t in a rush to enter the kingdom. He cultivated for two days and refined three strands to make it to the eighth level.

His dantian served as a black hole and absorbed the surrounding power. Fortunately enough, the yellow river seemed endless. He didn’t worry at all. This was his best opportunity to absorb as many Buddhist essences as possible.

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