Chapter 750: Door To Heavenly Kingdom

Yao Ji’s perfect figure flashed in Feiyun’s mind. This girl is more mysterious by the day. Is she really the mother of Yin World? [1]

Feiyun found this thought to be ridiculous and immediately dismissed it. Why would the prestigious ruler offer herself to him? Maybe it could be viewed as a good investment but the disparity in status was too great regardless of his talents.

Moreover, if Yao Ji was the Yin Mother, she would be one of the three Evils. Could her cultivation be high enough to fool all the masters at the court?

He stopped thinking about this since he could just ask Yao Ji the next time they meet.

Monk Zhi Zang has been here before so he was very familiar with the layout. They walked along an old path forward towards the door to Heavenly Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Liu Ruixin still kept the Celestial Sacred Bottle. Feiyun ignored her for now because this artifact was beyond her means to keep; she knew this full well. She would obediently give it back later to him anyway.

They walked for three days, finding this place to be a boundless realm with broken artifacts everywhere. There were plenty of spirit treasures but their spirituality has dispersed due to the long period of time. They were worthless now.

They also met eight evil Buddhist souls, the strongest of which was mightier than Monk Zhi Zang, the weakest was comparable to a Giant.

However, the bottle easily sucked all of them in and turned them into eight pills for Feng Feiyun.

His two types of energy have soared so he was ready to reach the eighth level whenever. He wouldn’t stop at the early stage either. The spirit energy accumulated inside was monstrous, almost like a universe exploding.

Yao Ji seemed to know that I would go to the ruins so she gave me Yama’s left hand then this bottle. Looks like she wants to help me, hmm, what an interesting woman. Feiyun realized that everything he has done so far was within her calculation. Who knows if she was actually on his side or not? 

“I felt the presence of a different world beyond the door but just didn’t have the key.” The monk stood in this chaotic place and stared at the golden Buddha in the meditative pose not far from there.

It towered at ninety-nine meters, looking just like a golden mountain. It had a dignified and holy aura along with a suppressive pressure.

Its light was extremely hot and contained incredible power. It wore a golden robe with both hands placed on its stomach.

The stomach had a large crack with a barely-visible chaotic expanse inside. A different aura oozed out from within.

This Buddha statue was clearly made from gold yet the cracks on its stomach had the redness and appearance of flesh.

“This is the door, be careful now. I met an exceedingly powerful soul here last time. It wasn’t even awakened that time, just one intent fully injured me. I’m positive that once awakened, it can kill an Enlightened Being. The bottle… might not be able to suppress it, unless the Yin Mother herself is here.” The monk’s voice became as quiet as can be.

Feiyun stared at the door. It looked like a Buddha had cut open his stomach. He was in disbelief after taking a good look: “A high-level realm? How can this be?”

“There are levels to realms?” Ye Siwan was closest and heard him.

Sun Moon also had a secret realm - an independent dimension with 200,000 miles of land. However, it was extremely unstable with numerous dangers. Later on, a wise sage of the sect stabilized it into a training ground. She had partaken in this training before.

Feiyun elaborated: “Your secret realm and the beast realm from Wanxiang Pagoda are considered low level. Too unstable and not in the shape of a continent. As for the royal sacred ground of Jin, it became a continent, far larger than the two I’ve just mentioned. People can actually stay there now, so this is an intermediate-level realm.”

This was the first time the group has heard of this, including Monk Zhi Zang. They have heard of the royal sacred ground before but thought that it was a real location, not an independent realm.

“No wonder why the royal clan is still calm despite the chaos in the eight prefectures. So their real foundation is at that place. Is it just as big as Jin?” Ye Siwan put on a serious expression.

“The ruler of a dynasty is naturally not as simple as they seem.” The monk placed his palms together and said.

“There’s a continent in there but it is still very chaotic. On the other hand, this one here is a high-level realm, far bigger with spatial stability. The only difference between this and the real world outside is that it can’t give birth to living entities.” Feiyun went on.

“So this mythical Heavenly Kingdom is a high-level realm? So it’s far bigger than Jin?” Liu Ruixin became very curious as well.

“This is no big deal, everything is possible in this world. There are even bigger places than a high-level realm. They’re called minor and grand dimensions. You’ll see them once your cultivation is high enough.” Feiyun chuckled.

Ruixin’s eyes lit up, thinking that Feiyun was too cool right now for knowing all of this.

“If this is really a high-level realm that has been blessed by a top Buddhist cultivator, creating three thousand Enlightened Buddhas might be possible.” Feiyun stared at the door while channeling his golden energy to its limit.

“Whoosh!” Golden Silkworm Scripture flew out from his spatial stone - a 7-inch little Buddha very similar to the large one found here. It clearly sensed the aura of Heavenly Kingdom

Could this be the key? Feiyun looked at the little thing and narrowed his eyes.

“Sealed for ten thousand years, I shall open it today.” He became determined and took the bottle from Ruixin with his left hand and held the little Buddha with his right.

He channeled Swift Samsara and flew to the large one’s stomach, tossing the scripture into the wound.

“Buzz.” The scripture started rotating with a blinding radiance.

The large Buddha seemingly woke up as well and started chanting.

Those standing inside the ruins at this second would see a golden beam shooting out of the great hall. 

All of the protectors woke up. Some climbed out of the ground; others the broken halls.

All the broken buildings lit up, seemingly returning to their golden age.

An eighteen-level pagoda had a broken bell on top that automatically issued a ring that could be heard for several thousand miles.

The pilgrims on the path kneeled and worshipped: “The old spirits are returning! The bell has rung nine times!”

Buddhist hymns and chants echoed across the realm as a result.

Meanwhile, an evil entity slowly woke up after Feiyun released the scripture. One could feel a  terrible aura.

Feiyun saw an evil darkness flying straight at him. It spoke with a deep, ancient voice: “The door will be opened with the golden scripture, the old world shall appear… No, this cannot happen! We’ll all be crossed over by the power of Heavenly Kingdom, not even a single soul will be left! Don’t open it!”

The strongest evil Buddhist soul has fully awakened.

1. The Yin Mother has another title that is rather hard to translate. In fact, it can be her name too. Hard to tell without context. It is Yao (demon/bewitch) + Ji (girl), so Bewitcher will be the title. This seems too obvious so how come the characters aren’t making the connection? It has to be a title then, this word is rather commonly used to describe a femme fatale. As for the regular Yao Ji, her name is Yao (a common surname Yao, good-looking) + Ji (good fortune/lucky). Seems like a clear hint from the author

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