Chapter 75: Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner

There were many qi images in this world that combined the human aura and the image of the heavens — this was the natural birth of qi images.

Only true heaven-defying geniuses would be able to grasp a type of qi image. Once their cultivation reached the rank of Giant, the essence of the qi images inside their bodies would change and carry a power capable of suppressing the ages.

Each type of qi image was a sign of the rise of a new future star.

If Feng Feiyun didn’t cultivate the Immortal Phoenix Physique, his talent would have been very ordinary and he essentially wouldn’t have the chance to have an innate qi image. However, because the Immortal Phoenix Physique was able to increase his personal aptitude and change his potential, it allowed him to be able to surpass mediocrity and become a genius capable of competing for his own destiny against the heavens.

Although the Dragon Horse River Diagram was not a real qi image, in its most strict definition, it was a type that was very similar to qi images. It had an aura and power inside and it was not any weaker than the top qi images.

Across the mighty stretch of the godly river, with a ferocious expanding atmosphere, a humongous dragon horse was swimming on the river with a godly turtle in its mouth. It was as if it was being enlightened with the dao.

“I’ve never heard of this qi image before. The dragon horse is a godly existence in the ancient era. Many saints in the legends had met a dragon horse, and because of this, they were enlightened. Feng Feiyun’s qi image is so powerful, it’s as if it is hiding a powerful shadow from the ancient times; the aura of a godly character is even being faintly emitted. The only son of the contemporary evil demon cannot be speculated with common sense. If the Feng Clan cannot cripple him today, then he will absolutely be even more frightening than the evil demon in the future.”

An old man wearing a martial arts gown, who was gifted with the art of qi observation, opened a heavenly eye between his brows and was able to see the future that ordinary people couldn’t.

The Dragon Horse River Diagram’s energy was so majestic that it occupied half of the sky and nearly squeezed the white cloud tiger behind Feng Lingji out of the clouds.

Feng Feiyun became increasingly powerful. The Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand had completely lost its Buddhist characteristics. With a golden light exploding, he was filled with killing intent and beat the four swords of Feng Lingji all over the place as sparks were continuously emitted.

The blood in his body flowed faster and more ferociously. Even his heart was banging.

Under the catalytic urge of his will to battle, Feng Feiyun felt that the blood in his body was refined much faster than the ordinary speed. Step by step, he became closer to the Third Blood Purification.

Second Blood Purification — the blood started boiling and was as black as ink. Third Blood Purification — the blood became sentient and emitted golden light in all directions.

Feng Feiyun had used a drop of Spirit Spring Water to successfully reach the intermediate Immortal Foundation. However, he was not able to absorb more than three parts of the medicinal property. The rest of the medicinal essence was hidden in his flesh and blood. Under the catalyst of his will to battle, the medicinal property was quickly absorbed and the purity and level of his blood also became increasingly high. It was reaching towards the Third Blood Purification.

Feng Feiyun clearly felt the Immortal Foundation become bigger inside his dantian. Like a seedling under the effects of fertilizer, it gradually matured towards perfection.


Feng Feiyun fought to the point where Feng Lingji couldn’t do anything but retreat. He essentially didn’t have the power to defend himself. His four sword formation was completely shattered and two swords were completely broken by the Invincible Buddhist Staff.

The rank of the Invincible Buddhist Staff was unknown, but it allowed for an intermediate Immortal Foundation, like Feng Feiyun, to directly fight against an expert one big realm higher. Plus, this was still under the situation where he had not used the spirit and power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff.

The black charred marks on the staff, due to grilling meat, were completely gone and revealed a golden bronze color. With a buddha shadow printed at the top of the staff, it carried along a Buddhist presence that silenced others — truly too sacred.

One didn’t know that Monk Jiu Rou picked up such a holy item yet still used it to grill meat. If there was a sage from the buddhist faith who saw this, he would have soon beaten Monk Jiu Rou to death.

Feng Feiyun, as an ordinary person, could still feel the power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff. Presently, there was not a lack of people with extraordinarily knowledge. An old man with gray hair was gazing intensely at the staff in Feng Feiyun’s hand for a long time. Finally, his eyes carried a surprised look and he wanted to speak, but then he stopped.

“Could it be… Could it be a buddhist weapon? It looks like, it truly looks like…”

A person muttered. It was apparent that he was very shocked and couldn’t believe that this sacred treasure of the buddhist faith was in the hands of Feng Feiyun. The significance behind this matter was very unusual.

A young curious disciple asked:

“Could it be that the staff in the hands of Feng Feiyun has an extraordinary origin?”

“It is not clear, it is not clear. However, it really looks like it. It cannot be the same staff because the owner of the staff was a supreme Giant of the Buddhist faith. There is no chance that he would allow this staff to fall into the hands of a Feng Clan’s junior.”

This person flatly shook his head and directly let go of this thought. He felt that he had guessed wrong.

Feng Lingji’s cultivation was still formidable, but because his sword formation had lost, he was confused. In the end, he couldn’t do anything but throw away his swords and flee. He was beaten by Feng Feiyun to the point where his heart was no longer arrogant.

How did this brat become so strong? There was truly no way to obtain victory. The power in his fists became stronger and stronger; his momentum became greater and greater. He did not allow his opponent to even stand straight.

“Four Qilins of power!”

Feng Lingji still wanted to resist and the scales above his arms began to move. He unleashed a punch with the power of four Qilins.

One Qilin of power was a power of ten thousand jin, but to unleashed four Qilins at the same time, this power exceeded forty thousand jin. It was at eighty thousand jin instead.

Four Qilins of power was equivalent to the power of eighty thousand jin! Five Qilin of power was equivalent to one hundred and sixty thousand jin!

Moreover, the power of the Qilin would be even more condensed and would change in essence. It would turn into something more ferocious.

“Break for me!”

Feng Feiyun, with the Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand, swept through the winds and thunders in the sky and shattered the gigantic power of the four Qilins. The staff directly struck Feng Lingji’s chest and beat him flying far away.


A few thuds, and then, the sound of broken bones appeared, followed by the sound of flesh being torn apart.

Feng Lingji would never dream that he would lose in the hands of Feng Feiyun. This son of the evil demon was much stronger than his imagination and even left a grave wound on his chest. His ribs had been broken into several pieces and his white robe was stained crimson with blood.

Many people were alarmed. They originally thought highly of Feng Lingji because, in the end, his prowess was already renowned throughout the Grand Southern Prefecture. He was a supreme genius of the Feng Clan and had the potential to become the future head.

There were several clans who secretly sent assassins to kill him, but they were found out and killed by him. Who would have thought that he would lose to an unknown disciple of the Feng Clan? It made others feel that this was a bit surreal.

Earlier, Feng Feiyun killed Feng Jue in one move, and he was one of the four heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan. Then, in front of so many people, he defeated Feng Lingji. This could be considered shattering the face of all of the heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan.

A few people from the big clans were secretly smiling:

“The Feng Clan has really lost all face this time. An expelled disciple is even stronger than a heaven-defying genius that was heavily groomed; this will definitely be an unerasable event for the Feng Clan.”

“Feng Feiyun repeatedly defeated two heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan. If he wasn’t expelled, then he would be the leader of the younger generation of the Feng Clan. He could even take the crown in the Hidden Dragon War!”

“This is not necessarily true. I heard that the strongest within the Feng Clan is not Feng Lingji, but that Little Evil Demon.”

“The number one from the Feng Clan’s branch is definitely that Little Evil Demon.”

Some people thought of the evil demon that everyone was afraid of. When she was only nine years old, she was already famous in Violet Firmament Ancient City. With heaven-defying treasures, she caused the younger generation of the big clans and immortal sects of the Grand Southern Prefecture to be unable to lift their heads.

As long as it was someone known for having a little bit of aptitude, they would all suffer in her hands and beaten to a bloody pulp. Thus, she gained the title, “Little Evil Demon”.

However, within the last three years, the Little Evil Demon was secretly training inside the Feng Clan and didn’t have the chance to cause trouble outside. At this time, people began to forget about her. It was only until someone reminded them before everyone remembered.

This Little Evil Demon, three years ago, already possessed a higher cultivation than the current Feng Lingji. If she was released by the Feng ancestors, then Feng Feiyun wouldn’t be as carefree as he was now.

However, the evil energy on her body was truly too dense and she couldn’t personally suppress the evil energy. If she were to truly be released, then she would turn the city upside down. Plus, only god knew how powerful she was at the moment. Without a Giant making a move, one would be afraid that no one would be able to catch her back.

Unless it was the last resort, the ancestors of the Feng Clan would never act in such a heavy and thankless manner.

“Feng Feiyun, you actually dare!? Did you actually want to kill Feng Lingji?”

The five law enforcement elders of the Feng Clan, with the Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner raised, stood in between Feng Feiyun and Feng Lingji. The banner was fluttering and emitted a powerful battle aura. This was a half spirit treasure and had a very strong power.

The Invincible Buddhist Staff in Feiyun’s head continued to make the clunking noises. He, step by step, walked forward and gravely said:

“He cursed me and even cursed my mother. He deserves death.”

“Hmph! Unfilial bastard, it seems like this bloodthirst is part of your nature. Your body must be mixed with evil demon blood. Today, we will join forces to destroy the unfilial child and chop off his limbs. Then, we’ll imprison him forever in the ancestral hall.”

The five law enforcement elders each held a corner of the Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner and channeled their spirit energy into the flag, injecting a huge amount of energy.

The Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner was not considered a spirit treasure because it did not have a spirit sentience. However, under the full force channeling of the five elders, it exuded a very horrifying and incomparable light. On top of the Dao engravings, that had the shape of a dragon head, a flashing light also came along and carried a destructive force.

The strong burst of momentum made Feng Feiyun feel an unprecedented pressure. The power of the five law enforcement elders was not ordinary and could be considered countless times stronger than Feng Lingji. They were like five giant immovable mountains.

In the end, the five elders had to let go of their pride and were ready to kill.

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