Chapter 749: Evil Buddhist Soul

This brown bottle was given to him by Yao Ji. It had strange runes and evil seals carved on the surface.

It resembled an ordinary flower vase, nothing too special. However, it felt cold to the touch as if it was an ice sculpture.

“Please, just a regular bottle, we have 100,000 of them at Sun Moon. I can give you a carriage full of them later.” Liu Ruixin was a strong girl and quickly stopped being scared then took advantage of this opportunity to attack Feiyun.

She seemed to enjoy antagonizing him.

Monk Zhi Zang nodded and said: “It’s not a bad treasure but will only be useful against common spirits, not against specters that have experienced lightning tribulation. An Evil Buddhist Soul used to be an ancient monk, smart and know how to cultivate. This yin bottle can’t suppress one.”

“I see.” Feiyun took a look and didn’t notice anything special. Plus, his golden energy could deal with the Buddhist soul to a certain extent.

He stopped thinking about it and tossed it at Ruixin: “You can play with it.”

“Who would want this crappy bottle?” Ruixin said this but still decided to keep it. After all, the monk said that it could suppress ordinary spirits. It might be crappy but would still make a good present to a junior sister that had just joined the sect.

“Whoosh!” A black gale came over, accompanied by ghastly wails. 

A figure wearing a kasaya appeared on top of a tattered platform nearby, around seven meters tall with rotten flesh and visible bones. 

“That’s an evil Buddhist soul, be careful.” The monk warned with a serious expression.

This one was quite powerful, dying ten thousand years ago. It should have some cultivation achievement now. Its aura was enough to threaten him.

Liu Ruixin, Mu Xirou, and Bai Ruxue turned pale, feeling a chill as if they had fallen into an ice pit in hell. They finally realized how terrifying these evil souls can be, far scarier than anything they have seen before.

Feiyun and Ye Siwan became serious because this evil soul was extremely fast. It was comparable to a peak third-tribulation Ghost King, capable of tearing a Super Giant apart with its bare hands. 

They looked over at the monk; he didn’t look too confident in killing this one either.

Feiyun inched closer to Ye Siwan and gently grabbed her slender waist. He could utilize his Swift Samsara to escape this along with her.

Siwan felt the heat from his hand so her waist became slightly numb; her cheeks slightly blushed.

“Whoosh!” The gigantic soul on the platform turned into a black dragon gale and rushed towards the three girls, wanting to capture her.

Monk Zhi Zang took action and sent out his beads looking like stars. They only managed to break the soul’s hand, unable to stop it fully.

Feiyun never thought about trying because he was too weak. He focused on protecting Siwan and pulled her waist to dodge the soul, leaping a dozen meters away.

The three girls weren’t that lucky and got caught by the evil soul. However, the expected tragic scene didn’t happen.

On the contrary, the soul let out a pitiful bellow. Its evil energy condensed and was sucked in by the bottle.

Liu Ruixin was crying on the ground, not knowing what was going on. A while later, she looked up and saw everyone staring at her. No, at the bottle in her hand, to be exact.

A top evil soul was captured by this bottle to everyone’s astonishment. Even the monk was scratching his bald head in confusion.

Feiyun coughed twice and let go of Ye Siwan. He came over and reached out his hand: “Little Liu, let me take a look at your ghost bottle.”

“No way, what kind of person asks for a gift back?” Even a fool could tell that this bottle was an amazing artifact. She embraced the bottle tightly and hid it from everyone almost like a monkey hiding a peach.

“I was only letting you play with it, not giving it to you.” Feiyun’s eyes became unfriendly.

“No!” Ruixin would rather die.

Feiyun’s expression became friendly again as he persuaded: “Ruixin, this is a promise token given to me by a friend so I can’t give it away willy-nilly. Letting you take a look is the best I can do. If she were to find out, it won’t be good for you or Sun Moon.”

“I thought Sister Ye is your girlfriend right now, are you cheating on her?” Ruixin immediately barked back.

Feiyun and Siwan became awkward. This little girl wasn’t easy to deal with. Looks like words won’t do; maybe it was time for force.

He started rolling up his sleeves in order to teach her a lesson. However, the monk walked by and took a careful look. His voice became emotional: “I made a mistake earlier, this is a sacred treasure from the yin world with two names, Celestial Sacred Bottle or Ghost Sacred Bottle, capable of imprisoning all evil entities in this world.”

The group suddenly stared at Feiyun with strange eyes.

The monk continued: “It belongs to Her Highness, the Yin Mother, the Bewitcher, allowing her to dominate the yin world. Why do you have it, young friend?”

His eyes seemed to be asking, “Is it really a promise token? The Yin Mother is your lover?”

His attitude towards Feiyun became better too, addressing the guy as “young friend”. Of course, he didn’t think that Feiyun was the queen’s lover, only a servant or errand boy at best.

Feiyun began contemplating about this too while the girls were astounded, thinking that this guy was something else.

They thought that he had resorted to a wretched and despicable method to steal this bottle.

“You little thief, so courageous too, daring to steal from the Yin Mother.” Ruixin’s hands were shaking while holding the bottle. Sun Moon really couldn’t afford to mess with this if the story was true.

“Give it back to me already if you know who it belongs to.” Feiyun said while thinking, ‘do you all think I’m Bi Ningshuai or something?’

Of course, they wouldn’t know who that is.

“Hmph, I’m not afraid of her in here. I’ll keep it for protection and play with it for a couple of days. I’ll give it back once we’re outta here.” She shook the bottle and a pill filled with evil and Buddhist energy came out.

It was the size of a longan fruit with a bright glow, heavy enough to smash a big hole on the ground.

She became curious and leaned down to pick it up. Monk Zhi Zang immediately stopped her: “Don’t, this is a pill created from that evil soul. It contains its ultimate energies. Touch it and it will infiltrate your body and turn you into an evil entity.”

The girls retreated from fear. The monk didn’t dare to pick it up either. Being stained with that energy might ruin his Buddhist avatar and cultivation.

On the other hand, Feiyun had no fear at all and picked up the heavy pill. He already had the golden energy of Buddhism and Yama’s evil energy. This pill was nothing but nutritious to him.

He directly ate it before everyone’s frightened eyes.

“Boom!” His body became resplendent - one-half golden and one-half gray. The two types of energy existed together.

Feiyun wasn’t strong enough to refine the power in the pill so it was as if a star was exploding inside. He quickly assumed the meditative pose in order to refine this torrential force.

“That soul was comparable to a ninth-level cultivator. Though it was refined into a pill, its power is still immense. Can he handle it?” Ye Siwan became worried.

This was almost equivalent to eating that evil soul directly.

The monk was scared at the start but he quickly calmed down: “It’s fine, he cultivates Gold-... He’ll be fine.”

He was about to say Golden Silkworm but there were numerous powerful evil Buddhist Souls here. Some had enough intelligence and would go crazy if they were to hear these words.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s radiance increased continuously. He looked like a jade statue now with loud explosions within, strong enough to cause minor vibration on the ground.

A while later, the light dispersed. He stood up and smiled: “This soul was amazing. My cultivation is at the peak of the seventh-level now.”

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