Chapter 747: The Feeling Of Being In A Beauty’s Embrace

The censers on the platform fell down along with ashes and dust. Even the Bodhisattva statue shook violently, nearly falling down on Feng Feiyun’s head.

He was already bloodied from top to bottom. Now, he had a layer of ashes on top of that - quite a wretched appearance.

Ye Siwan’s heart skipped a beat as she stood there, confused. [1]

“What the hell are you saying, villain?” Ye Siwan only paused for a bit before raising her sword again, ready to swing without any mercy.

Feiyun quickly got up and shouted in a panic: “Don’t do it! I’m really Uncle, Uncle Yun that you met in Bronze Cauldron!”

He knew that she was decisive and firm. The only thing he could do now was to buy some time due to his heavy injuries. 

After all, they were relatively close during their time in Bronze Cauldron, experiencing dangerous moments together.

Little did he know that he was underestimating the weight of “Yun Feitian” in Ye Siwan’s heart.

Feiyun began changing his appearance and turned into a middle-aged man - Yun Feitian. 

Ye Siwan’s eyes narrowed as she gently bit her lower lip. “Clank.” Her sword fell to the ground.

Her eyes turned red while she clenched her fists tightly. She had some feelings for this uncle because he was talented and had many strong points.

Plenty of girls in life eventually fell in love with older men due to their charisma and charm. This type of maturity could be very effective against younger girls.

Of course, she wasn’t madly in love with him or anything. It’s just that after returning to Sun Moon, she always recalled their journey through Bronze Cauldron together. She hoped that he would visit her so that she could take him sightseeing across Earthchild - the famous ruins or beautiful lakes and peaks, or just chatting during a rainy day..

She never expected that they would meet again under these circumstances.

“Uncle Yun…” She had a complicated look and helped him up.

However, she pushed him away in the next second, making him very confused.

“Uncle, why are you the love thief? Why did you trick me? It’s one thing if you choose to never see me again, why hurt me like this?” Her eyes became wet. Who knows if she was annoyed at being unable to control her feelings or at him?

“Siwan, let me explain!” Feiyun said: “Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng is only a fake character.”

“What do you mean?” She looked at the fallen Feiyun and felt guilty from being too rash.

If Uncle was a pervert, she wouldn’t have been able to keep her purity back in Bronze Cauldron. She shouldn’t be questioning his characters right now.

And here I thought that I’m not an impulsive person. What happened just now? [2]

Feiyun’s eyes became melancholic as if he was recalling something. He looked like a man with a past as he spoke: “It’s a long story, we have to go back to Bronze Cauldron…”

He explained to her why he needed to put on a fake persona. Of course, the story was far-fetched. Feiyun himself noticed several inconsistencies yet she still trusted him.

Ye Siwan felt even worse inside. Uncle has gone through so much yet I still attacked him…

One drop of tear streamed down and she wiped it away before Feiyun could see. She then helped him up and let him lean on her body before channeling energy into him to aid the recovery process.

Their position was awfully tantalizing since Feiyun’s head was resting on her bosom. He could sense the softness while she held his hand to add spirit energy into his meridians.

Feiyun was naturally enjoying this. A beauty was embracing and curing his wounds.

Ye Siwan is a good girlWhat will she think when she finds out that she’s saving the demon’s son? 

It’s better to keep using this Uncle identity, hehe.

“Uncle, so you offended the lord of Dark Realm after saving the people of Beastmaster Camp.” Ye Siwan was red from ear to ear but she couldn’t change her posture because of his injuries. She didn’t know what to say to break the awkward silence until this.

“Mmm.” Feiyun closed his eyes and started healing himself too.

He initially told her that he was hunted by many experts in Bronze Cauldron after saving Beastmaster. Now, he wanted to take the initiative and put on this disguise in order to join the heretical conference and assassinate the lord of Dark Realm.

He himself didn’t believe this story at all but she bought it completely.

Prior to this, he thought that she was quite smart but now, she seemed to be too easily tricked - another woman with big breasts and no brain.

He didn’t know that this was because she had feelings towards Yun Feitian. She would have convinced herself to believe anything he says.

“You…” Liu Ruixin appeared by the door and saw the two of them in this strange situation. Her jaw nearly dropped to the ground; her eyes became as big as pearls.

“Sister Ye… Uncle… She looked around to find Feng Feiyun.

She mustered all of her courage earlier to come in and see if the guy was dead. Now, Feiyun was nowhere to be found, only her senior sister embracing the uncle from Bronze Cauldron.

Why was he here right now?

“Ruixin, don’t be startled. The truth is that Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng is actually Uncle Yun. He’s… he’s in quite a predicament so he has to do this.”

Predicament my ass! Ruixin rubbed her head with both hands, messing up her hair completely. She realized that Feng Feiyun, Yi Zhenfeng, and Fei Yuntian were all the same person.

… I’ve been with Feng Feiyun the entire time in Bronze Cauldron then… we even got so close…

Ruixin nearly called out but saw Feiyun’s warning glare and stopped speaking.

“Sister Ye… What are you guys doing?” Ruixin asked.

“Healing, didn’t you see how I fought against the seven masters? Miss Siwan is nice enough to help me recover.” Feiyun said.

“You’re clearly taking advantage of her…” Ruixin revealed her two cute fangs.

“Ruixin, don’t disrespect Uncle, please. I’m doing it on my own accord.” Siwan said.

Feiyun smiled and shot out a gloating gaze as if wanting to say, ‘See? Your sister wants to do it.’

Ruixin turned red from anger, really hating Feiyun’s annoying appearance. She wanted to tell her sister that this guy was not a senior of virtue and prestige, only a playboy.

Feiyun coughed and had a deep voice with his current persona: “Siwan, maybe you still don’t believe me about the love thief thing. You can ask Ruixin, I didn’t even touch a finger of hers and only viewed her as a daughter…”

Ruixin almost erupted with fury after hearing this.

“Of course I believe you, Uncle. Don’t speak right now, focus on healing first.” Siwan said.

“Sister Ye, he killed Grandpa Liu.” Ruixin’s frustration was at an all-time high after seeing these two.

“Nonsense, your Grandpa Liu was clearly tricked by Li Xingtian. What happened was…” Feiyun added details to what had transpired earlier.

Of course, the majority of the content was the truth - about how Li Xingtian abandoned the protector and pushed him into Feiyun’s attack.

He eventually put on a sad expression and almost let out a whimper: “I’m sorry… I couldn’t pull back my punch then. I really never thought about killing that old man but I needed to defend myself. I’m not a wanton murderer.”

He seemed overwhelmed with emotions and coughed out another two mouthfuls of blood.

Ye Siwan naturally believed him. Even Ruixin started believing because she thought that the old protector was very strong. How could he die to one punch without being betrayed by Li Xingtian?

“Damn this Li Xingtian! I will tell Mother to kill him once I get back.” Ruixin stomped on the ground before glaring at Feiyun and pointing at him: “And you too.”

Feiyun and Siwan smiled in response, clearly not taking her threat seriously. This made Ruixin want to pull her hair out.

Meanwhile, a battle raged outside of the shrine. It didn’t last that long but still managed to leave an indelible mark on the spectators.

1. There’s one line here that I can’t translate because this joke simply doesn’t work in English. It will just be jarring. An omission is probably the best option here unless I rewrite multiple lines of dialogues, which is an even bigger change than omission

2. Love blinds us all

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