Chapter 745: Two Down

“Follow me, Ruixin.” 

Ye Siwan appeared from the night with ripples around her elegant curves, instantly reaching the shrine.

She was ranked first among the six beauties of Earthchild, clearly one level above the three girls here.

“Senior Sister Ye!” Ruixin was ecstatic since she admired Ye Siwan the most. However, her expression became slightly dejected: “I can’t go with you…”


“That… Yi Zhenfeng is so annoying, he took a strand of our soul and can kill us whenever.” Ruixin looked like an angry hen: “Sister Ye, you need to leave this place now. Yi Zhenfeng isn’t his real identity. He’s capturing beauties right now as part of a great scheme. I can’t reveal his true identity to you but... if you don’t leave, he’ll capture you for sure since he said that he’s missing a bed maid and you are a prime candidate!”

Ruixin didn’t tell her about a monstrous monk hidden inside. She didn’t dare to do so either because the monk might kill her.

“I see.” Ye Siwan started contemplating: “Don’t worry, the seven outside should be enough to suppress and make him return your soul.”

She had a glint in her eyes and decided to turn into water vapor, disappearing into the shrine.


“If I make it out today, I will sleep with all of your wives in the future! Haha!” Feng Feiyun became fiercer as the battle raged on. His evil energy rushed to the sky; his hair fluttered like crazy as he declared.

The seven launched continuous barrages and destroyed the formations carved by Feiyun earlier. Half of the shrine was broken now.

The walls collapsed with debris everywhere. The other buildings nearby were affected as well. One could see terrible traces of battle all around.

“Yi Zhenfeng, you think you can still leave this place alive today?” Chen Mojin had both hands in the sky; his eyes had a bronze hue. The twenty-seven plates became a formation and continued to exert immense pressure on Feiyun.

Feiyun laughed and used his Swift Samsara. He gathered power in his palm and unleashed a dark wave, completely crushing the plates and pierced through Chen Mojin’s chest.

“Pluff!” Mojin spat out a mouthful of blood. He had a fist-sized hole on his chest now, losing a large section of his lung. Numerous ribs were broken.

The frightened guy took out a jade bottle for a drink before using spirit energy to stop the bleeding from his chest.

He then ran for his life, aware of this grievous injury. Any more and he might die.

Feiyun was very disappointed. He wanted to aim for Chen Mojin’s heart to kill him completely so he allowed Wu Yangsheng to hit him in the back.

Alas, Chen Mojin was skillful enough to shift his body enough to avoid a fatal blow.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Feiyun didn’t want to let a tiger run back to the forest and used the second-ranked dao pagoda.

“Yi Zhenfeng, you can’t kill me!” Mojin spewed out blue clouds with a spirit treasure inside. This blue radiance stopped the pagoda.

“Explode!” The pagoda suddenly self-destructed under Feiyun’s command.

The power was immense so the already-injured Mojin couldn’t handle the shockwaves. These broken pieces of the pagoda struck and annihilated him.

“Boom!” Blood began burning the air and fell down like a bright lamp.

This was the death of a genius from Earthchild.

“He’s insane!” Du Yingxin gritted her teeth while trembling, unable to contain the fear in her mind. He sacrificed a second-ranked spirit treasure just to kill Mojin. Only a mad man would do something like this.

Still capable of killing despite being surrounded by seven masters - this was frightening indeed.

Of course, Feiyun paid a price for killing Chen Mojin. First, Wu Yangsheng struck him on the back. Li Xingtian and the old protector also made contact. The three corpses left three bloody claw marks, bone-deep. Corpse energy began corroding the area.

Feiyun had blood and wounds everywhere. Blood flowed down his pants, reaching the bottom of his shoes.

Other cultivators would have died by now but Feiyun had a tough physique, able of withstanding six hits without dying.

“Push me to the edge and face the consequence!” Feiyun’s eyes turned red.

“Boom!” He stomped on the ground and leaped forward like a cannonball. His left hand had evil runes while his right hand had the images of beasts. Their radiance blinded his foes.

Li Xingtian and the old protector’s Sun and Moon was too big of a threat. It seriously decreed his speed. He needed to kill one of them to break this art.

Li Xingtian was a crafty person, smart enough to know that Feiyun was risking his life. He saw how Chen Mojin died earlier and became afraid.

“Ancestor Liu, let’s stop him!” He shouted.

The old protector nodded, aware that one man alone couldn’t stop Yi Zhenfeng. The two of them could slow him down enough so that the other four could attack from behind.

Xingtian summoned a sun; the old protector a moon. The two entities gathered together - the power of yin and yang.

Feiyun snorted and continued on the offensive.

However, Li Xingtian seemed ready and unleashed his sun forward before fleeing out of the shrine.

Feiyun was surprised for a second before realizing what was going on. The guy knew that he might die despite having the number advantage so he chose to run away.

Yet, just running wasn’t enough because Feng Feiyun was faster. The only way was to get someone else to buy time for him. This unfortunate victim just happened to be the old protector.

This guy was smart enough to come up with a plan in a short time, albeit a contemptible one. Alas, surviving was the only thing that mattered in the world of cultivation. Everything else was ephemeral.

“Boom!” Feiyun crushed this sun with a punch before rushing towards the protector in order to alleviate the pressure.

The old protector didn’t expect this at all. Their techniques were working in unison so his moon alone became much weaker.

Plus, he was already stuck during a move and couldn’t leave at all - akin to a person trying to push up a mountain. He couldn’t move a single and could only watch Feiyun smash his head into a pulp.

“Having a bad ally is far worse than a powerful enemy. Old man, you can only blame yourself for being more naive than someone far younger than you.” Feiyun said.

This all happened in the blink of an eye. The weaker cultivators only saw Feiyun crushing the old man’s head and Li Xingtian was lucky enough to escape.

Only a few noticed Xingtian’s scheme.

“What a sad way to go for Geezer Liu. He was from the same generation as me, and now, he died because of his own sect member.” The tenth lord laughed while observing from the distance.

“Li Xingtian is treacherous and wily. I’m sure he’ll return to Sun Moon to spout about how strong Yi Zhenfeng was. What a despicable person. If our hall has someone like that, I would kill them right away.”

“Hmph, it’s no big deal. A person like that doesn’t have a mindset that can reach the dao, the same with his cultivation. He’ll never reach the ninth level.” Fengxian said with disdain: “On the other hand, I do like this Yi Zhenfeng. The seven masters have failed since he found and exploited a weakness. He’ll definitely be a tough foe later if he survives today.”

“Yes, he purposely took on considerable damage to kill Chen Mojin in order to intimidate Li Xingtian. Those two have the same cultivation level but Chen Mojin is so much stronger in terms of battle potential. Killing Wu Yangsheng or the three corpses wouldn’t have had the same effect. A person overwhelmed with fear can’t fight at all.” Yun Yang said.

“Yi Zhenfeng probably didn’t expect Li Xingtian to sacrifice his own sect member so this saved him a lot of effort. There are only four now.”

“Unfortunately, he got struck four more times in order to kill the old man. He’s probably at fifty-percent strength because of all the injuries. There’s no way he can win.”

“It’s best if he dies. Having a person like that around will make his enemies lose sleep.” Fengxian had a smile on his face but was still completely serious. He didn’t think that Yi Zhenfeng could escape and he wouldn’t let the guy do so either. Killing this guy was most likely equivalent to killing a marquis from Jin.

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