Chapter 744: Violetsea King

The ruin was an independent space with many seals, the destination for many Buddhist pilgrims.

“Yun Yang, this is Heartlost Pagoda. It used to be a city that spanned thousands of miles. Alas, nothing is left after the storm ten thousand years ago. People and places destroyed. The end of this golden age signaled the start of a dark era. Ninety-nine percent of all the treasures have been excavated.”

The tenth lord, Lu Fengxian, stood on top of a twin-headed python seven meters in the air. He wore a black robe, looking vigorous and mighty. His eyes, in particular, forced others to lower their head.

Another wore the same outfit with the addition of a black hat walked behind him.

“Hall Lord, this place still isn’t ashes after ten thousand years? There are still so many ruins left with Buddhist affinity.” Yun Yang replied.

Each broken piece in the ruins still had a glow to them. The broken statues maintained the sounds of Buddhas.

Lu Fengxian smiled and said: “The age of Buddhism is over but this place still produces many Buddhist Enlightened Beings, it’s really incredible. These beings would come here for their pilgrimage and leave their dao and enlightenment. In fact, breaking a single tile here is difficult if one is not at the Giant level. Plus, destroying a shrine here can result in bad karma.”

Yun Yang’s eyes narrowed as he thrust his spear with lightning speed, piercing through a red wall in the process.

“Boom!” Dust scattered everywhere.

He pulled back and nodded: “My thrust earlier can destroy a mountain outside. Here, it can only make a hole on this wall. You’re right, many monks have come here in the last ten millennia to protect this place.”

“Yun Yang, don’t do that again or you might enrage the protector here. That’s death.” Fengxian grimaced and said.


“Yes, maybe one or two Enlightened Monks might still stay in this place, choosing to guard it for the rest of their life.”

Fengxian then leaped on top of a high vantage point to look towards the great hall. He saw flashes and explosions along with chaotic moving figures. Formations would also explode occasionally.

Yun Yang did the same and said: “It’s the famous characters from Earthchild, Solar’s Wu Yangsheng, Myriad Laws’ Chen Mojin, Sun Moon’s Li Xingtian, and Geezer Liu, all top experts.”

“You’ve fought them before?”

“No, but that Wu Yangsheng is at the eighth-level in less than a hundred years. That’s about the same as the other historical geniuses.” Yun Yang shook his head.

“Chen Mojin can do a twenty-sevenfold attack before reaching the eighth level. He’s not at the historical level but can actually be stronger than a few.”

“Li Xingtian… this person is crafty and good at hiding his actual abilities. His talents might be inferior compared to the first two but in an actual fight, I would bet on him over them. Need I say more about Geezer Liu? That’s a high elder under White Moon Messenger, he’s been a Super Giant for a while now and is probably here because of the messenger’s daughter.”

“Yun Yang, you can also reach the eighth level within a century, Wu Yangsheng can’t compare to you.” Fengxian disagreed.

Yun Yang didn’t act falsely humble either: “Yangsheng doesn’t understand the bigger picture and only cares about speed. His foundation is unstable and he won’t be more than a peak eighth-level without a great fortune.”

“On the other hand, you have accumulated your foundation for a century longer and have the potential to reach the Enlightened Being realm.” Xingtian had a high evaluation of his disciple. The guy had a mindset far exceeding regular geniuses.

“I’m more interested in this Yi Zhenfeng compared to these two. Does the court actually have someone so capable? These four masters can’t suppress him after one thousand moves.” Yun Yang stated.

Xingtian nodded in agreement: “True, an exceptional genius indeed but we have at least four guys like him in Senluo Temple, three in Mount Potala, probably two or so in the four clans. The Dao Gate and Wanxiang Pagoda might have some too. It’s not too surprising that the court would have one like him.”

“How long can you last against these four?” He asked.

“The exact number is difficult but half a day should be fine.” Yun Yang contemplated.

“Go if you wish to fight against Yi Zhenfeng. There’s no need for fairness here, let’s see how long he can last against five masters.” Fengxian nodded.

However, he didn’t join just yet because others have taken the initiative - three heretical lords hidden in the shadows.

They have made their way into the shrine now, shrouded with a corrosive aura of death.

“Those are corpses, about as strong as Super Giants. Who can control three of them at the same time?” Yun Yang stopped and tried to find the corpse controller.

Lu Fengxian remained calm as his eyes flashed with wisdom, seemingly capable of seeing every corner in this ruin. He finally stopped at a broken pagoda and saw an old man dressed in a purple uniform. He held a corpse-control bell while standing there with a mighty aura.

He also stared back at Fengxian with a sneer on his face.

“The cave lord of Violetsea, Violetsea King.” Fengxian withdrew his gaze without pursuing the matter since they had no feud between them.

Plus, this person was extremely strong. He didn’t know if he would be able to defeat the guy.

“I thought Violetsea had been destroyed by the army.”

“Some managed to escape, it’s not that easy to completely wipe out a corpse cave that has lasted for thousands of years.”

“Ah, so this king most likely thinks Yi Zhenfeng is a pawn of the court so this is an act of revenge.” Yun Yang deduced.

“Let’s make him owe us a favor then.” Fengxian smiled and turned his gaze towards the great hall.


This was definitely a shocking battle. If it were happening outside, it would reduce hundreds of miles into nothing but scorched earth.

Wu Yangsheng’s eight beasts turned into a massive one with sharp fangs and crystal eyes, a shape similar to that of a dragon-tiger. It had a primal power that ravaged the spatial fabrics.

Chen Mojin’s plates continued to unleash twenty-sevenfold attacks just like falling meteors.

Li Xingtian and the protector continued using “Sun and Moon”. They changed the momentum of heaven and earth with the sun and moon rising and descending. This added immense pressure to Feiyun.

The four were special; one in ten million. Thus, their combined effort was impressive indeed.

The spirit treasures stolen by Feiyun before have been broken by them. Only the second-ranked Dao Pagoda remained intact. However, this second-ranked treasure wasn’t good enough anymore. His punches did a better job.

“Boom!” Suddenly, three figures wrapped in cloth and haunted by spirits joined the fray. They have been refined for many years so they were extremely efficient in battle.

Just one punch was enough to create a true dragon spanning more than one hundred meters - this was the force of one dragon.

Only a few could tell that they were battle corpses; most would confuse them for heretical lords.

Feiyun didn’t retreat at all against the seven. Due to their extreme speed, they left remnant images all over the sky. It was as if a thousand cultivators were fighting.

“Rumble!” Feiyun’s speed continuously increased like a dragon. His left hand possessed the power of an evil dragon; his right hand contained the might of the myriad beasts. This allowed him to fight evenly against his foes.

Meanwhile, the three girls were slack-jawed in the shrine, not knowing what to think. They thought they were watching a legend and hoped that Feiyun would be able to sweep through the seven masters to establish his dominance.

“I heard the sisters back in the sect talk about how tough Wu Yangsheng is all the time, that he’s a supreme genius. I guess he’s no big deal compared to Feiyun who is only twenty. I will have to teach those girls once I get back.” Liu Ruixin looked quite innocent but spoke as if she was an old man.

Mu Xirou wasn’t as optimistic: “Fighting against four was tough already, he’ll lose quickly against seven. Master Zhi Zang still needs another hour to heal completely. He might not last for this long, plus, stronger masters might join too.”

The girls’ souls were in Feiyun’s possession right now. If Feiyun were to die, those strands would be destroyed too. That’s why they sounded worried about him but in actuality, they were more worried for themselves.

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