Chapter 743: One Against Four

Electric arcs were as thick as a rice bowl; the dao energy rampaged like a surging river.

The three girls watched this battle from the shrine that has been blessed by a great monk. A battle between Super Giants still wouldn’t reach them.

Of course, because of their weaker cultivation, they only saw flashes and lightning bolts along with phantom-like movements.

Spirit treasures erupted along with metallic ringings loud enough to hurt the eardrums. People felt as if two metal mountains were slamming into each other.

In the distance, many experts saw the fight clearly. Li Xingtian, Ye Siwan, and even Wu Yangsheng became startled.

This love thief used his bare hands against a spirit treasure? Was this guy still human?

Moreover, he was facing a Super Giant right now.

The fight didn’t last too long before Gu Lingyue got blown flying again and shot by two dao arts, nearly being disfigured.

Yi Zhenfeng then grabbed him and threw him on the ground like a dead dog.

“A Super Giant lost just like that? This Yi Zhenfeng is quite mighty.” Du Yingxin no longer dared to look down on this eccentric love thief.

Feiyun turned towards his foes outside and chuckled while giving them the middle finger. This naturally infuriated Li Xingtian and Wu Yangsheng. 

The atmosphere inside the shrine was strange too. Liu Ruixin and Mu Xirou covered their mouth in astonishment since they have heard of Gu Lingyue before. The guy got beaten down completely, unable to get up despite being among the top ten of Solar.

They also knew that he was around twenty years of age and didn’t think he was that strong despite all the stories until now.

They were surprised, shaken, and horrified. After all, they were his prisoners right now, not Nangong Hongyan.

“The corpse of a Super Giant is worth a lot and the heretical conference is soon too. I’m sure the cave lords from Northern Frontier might be coming, this should fetch a decent sum.”

Feng Feiyun’s voice could be heard for dozens of miles. He then lifted Gu Lingyue’s spirit saber, ready to decapitate him.

Being true to his words!

“You court death!” Five people from Solar attacked at the same time, all top masters.

They rushed forward like beams and used their treasures to stop Feiyun.

He simply turned his head towards them. The saber in his hand erupted with a wondrous power as he slashed upward.

An energy slash destroyed all the treasures. Three instantly died and the other two left with grievous injuries, saved by Wu Yangsheng.

This person was strong indeed, able to stop the slash with his bare hands and saved the other two.

“Don’t!” He suddenly screamed with rage in his eyes.

Alas, Feiyun had pierced through Gu Lingyue’s heart with his own saber. Blood began to burn in the air.

A Super Giant had fallen just like that despite being unstoppable for several hundred years. The spectators simply couldn’t believe it.

Feiyun fixed his robe and smiled towards the cultivators from Solar: “Sorry, my hand slipped.”

The ruins became strangely quiet afterward.

Ye Siwan had a confused glint in her eyes, thinking that this love thief’s demeanor seems familiar. However, she felt more dread about his powerful cultivation. They simply couldn’t let him escape due to the possible revenge.

Wu Yangsheng was furious. He naturally had a calm demeanor but a storm was brewing inside.

Eight beast souls rushed out from his body; two of which were spirit beasts.

He was someone with great providence and cultivated a technique named “Eight Beast Repairing The Heaven”. This consisted of eight different special beast souls fusing into his body.

“Yi Zhenfeng, I’ll send you on your way since you’re courting death.” Yangsheng walked forward with the immensity of a mountain. The earth trembled with each of his steps.

The eight beast souls became increasingly corporeal. They moved in a strange manner, seemingly wanting to turn into a beast diagram.

Meanwhile, a blue beam moved through the formation and landed inside the shrine, one step ahead of Wu Yangsheng.

This was another powerful cultivator flying like a meteor.

“Chen Mojin, his head is mine! Don’t even think about it!” Wu Yangsheng’s robe fluttered as he turned into a lightning bolt to attack Feng Feiyun.

His fist was as tough as gold with enough heat to meld the area.

Chen Mojin finally showed himself, adorned in blue armor with twenty-seven metal plates flowing around him. Each had a diameter of ten meters, looking like meteors rotating around him.

“We have an irreconcilable feud so if you dare to stand in my way, I will kill your entire family, Wu Yangsheng!” Chen Mojin was enraged. His aura looked like a spinning star issuing buzzing noises.

These were top geniuses that could frighten the big shots from the last generation. This place would have been destroyed without the existing blessings.

However, Feiyun remained calm and smiled towards the two: “Why bother competing? The two of you together can’t take me on anyway.”

Those two snorted right away and said in unison: “Such shameless boasting.”

“Fine, whoever takes his head today will be the number one genius of Earthchild!”


The two of them utilized their strongest technique for this new competition.

“Eight Beasts Repairing The Heaven!” Wu Yangsheng floated in the air with a bright radiance.

The eight beast souls turned into a massive diagram and combined into a new creature. It was as big as a hill with a world-devouring momentum.

“Twenty-seventh fold!” Chen Mojin’s plates rotated faster and turned into something akin to a black ball flying straight at Feiyun.

Feiyun stopped smiling and stabilized his stance by lowering the center of his gravity. Evil energy filled both palms like two dark clouds.

“Boom! Boom!”

He retaliated against Chen Mojin with his left hand, crushing half of the plates and turning them into dust.

This left hand had fused with Yama’s hand so it was insanely powerful, capable of releasing a thirty to fortyfold attack.

His right hand had ten thousand beast souls looming there. However, no one could see through the blinding radiance.

A single punch crushed Yangsheng’s diagram then smashed into his chest, causing him to go flying for several miles. Many palaces and temples were destroyed along the way.

Left hand - the power of Yama; right hand - the power of Myriad Beast Physique.

Feiyun was a Giant now so his actual battle prowess was beyond conventional wisdom.

Myriad Beast Physique, Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, Swift Samsara… these were all top techniques above the bounds of Jin.

“Wu Yangsheng? Chen Mojin? No big deal.” He fixed his sleeves and smiled nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, Liu Ruixin who was waiting for him to get beat up by these two couldn’t believe it. She wiped her eyes and murmured: “Ho-ow can this guy be so strong? This is the difference between those two and the number one genius of Jin?”

Wu Yangsheng and Chen Mojin were frightened as well. They underestimated their enemy a while ago but still used their best technique.

However, this guy easily repelled them! This made them feel humiliated. 

Nonetheless, geniuses like them wouldn’t lose their confidence that easily. They tried again with greater battle spirit and momentum.

“Yi Zhenfeng is far stronger than expected, those two can’t take him on. We have to join too.” Li Xingtian said.

The old protector of Sun Moon grimaced while being slightly startled. He pondered and said: “Siwan, you go save Ruixin. I and Xingtian will take on Yi Zhenfeng, there’s no way he can beat the four of us.”

Xingtian and the old man broke the formation to rush into the shrine. They floated in the sky and performed a technique of their sect - Sun and Moon.

Ye Siwan stared at the shrine with a complicated feeling. The love thief was unreasonably strong so these four famous characters needed to join forces.

Any of them was enough to threaten others until today. No one else would believe this story.

The title of love thief would sweep through the realms once more regardless of the result. He would be recorded in the ancient historical texts of many sects.

She stopped and decided to focus up, thinking that this love thief was still going to die. Her task right now was to save Liu Ruixin.

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