Chapter 742: Sir Wu

Loud explosions detonated inside the ruins with rays flying above along with beast roars.

A while later, someone landed outside of Feiyun’s shrine and shouted: “Yi Zhenfeng is next to the great hall.”

“His life is mine alone. Do not interfere or you will face my wrath!”

These aggressive shouts could be heard all over the place. The love thief should be trembling with fear by now - or so they thought.

Meanwhile, Feiyun found a 3,000-pound boulder somewhere and moved it to the front of the shrine beneath the forward eaves. 

He gestured for Liu Ruixin to massage his back while Bai Ruxue and Mu Xirou moved the Bodhisattva statue back inside.

Liu Ruixin didn’t like the guy but still obediently kneaded his back with her soft hands. Her eyes stared at the chaotic night sky and said: “Hey, Feng Feiyun, there are many masters coming, are you afraid yet?”

Feiyun’s eyes were slightly closed as he responded: “Just a bunch of suicidal idiots, they’re the ones who should be afraid, not me. And right, call me Young Noble. If they find out my identity, you’ll be my first victim.”

Ruixin gave him a disdainful glance: “Stop bragging, your cultivation can’t be stronger than Senior Sister Ye, Senior Brother Li, Wu Yangsheng, and Chen Mojin. They’re one level above you in terms of seniority and have been famous for fifty years now. They’re the real lords of Earthchild.”

“Sounds scary.” He said.

Ruixin looked happy to see Feiyun in trouble. She was still angry at him for kidnapping her for the past two days. No one might want to marry her later on, not to mention all the jeers from cultivators in Earthchild.

“Boom!” Radiance suddenly erupted outside the shrine and repelled an intruder.

Feiyun had prepared top formations outside. Regular cultivators had no chance of coming in. Of course, it couldn’t kill all the top cultivators either.

“Be careful, there’s a formation.” A relatively older man with a wooden staff said, looking quite imposing.

The ones from Sun Moon stopped by another broken shrine. The leaders were Ye Siwan and Li Xingtian. The staff-wielding old man was a protector from their sect. His cultivation was most likely higher than these two.

Sun Moon only sent ten people here but they were all experts. The one who tried to rush in earlier was a half-step Giant who got injured heavily by the formations, charred during the process. His spirit energy saved him from turning to ashes.

“Look! Yi Zhenfeng is forcing Junior Sister Liu to massage him! Goddamn this pervert!” A young prodigy gritted his teeth and thought about attacking again.

Ye Siwan stopped him. Her red lips slightly opened: “This love thief is skilled at formation. Look, the arrays outside are very complex and confusing. Rushing in might result in death.”

Li Xingtian nodded: “You’re right, Junior Sister. Plus, he has hostages. We should prioritize Ruixin’s safety.”

Suddenly, three old temples nearby collapsed in a flashy fashion. A person crossed through the air, looking like a bright sun. His figure looked quite gallant.

“That’s Wu Yangsheng, this madman is the first to reach the eighth level now. He’ll definitely be the next sect master of Solar.” The protector from Sun Moon commented, accepting that this genius might be stronger than him.

There’s always a new wave replacing the previous!

Yangsheng had eight beast souls behind him. Each looked ferocious like a divine beast. He laughed: “Li Xingtian, this guy is nothing more than a pervert. I’ll go if you are too afraid.”

Yangsheng was actually not that haughty in speech. Cultivators with his talents usually hid their pride and arrogance.

These two were from the same generation while Ye Siwan was one-half below. The truth was that seniority in the cultivation world was very muddled. It only became clearer at the top level.

Great geniuses were prideful and didn’t want to admit inferiority. Fierce competition was normal.

Someone who has cultivated for twenty years was considered part of the young generation, the same for someone who has done so for forty years.

However, since both were top geniuses, the one who has trained for longer was naturally stronger.

Thus, there was a problem with this classification. Therefore, these geniuses cared more about seniority and age. 

Li Xingtian represented Sun Moon while Wu Yangsheng represented Solar. The two of them have fought more than ten times due to the animosity between their sects - very evenly matched.

Now, Wu Yangsheng has reached the eighth-level first and became a top master of their generation.

Xingtian didn’t say anything but the experts from Sun Moon became annoyed. After all, Solar used to be a branch under Sun Moon but was moving on ahead now.

Yangsheng seemed to be taunting them too. This was too much to take.

One of them retorted: “You think Yi Zhenfeng is a joke? He killed all the top members of your vassal sect, Six Worship, in just two moves. You wouldn’t fare that well against this heretical monster either.”

Yangsheng stood there with both hands behind his back. He had ten or so followers behind him, including an old Giant from Solar and Du Yingxin, one of the six beauties. The rest were top experts from Solar not to be trifled with. Du Yingxin was about as strong as Ye Siwan.

“You all have no idea about Sir Wu’s cultivation. He has only reached the eighth-level recently but already placed fifth in Solar’s Soul List.” Du Yingxin revealed. She wore a young-noble crest and a male uniform, looking quite impressive.

Sir Wu was obviously Wu Yangsheng - this respectful address was indicative of his status in Solar.

The so-called Soul List meant that Wu Yangsheng was now fifth in his sect with regards to battle potential - a very intimidating fact.

The cultivators from Sun Moon became silent, clearly digesting this new information. Even the sect master of Solar was only third on this list.

Ye Siwan remained calm. Her eyes had bright ripples like the autumn lake; her black hair was smooth and beautiful like those found in the paintings: “Leave our personal feud aside today. It doesn’t matter who kills Yi Zhenfeng, we just can’t let him escape.”

Yingxin agreed with this: “It’s definitely problematic if we let him leave. The ones surrounding him today won’t be able to sleep well afterward.”

Everyone knew why the two girls were worried. One was first among the six beauties; the other third. If Yi Zhenfeng were to escape, he would definitely target them later on.

“Please do not worry, Ladies. I, Gu Lingyue, will take his head now.” A man wearing a dao robe came forward from Solar’s rank. His figure was only average but each of his actions contained great power.

The sands and specks of dust nearby the ruins began to scatter chaotically. He looked like a war god holding a spirit saber and walked to the front of the shrine.

“Boom!” The formation shot out golden runic beams.

“Just a weak formation, no big deal! Origin Force!” He held his saber with both hands. Violet energy gathered on the blade and turned into a solar slash, successfully cutting through Feiyun’s formations.

He was quite powerful, part of the top ten in the Soul List of Solar. He was Wu Yangsheng’s Junior Uncle and had reached the eighth level a century ago. He rarely appeared after this and only focused on cultivation until now.

The others became surprised. Solar actually sent two Super Giants here? They really wanted to kill Yi Zhenfeng then.

“A top-ten member of the Soul List, he’s actually an old man. Yi Zhenfeng, kill him and Solar will lose big here and won’t be as arrogant anymore. Can you win?” Liu Ruixin became excited.

“Gotta fight to know.” Feiyun knew nothing about Gu Lingyue. However, he must be powerful to be able to break through the formations.

“Yi Zhenfeng, I’m here for your head!” Gu Lingyue shouted. His saber exuded a blinding divinity with enough sharpness to cut down a large mountain.

Feiyun stood up, using his left hand like a saber. Evil energy ravaged the nearby area and turned into a dragon.

“Rumble!” His hand slammed into the spirit saber, resulting in a metallic ringing and sparks flying everywhere.

“Crack!” Feiyun won the exchange and chopped the guy’s throat. Bones clearly broke as Gu Lingyue got sent flying into the shrine’s wall and breaking it completely.

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