Chapter 74: Tiger Cloud Qi Image

Dongfang Jingyue was truly angry. Otherwise, Feng Tao wouldn’t have been slapped so hard to the point where he flew away, all the way until he fell directly onto the one hundred zhang high wall.

A heaven-defying talent of the Feng Clan didn’t have the power to fight back against her. He could only be slapped away like a fly by her palm, not knowing whether he will live or die.

Her palm contained heavenly profound truths that rendered others unable to escape, even if they were dozens of miles away.

Feng Tao, naturally, was not a weak person and his battle power was comparable to the seniors of the elder ranking. However, in her hands, he was like a doll.

Feng Lingji was not as foolish as Feng Tao and his gaze was more seasoned. He noticed that there was a white jade Yin Gou Order on Dongfang Jingyue’s waist. Then, his expression crazily changed and said:

“You… You are a descendant of the noble Yin Gou Clan?”

No wonder why this girl had such a high cultivation and arrogant manner. She turned out to be someone from the Yin Gou Clan!

The white jade order of the Yin Gou Clan couldn’t be worn by an ordinary person!

Feng Feiyun sighed and said:

“She is the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan, Dongfang Jingyue!”

“She is the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan?!”

Feng Lingji became even more alarmed but his heart was not convinced. Even though this fourth young miss wore a white veil on her face, it was not difficult to tell that this was a peerless beauty. Why would such a beauty be stained by a son of an evil demon like Feng Feiyun?

In his opinion, there was no difference between an animal and an evil demon!

Feng Feiyun was the son of an evil demon, so naturally, he was no different from an animal.


In the far distance, a giant black banner flew towards this direction — along with countless moving black clouds — like a smoky black cloud that came forth from the ocean during a storm.

The banner was around a dozen zhang high and had yellow borders. There was a strange animal engraving at the top and seemed to be overbearing with killing intent. Underneath it was a crazy tornado that created many loud explosions.

“Poof, poof, poof!”

The banner was like a godly item. It completely dominated the hearts of the people. Five old people, wearing white robes, were waving this banner. Even though they were old, they were still muscular and had a cautious enthusiasm.

Their age didn’t stop them from being powerful. Their cultivations were very formidable; their muscles and bones, along with their blood vessels, were all refined to a godly realm. One gesture of the hand was enough to bring out a destructive power.

The grandpa and four grandmas were all elders of the God Base realm. They had extremely high statuses within the Feng Clan.

“The Feng Clan’s law enforcement hall actually maneuvered five elders to bring along the Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner. Usually, the Feng’s law enforcement team isn’t this strict; I’m afraid that this time, they really want to kill Feng Feiyun.”

“It seems like the Yin Gou Clan really pressured the Feng Clan.”

“This isn’t entirely accurate. The Yin Gou Clan is indeed powerful, but in the end, this is the Grand Southern Prefecture — the main stronghold of the Feng Clan. The power of the Feng Clan, in this area, is no weaker than the Yin Gou Clan. Even if they are afraid of the Yin Gou Clan, they still wouldn’t be so ruthless with their own child; this would cause the hearts of the other Feng children to become cold.”

“This is to completely eradicate him… It really is a bit too cruel.”


Immortal sects and clans that aggregated at Violet Firmament Ancient City did not lack powerful cultivators. These people were intrigued by this grand display so they appeared, wanting to see the internal conflict of the Feng Clan.

The Feng Clan was a grand clan that ranked in the top three of the Southern Grand Prefecture. Many people didn’t want to miss such an entertaining matter.

“The Feng Clan is capturing someone with such a blatant fanfare, it seems like the rumor is true.”

An old man sighed.

“What rumor?”

Many people didn’t know the reason.

“The rumor is that Feng Feiyun’s mother was a high demon and left behind an evil demon armor. This evil demon armor, when adorned, has an incomparable power and could even shatter spirit treasures. However, it is tainted with a demon aura and only someone that has the blood of the same demon origin would be able to wear it and become unstoppable in this world. Today, the person that has the same blood origin, throughout the entire Jin Dynasty, is only Feng Feiyun. The Feng ancestor most likely wants to capture him and use his blood to refine the evil demon armor. Once this evil demon armor is successfully refined, the Feng Clan would definitely dominate the entire Grand Southern Prefecture.”

The old man seemed to know a lot and revealed many hidden nuances.

“If this was really the case, then Violet Firmament Ancient City would be a lot more festive. Many clans and immortal sects aren’t willing to see the ancestors of the Feng Clan refine this evil demon armor. Maybe they will make a move when necessary.”

This was originally only the internal conflict between people of the clan. Now, the situation became even more complicated and confusing. This entire event seemed to want to involve all of the powers in Violet Firmament Ancient City.

The five law enforcement elders of the Feng Clan all had an overbearing manner with the attitude of someone high and almighty. An elder wrapped with a golden belt said:

“Feng Feiyun, do you know your crime?”

He condescendingly looked down from above. It was in the manner of an angry teacher inquiring about a fault.

Feng Feiyun replied:

“What is my crime?”

“Hmph! An unfilial bastard is always an unfilial bastard. Now kneel in front of the fourth young miss and apologize. Then, follow us back to the clan and accept the punishment. Only then would you maybe be able to hold on to your life.”

The elder’s face was sharp and chilling — like a blade — and showed killing intent in his eyes. A junior who saw him yet didn’t kneel down and still acted so arrogant… Letting him live would only be helping him become even more arrogant.

If they previously didn’t receive the order to not kill this unfilial bastard, he would have already made a move and ripped Feng Feiyun in half.

Feiyun slightly smirked and felt a bit amused, then he said:

“You want me to kneel down to her? Hahaha, what a joke. If you want to kneel, then you all can kneel. If you want to fight or kill, then go ahead and come here.”

When Feng Feiyun decided to kill Feng Sui Yu, he never thought about coming back to the Feng Clan. From now on, he was no longer a member of the Feng Clan.

Today, even if he had to die inside Violet Firmament Ancient City, he would be without grievances and regrets.


Feng Feiyun stood majestically on top of the gray ancient city. He stepped on the fire beacon while he held the Invincible Buddhist Staff propped in front of him. He felt contemptuous towards all beings.

“Elders, don’t need to make a move. I, Feng Lingji, will be able to deal with this little bastard who doesn’t know how high the sky is and how vast the earth is.”

Feng Lingji was the oldest brother of the Feng Clan’s fifth generation. He had a high aptitude and a calm mind. He was highly valued by the upper echelons of the Feng Clan and was considered — secretly by many people — to be the next leader.

The five elders slightly nodded. If they had to make a move against Feng Feiyun, then it would be considered bullying a junior. This would be disadvantageous for their reputations in the cultivation world. However, if Feng Lingji helped, then it would be a completely different matter.

They were peers that were fighting. After suppressing Feng Feiyun, there would be no gossip and everyone would be even more optimistic about the future leader of the Feng Clan.

Truly hitting two birds with one arrow!

Feng Lingji’s cultivation was quite good and he had reached the intermediate God Base. He was one small level higher than Feng Tao and Feng Jue. Plus, his combat experience was rich. To deal with Feng Feiyun would not be a difficult matter.

“Feng Lingji, use the grand Floating Massacre Sword Formation that you painstakingly practiced for eight years to finish this quickly.”

An elder smilingly nodded and told him.

“Yes sir!”

Feng Lingji had four long swords hidden in his body. Each of them was of the magical rank and was created from one hundred year old cold steel. The swords could easily cut through a two meter thick steel wall.

There was a chilling air on the edges of the swords. With a faint spirit light that faintly surrounded the four swords, it turned them into a simple sword formation.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was also one with the earth’s energy aura, so his personal aura was imposingly mighty. He actively motioned forward with the Invincible Buddhist Staff, that emitted clanking sounds, in his hand.

The two were both supreme characters and their battle intents condensed into qi images — exceptionally domineering.


Feng Lingji’s body let out a loud tiger roar that shook the city walls. A white light rose from his back and formed the shape of a white tiger. Its fur was pure white and its big eyes were of a ferocious dark and as big as fists.

The white tiger was the culmination of a floating cloud and was suspended on top of Feng Lingji’s head. It had the power to change the heavens and move the earth.

First Tiger Soaring Cloud qi image!

When Feng Feiyun was at the Hidden Dragon Courtyard to watch the qi fortunes, he had seen it before and knew that there was someone inside the Feng Clan with such a qi image. He just didn’t expect it to be Feng Lingji.


Qi images could only be seen by qi observers, but the hidden power inside of them was incomparable. As long as it was someone participating in the fight, they would be able to clearly feel it.

The four swords suddenly increased their power abruptly and interwove together like four water dragons. The sounds of thunder and wind filled the sky and the ancient thick nine zhang wall’s high corner was cut apart. It collapsed into the ground and countless huge boulders were knocked away by the sword energies.

“It is the First Tiger Soaring Cloud qi image. Feng Lingji’s body actually carried a qi image! It is no wonder why he is so powerful.”

An older cultivator who was able to see qi discerned the godly cloud white tiger in the vast sky. He was quite shocked.

A person next to him was confused and asked:

“Qi images only exist in supreme geniuses. The First Tiger Soaring Cloud qi image is domineering and ferocious, it is a bit unfitting for Feng Lingji’s mature and calm personality.”

“Feng Lingji is shrewd and has hidden emotions. His heart has the energy of a fierce tiger but outsiders couldn’t see through it. We’re only able to observe this because Feng Feiyun was able to force Feng Lingji to use his qi image, Feng Feiyun must be another heaven-defying genius. If he wasn’t the son of the evil demon, then he would have been heavily groomed by the Feng Clan. Eh, what is this? Feng Feiyun’s body is also releasing a qi image. What is this qi image?”

Feng Feiyun took nine steps back and calmly stood upright. From his body, sixty-four lights came out and condensed into an ancient painting. It was like a giant formation of clouds and seas that rushed out from his body.

“Dragon Horse River Diagram!”

This was one of the seven ancient paintings from the Infinite Spirit Ring — the Dragon Horse River Diagram. This ancient painting was a lingering Dao that was separated from the ring and fell into the dantian of Feng Feiyun. At this moment, it was alarmed by the First Tiger Soaring Cloud qi image of Feng Lingji and actively rushed out from Feiyun’s body.

The mist-covered water on top of the vast godly river; a dragon horse tightly biting a big turtle was traveling on the water surface — the painting’s presence was mystical and spirited. This was the Dragon Horse River Diagram qi image, and it seemingly wanted to change even the heaven's aura.

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