Chapter 737: Buddhist Great Hall

Heartlost was one of the three top pagodas ten thousand years ago.

The golden age of Buddhism lasted for more than twenty thousand years, so was the age of Heartlost.

Jin, on the other hand, had only been founded for six thousand years. In terms of their prime, Jin had no chance in terms of power and resources.

Heartlost was once potentially stronger than the current Sacred Spirit Palace.

Thus, even though it was destroyed, there were still plenty of broken formations and seals here. Ten thousand years weren’t enough to wither them.

Some people said that these broken formations would lead to the center of the ruins - a vast place filled with remnant dangers from antiquity.

People came to search for treasures but none has been able to figure out the ruins. Even Enlightened Beings trod carefully in this place.

Feiyun saw Wang Anyu and the old men disappearing into the fog. Intuition told him that these men weren’t simple. They must have figured out something here.

“Come, we’re going too!” Feiyun went to the place where these old men had disappeared.

He saw an incomplete wall with Buddhist glyphs seemingly depicting a profundity.

Liu Ruixin came here to treasure hunt so she was prepared: “The formations here are broken but they were still prepared by monks at the Enlightened Being level. You might die if you don’t know formation.”

She had a gloating smile, ready to see this pervert give up and stop acting haughty.

“Giants have been killed here. These formations are serious.” Mu Xirou added.

Feiyun waved his fan, not giving a damn while trying to act cool. He casually drew some bright lines in the air, squirming just like worms.

“Whoosh!” A light emerged - one could see a faint door opening.

“Let’s go.” He chuckled and entered.

“What? This damned pervert knows the dao of formations too, opening an Enlightened Being’s formation… Pah, what am I saying?!” Ruixin’s eyes were wide open. She was angry but still followed along.

They found themselves in a desert consisting of tattered temples and shrines. This used to be a Buddhist city.

Unfortunately, it has lost its previous prosperity. One could see the sad laments of old monks, sounding like the last curtain call.

The paved streets have deteriorated into sands. Only the shrines and temples that have been blessed with Buddhist runes remained. A few had powerful formations, allowing them to keep the same form.

“To the sages and living beings, Buddha is eternal. Our Buddhist heart is eternal…”

One could see Buddhists worshipping their ancestors among the ruins.

“They’re all masters here.” Feiyun no longer acted carelessly since he felt several monstrous auras, seemingly stronger than him. These should belong to reclusive masters.

The golden energy in his body started resonating with this area. Even the scripture itself started flashing inside his spatial stone. Perhaps it sensed something.

Wang Anyu and his group were nowhere to be seen. This city wasn’t that large but their divine intents were suppressed here. Finding people became problematic and running around aimlessly could lead to death.

Feiyun stopped searching for the old men and decided to sense the path with his golden energy.

“We can’t go any farther, that’s the great hall ahead.” Ruixin said.

She has studied a map of this place before and knew about the forbidden location.

Of course, she would be happy to see this pervert die but he might bring them down with him too.

“Why not?” The golden energy in him doubled in rotation. The scripture nearly flew out of his spatial stone. This meant that a great fortune was waiting ahead.

He came specifically for this so how could he stop now?

“Heartlost Pagoda is done for but there are still forbidden zones. The great hall, diamond courtyard, and freedom palace are very strange. There are devious things left behind from ten thousand years ago, believed to be imprisoned creatures by the monks. They’re still alive now. Or maybe, the monks back then have turned into fiends yet are still protecting this place.”

“Fiends?” Feiyun chuckled.

“Let’s talk about the great hall then, two Enlightened Beings and six Paramount Giants have died here, at least according to the records.” Ruixin looked at the broken temples around them and whispered, afraid of waking something up.

Feiyun stopped smiling as his eyes narrowed. He noticed a towering temple ahead, completely dark inside as if there was a devil waiting for people to come right into its jaws.

He remained patient but didn’t rush in. Alas, he couldn’t give up either.

Not far from the right hall was a convent named White Mountain that seems relatively intact. The walls were still broken along with the roof. Only the worshipped entity remained untouched - the statue of a Bodhisattva.

They decided to stay there for now. Feiyun calculated the danger in the great hall using his Minor Change. 

This process lasted the entire day yet he didn’t learn anything. On the other hand, the backlash from divining nearly wounded him.

He did confirm one thing - the scripture was leading him to the great hall. There was a big fortune waiting for him there.

“Boom!” A loud explosion came from the hall.

Two rays shot out from within - two members of Wang Anyu’s group, shrouded in a Buddhist light. So this group has entered the great hall after going inside the formation.

They came with five and only two have left with grievous injuries.

“Ssss!” A strange sound came from the hall. A black ray carrying yin essence shot out towards the two escaping old men.

“Firmament Wheel Palm!” One of them placed his palms together and created a blinding seal behind him with a radius of ten meters to stop the ray.

Feiyun looked up to the sky, feeling impressed.

The old man’s cultivation exceeded his expectations. The guy was at peak eighth-level, one step higher than Wu Qinghua.

The other old man was even stronger and attacked with a string of eighteen Buddhist beads. They turned into eighteen stars with mighty force.

Feiyun hurriedly activated his ring and the five diagrams to protect the convent.

“Boom!” Alas, the two men couldn’t stop the offense from the thing inside the great hall.

The first Super Giant turned into mincemeat. The other had broken bones everywhere but managed to stay alive.

“Boom!” He fell down like a meteor and struck the convent, breaking one section of the wall.

The three girls inside became frightened after seeing the fall.

Fortunately, their convent has been blessed by powerful monks in the past so it survived the impact.

Feiyun put away his ring and went to the rubbles to dig out the losing combatant.

The guy turned out to be a monk on the verge of death. His black hat got crushed, revealing his true appearance.

His blood had a powerful Buddhist affinity so even though he was just laying there, he still emitted a mighty aura deterring others from getting close.

He clearly hid his identity because his group has figured out a big secret. Unfortunately, the danger in the great hall surpassed their expectation so he became the lone survivor.

Feiyun instantly thought about many things and even had a good idea about the monk’s identity.

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