Chapter 736: Ancient Pagoda

Liu Ruixin was still young so tears streamed down after being held in captivity by a pervert. Even a little girl knew that nothing good could come from this.

“My mother will definitely kill you, my Big Sis Ye is also very strong.” She wiped her tears and threatened.

“Let them come together, I’ve heard that Ye Siwan of Sun Moon is the leader of the six beauties and she’s on my list anyway. Her coming here will save me a trip.”

“In your dream!”

“Yes, it’ll be a beautiful dream indeed with her in it, haha!”

Tonight, Feiyun stayed in the inn with three beauties. No one dared to disturb them since he had shown his combat prowess prior.

The other guests also started leaving because they knew that this pervert had instigated the three top sects of Earthchild. This place was about to be destroyed soon so who would want to stick around?

Maybe it’ll be flattened by early morning tomorrow.

Even the owner and workers have left this wondrous and extravagant inn. Only lamp lights were left to accompany him, making the place look quite creepy.

Once night fell, the cold winds outside sounded like the flute carrying a hinge of grievances.

Feiyun sat inside a courtyard in front of a table with a wine bottle and cup. He drank alone with three girls serving behind him - each had a different style.

The atmosphere in Fan became stern at midnight with more gales blowing as if an army of the dead was entering the city. Many have gathered outside.

Feiyun only glanced over yonder for a second before continuing to drink.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a bright radiance erupted above. A bronze pagoda dozens of meters high emerged.

It had plenty of intertwining runes with unfathomable power, perhaps capable of breaking down this city.

They have gotten started after an entire night of preparation.

“Apex Pagoda!” Ruixin was ecstatic after recognizing this weapon - a second-ranked spirit treasure belonging to a Giant with good ties to Sun Moon.

He has been famous for several hundred years and just happened to be in Fan today.

This senior should be enough to take care of this pervert! She thought.

Feiyun had a smirk on his face and raised his left hand. Evil runes flashed as he unleashed a massive palm strike.

It directly smashed the pagoda down to the ground. The pagoda’s light became dimmed as its minimized and fell into his palm.

He took a look before placing it down on the table.

“Not bad, a second-ranked.” He smiled and flames appeared in his eyes.

His gaze pierced into the night before he pointed upward.

Three figures were forced out, looking shocked in disbelief.

These three were the ones who used the pagoda earlier. The one in the center was quite powerful; face full of wrinkled and deep eye sockets.

He was at the late-stage of the seventh level. His name was Gu Suinan, the vice master of Reason Sect - a tributary of Sun Moon, also one of the strongest powers outside of the top three sects.

Gu Suinan came to Fan to meet some friends and found out that White Moon Messenger’s daughter had been kidnapped.

He asked two friends to help him take down this old devil. The three utilized the Apex Pagoda to its limit, enough to destroy a city. Alas, it was taken away from them in the blink of an eye.

“Yi Zhenfeng, you have the daughter of White Moon Messenger right now, there’s no escaping Earthchild regardless of how strong you are!”

“We’ll see about that.” Feiyun unleashed a second palm strike with more force this time.

The three have run far away but they were still grievously injured, vomiting blood unceasingly.

They finally made it a thousand miles away, completely drenched with blood. They dropped to the ground, bloodied and fatigued while panting nonstop.

Feiyun didn’t kill them because the second and third waves of assault have begun.

Fan City couldn’t stay calm tonight due to nonstop battles waking people up from their slumber.

“Rumble!” Lightning bolts descended from above along with flying spirit treasures. Numerous buildings collapsed as a result.

Numerous combatants were unleashing barrages at the inn but Feiyun easily stopped them. He could kill several with a finger strike.

The climax resulted in Feiyun fighting against seventy cultivators at the same time. Their attacks looked like an ocean of light.

Another powerful spirit treasure with a monstrous pressure hovered in the sky, destroying a large portion of the wall.

Feiyun still sat in his chair and casually responded, killing numerous and wounding many more, forcing them to flee.

The onslaught finally stopped at dawn, resulting in great casualty and a lingering stench of blood.

The buildings and streets outside were annihilated yet the inn remained untouched.

Feiyun drank another cup of wine before looking at his table - a total of four spirit treasures on display. Some had blood on them.

One second-ranked and three first-ranked treasures.

“Got them.” He smiled.

The three beautiful girls behind him were frozen after seeing him fight against hundreds of cultivators alone.

Defeating the crowd while enjoying his wine! Who the hell was he?!

Only Bai Ruxue truly knew Feiyun but she still felt unrest. He was more powerful than her imagination. Even a Super Giant might not be able to suppress him now.

“Liu Ruixin, you are my personal maid from now on, yes?” He smiled.

“Personal maid…” The youngest Ruixin became nervous after he called out her name. [1]

“Ahem, basically, you will be massaging my back and legs, preparing tea and wine, but if you really want to get personal, we can also arrange that.” Feiyun had a favorable impression of this stubborn little girl.

“I, I got it.” Ruixin said.

Feiyun nodded and gave her the first-ranked spirit sword. He leaned back on his chair and told her to start massaging his shoulders, seemingly enjoying the act.

“Mu Xirou, you are my carriage maid from now on, yes?” Feiyun asked.

She agreed right away after seeing his power. He also granted her a spirit treasure.

As for Bai Ruxue, he gave her the role of being the managing maid. Why? Because she knew his identity. 

She knew that this gathering was only temporary for the sake of the heretical conference. They might disband once that’s over and everyone could go back home. Of course, he might keep them around too because they were quite beautiful. Would he actually let them go? She wasn’t so sure.

“Who in Earthchild is the most suitable to be my nighttime attendant? I also need one that is a good musician, a good chess player, and a good dancer…” Feiyun murmured to himself.

Meanwhile, the three girls gave him a look of disdain in the back, thinking about how outrageous he was.


Last night caused quite a stir in Earthchild. The top experts were on their way.

As for Feiyun? His group was on their way to the ruined pagoda.

It was less than three thousand miles from Fan in a desolate location next to a yellow river. Because ten thousand years have passed, even the broken debris and remnants have been buried. One could occasionally see broken tiles or walls peeking out of the mud.

One felt a feeling of vicissitudes while walking on this land. It felt peaceful due to the occasional faint buddhist chants and bells.

Many Buddhist have arrived and lined up in a long line, almost like a dragon. Feiyun even saw the old nuns from Beastmaster Camp.

There were a few familiar faces as well - Wang Anyu and the four mysterious old men. They entered the pagoda and quickly disappeared, swallowed by a fog.

“Hmm?” He took note of this.

“That’s a broken formation left behind from the ancient era leading to the center of the ruins. There are still plenty of things left unlike what it seems on the surface. Only the powerful cultivators can cross through these formations to reach the center where there might be more Buddhist treasures.” Liu Ruixin explained.

She came to Fan hoping to find some Buddhist treasures here. Unfortunately, the only thing she found was a pervert.


1. This usually has a sexual connotation since a personal maid and the master are always together

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