Chapter 735: Killing Six Worship Sect Master

“Whoosh!” The paper fan was covered in a black glow while flying outward.

It didn’t suffer any damage when it returned to his hand. He waved it in a cool manner and said: “I’ve lost my mood to drink wine because of you.”

Now, everyone finally noticed the vice-master and Huo Xin’s head flying out the window like two balls. Blood gushed out of their neck.

The crowd was completely stunned! Killing so quickly with a smile!

Feiyun knew that there was another man waiting outside from that group - a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe.

This person was actually an intermediate Giant with a powerful aura. He should be the sect master of Six Worship. The guy suddenly disappeared from the street.

“Want to run?” Feiyun sneered and raised his left hand towards the sky.

A massive palm suddenly formed on top of Fan with a terrifying aura. It descended like a meteor and was noticed by everyone.

It was formed from layers of clouds and looked like a hand from heaven itself, instantly pressing down on the man.

“Boom!” The sect master vomited blood from the pressure. The blood started blazing up.

He hurriedly summoned a scorching spirit treasure and created a seven-layered formation for self-defense, barely managing to stay alive.

Alas, he fell from the sky and smashed into the ground, resulting in a pit with cracks emanating from it.

Smoke and debris blinded the audience along with a flashing red glow. A fire seemed to be burning in there.

That palm strike earlier had the power of a spirit treasure!

It dealt considerable damage to the city - broken buildings and buried spectators.

Plenty of experts were around; some became frightened due to the invasive evil energy. They thought that a heretical lord was present in Fan.

“Still alive?” Feiyun sneered and unleashed another spatial palm strike.

Space detonated repeatedly because of this evil energy. One could hear a deafening beast roar from the palm that eventually crushed the sect master into mincemeat. His splashed blood burned the nearby area.

Feiyun then took the sect master’s first-ranked spirit treasure - a golden iron ring with thick scales and a bright glow.

He took a glance before losing interest and tossed it over at Bai Ruxue. The rank was too low.

Meanwhile, his other servant - Mu Xirou - became aghast and pale. Her long legs trembled with fear. Her fingers dug into her skin, unable to withstand the pressure and nearly kneel before him.

She finally realized how strong and merciless he was - killing without batting an eye and without needing to get off his chair.

Everyone in the inn shut their mouth and didn’t dare to move. They thought that this was really an old master of the heretical dao. No wonder why the heretical king sent a kill order.

Wang Anyu and the other mysterious old men were moved too. They were here to discuss an important matter in Fan and had to stop.

They stared at Feiyun, wondering where this old pervert came from. Many girls were going to suffer because of him.

The man with the big hat and another used their heavenly gaze in order to take a better look. However, Feiyun waved his hand and stopped them, before issuing a dissatisfied scowl.

These old men sat up straight and stopped spying. It’s not that they couldn’t fight against him. However, they had important matters to deal with and shouldn’t bother with him.

Numerous cultivation masters who were rapists have appeared in history. They preferred talented and beautiful women. Some killed them after doing the deeds; others would just leave. A third type would bring their victims around with them in an ostentatious manner.

The third type was especially powerful and scariest since they weren’t afraid of backlash and revenge.

One particularly powerful rapist ravaged dozens of the prettiest beauties in Jin before, including the wives of sect and clan masters, even the Jin Consorts. 

These great powers were humiliated by this great romantic thief.

Of course, this guy became too arrogant and antagonized everyone. In the end, the entire cultivation world of Jin hunted him down. The Jin Emperor of that generation personally took action and killed him.

Nonetheless, he turned many men into cuckolds. This was a dark time of that generation so his name was erased from the historical scrolls. Though he died, he certainly lived a fulfilled life in a twisted sense after tasting many beauties.

Everyone became alarmed after seeing another powerful and blatant rapist, afraid that history might repeat itself.

“Mu Xirou is one of the six beauties in Earthchild, she’s probably raped by now. The other five won’t be safe for long.”

“Not necessarily, this thief is strong but there’s a limit. Didn’t you see that he needed two moves to kill Six Worship Master? He’s not invincible at all. Solar won’t sit idly by since Six Worship is their vassal sect. One Super Giant should be enough to suppress him.”

“True. Solar’s scion, Wu Yangsheng, has reached the eighth level, definitely a prime candidate to become their next sect master. Even the older heretics are afraid of him. If he were to know about this pervert appearing in Earthchild, he’ll be the first to run here. Given his talents and cultivation, he should be able to kill him.”

“Don’t forget about Myriad Laws’ Chen Mojin and his all laws are one, capable of doing a seventy-twofold attack. I heard he is very close to Mu Xirou. They had a promise that when his technique is finished, they would get engaged. It’s been thirty years and he’s finally done to the amazement of his sect. Now, his childhood lover has become a slave? Yeah, a storm is about to hit this prefecture.”

“Haha, thirty years of training for nothing. He’s gonna vomit blood!”

These people were communicating with their divine intent but Feiyun still heard everything.

Meanwhile, Liu Ruixin became afraid too. She was very pretty, definitely on the same level as the six beauties of Earthchild. Her cultivation was just weaker.

She was afraid that this pervert would take note of her. It would be over then. She quietly tried to leave under the protection of her entourage.

However, Feiyun aimed to cause a big ruckus in Earthchild. It would be best if he could drag its top three sects into this mess. That’s the same as involving every sect in Earthchild; nothing could be better.

That’s why he couldn’t let this little lady go right now. Plus, he had captured her once before, why not again?

“Liu Ruixin.” He fanned himself while putting on a cool expression.

His voice was soft but it nearly made her fall to the ground with fear.

She was hiding among others by bending her back. Moreover, her small frame certainly helped. Alas, this pervert still noticed her.

The other prodigies became alarmed and stiff, not daring to move.

“Yi… Yi Zhenfeng… I’ll… I’ll have you know that my mother is… the White Moon Messenger of Sun Moon… Touch, touch me and she’ll make mincemeat out of you.” She timidly threatened with a hint of naiveness. 

“Whoosh!” Feiyun’s body flashed and suddenly stood before her.

He gently touched her face with his fan twice as if teasing her: “I’ve touched you, call your mother here then.”

His rude attitude didn’t win him any love from the crowd. Some clenched their fists and gritted their teeth but none dared to do anything.

“My… My mother…” Ruixin trembled in fear like a little bird. Her eyes turned red.

“I’ll capture your mother when she comes too. She was famed for her beauty during her youth and became even more mature now. I can’t wait, haha!” He guffawed while tilting his head backward, looking just like an evil villain.

He reached forward to grab her but a prodigy nearby lost his cool and attacked. Unfortunately, the guy got slapped and flew out the window, falling headfirst.

He was only slightly injured since Feiyun didn’t want to kill him.

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