Chapter 734: Heretical Monster

“Lady Ruixin.” Many guests stood up to respectfully greet the girl.

After all, Fan City belonged to Sun Moon while Liu Ruixin was the daughter of White Moon Messenger. Everyone needed to give her face.

Ruixin stood on top of a golden balcony with a jade ribbon around her waist, showing off her delicate figure and looking down on the rest.

The heretical conference was happening soon. Various heretical lords either acted with great fanfare or kept a low profile.

Earthchild has been very rowdy recently. Just the smallest event could result in a massive chain of consequences. The highest echelon of Sun Moon has been treading carefully.

Why was Ruixin here? This made people think that something was happening in the ruins.

Wang Anyu and the mysterious old men stopped talking. Their lips were still moving - a sign of communication using their divine intent.

Feiyun enjoyed his wine since it has been a while. Many looked over but they only paid attention to Bai Ruxue, not him.

A short moment later, several prodigies walked towards Liu Ruixin.

They had a good relationship with Sun Moon; each was relatively talented and handsome. They seemed to be courting her.

One of them had high cultivation and wore golden armor; his name Xu Zhiyang.

“Junior Sister Liu, did you see the demon’s son during your trip to Bronze Cauldron?” He asked.

Everyone immediately thought of the scripture after Feiyun was brought up. Everyone’s ears started propping up in order to listen in.

They weren’t there and never saw Feiyun before. They only heard that Bronze Cauldron was completely surrounded and Feiyun had no chance of escaping.

Alas, who knows if this was the truth?

Even Mu Xirou sitting next to Feiyun became interested. After all, Feiyun was too famous and had killed several Giants.

The noble girls could never get tired of his legendary exploits. All in all, women loved powerful cultivators, not to mention that he was the current Divine King on top of being extremely talented.

Though his love life was a mess, the pros overshadowed the cons. He had many female fans in Jin.

“I never saw him. He didn’t dare to show himself since so many wanted to kill him.” Liu Ruixin shook her head.

Everyone became disappointed. Another prodigy smiled and said: “The stories are exaggerated for sure. The demon’s son is considered the number one genius but he’s still too young, how can he kill a Giant? The best he can do is fight evenly against a half-step.”

“His luck is certainly something though, obtaining one of the three great scriptures.”

“Is he lucky though? He’s stuck in Bronze Cauldron Mountain forever, never to see the sun again.”


Another expert that returned from Bronze Cauldron Mountain brought up another topic: “I heard there’s a big shot from the heretical faction showing up recently. Senluo Temple suffered some heavy losses because of him.”

“I heard about this too, a great beauty there got kidnapped. His name is Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng. Who knows if this is true.”

Mu Xirou was startled and stared at Feiyun in astonishment. Were they talking about him? Did he kidnap a member of Senluo?

This sect was a behemoth in her eyes. Her sect was just a joke in comparison. They could slaughter Six Worship whenever they wanted.

Feiyun smiled and nodded, confirming her speculation.

She couldn’t believe his audacity and courage. She then glanced over at Bai Ruxue, thinking that this girl might be the kidnapped one?

“They say that three Giants were killed by him. The heretical king had given an order to the tenth hall lord to personally take care of this matter, crazy, right?”

Xirou’s eyes widened in disbelief and got the urge to vomit blood. This pervert killed three Giants? This meant that even her sect master might not be able to beat him.

The heretical king himself took note of this and sent the tenth lord after this pervert?

How could he still be smiling? The tenth lord was definitely a master among masters, capable of ordering other heretics. Only the four walkers and the heretical king had a higher status.

Xirou became afraid that her sect might catch up to them.

“Boom!” Unfortunately for her, fate had a way of toying with people.

The experts from her sect have arrived - a total of five.

They looked furious and looked around the inn before noticing Feng Feiyun on the second floor.

“Hmph!” Their vice-master waved his sleeve and leaped upward.

The cultivators nearby knew that there was something fun to see. Not a single one left and began to gossip.

A prodigy near Ruixin laughed: “That’s the vice master of Six Worship, the other three are their supreme elder, the last guy looks like Huo Xin.” 

“That’s half of their experts, looks like it’s something big.” 

Liu Ruixin looked over at Feiyun and slightly frowned: “Six Worship is a tributary of Solar. This has nothing to do with Sun Moon.”

“Of course, we should be excited to see them getting in trouble.” The prodigy smiled.

The atmosphere in the inn became quite strange and silent, unlike the rowdiness prior. Everyone stared at both sides. Even the old men drinking with Wang Anyu paid attention using their divine intent.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun was still calmly drinking his wine.

“Who are you, why did you kill Xie Tong and capture Fairy Mu for no reason?” The vice master of Six Worship demanded an answer.

“He’s Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng.” Mu Xirou was afraid of Feng Feiyun and warned him.

“!!!” A wave emanated across the inn. All eyes fell on Feng Feiyun now.

They were just talking about him earlier. Who would have guessed that he was among them?

Someone who had killed three Giants!

Kidnapped a demoness from Senluo!

Garnered the attention of the heretical king!

Each of these thoughts astounded the crowd.

Liu Ruixin was also on the second floor not far from there. She became slightly afraid.

This person seemed bold enough to do something to her too.

Though Feiyun looked young right now, everyone thought that he should be quite old in order to be strong enough to kill Giants.

Plus, he should be cultivating a yin-stealing art too. So many young girls must have been drained to death by him so that he could have this young appearance. 

Therefore, many considered him to be an old devil versed in sexual cultivation arts.

Alas, the ones from Six Worship didn’t get the message. Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng? Who the hell is this?

They have never heard of him before since they didn’t know about the heretical king’s kill order.

“You dare to offend us? Today will be your funeral.” The three supreme elders attacked at the same time with their best techniques.

They were half-steps and knew that the opponent was quite strong in order to be able to kill Xe Tong.

“Boom!” Feiyun had a cup in his right hand. His left became filled with bloody runes. He casually waved it and a red slash dismembered all three elders.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Their six halves fell down the balcony and down onto the main chamber.

Feiyun perfectly controlled his power, not damaging a single thing in the inn.

He killed three half-steps like killing three mosquitoes. This casual act naturally intimidated the crowd.

Huo Xin and the vice master were scared out of their mind for offending this monster. They knew he was strong, just not to this level!

“Boom!” Feiyun grabbed his paper fan; his eyes seemed nefarious yet strangely attractive.

The ordinary fan made from wood and paper sent out a massive brilliance almost like a flame.

This evil energy made everyone shudder. Some tables and chairs had a layer of ice\ around them now.

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