Chapter 733: Fan

The tiger-lion hybrid carriage was long gone the moment Huo Xin made it to Belly. Only the stench of blood remained.

Huo Xin shuddered after seeing the bloody corpse on the ground - the supreme elder of Six Worship separated into two halves.

“We messed with a monster… even Fairy Mu got captured, this is not looking good.” Huo Xin was afraid but quickly calmed down due to his life experience.

He was in a terrible mood as he ran back to Six Worship. He needed to get the experts there to take action, perhaps even their sect master.


Mu Xirou didn’t play nice along the way. She remained tough and combative. Alas, after being suppressed for the fifth time, she chose to not go beyond her bounds again. 

Of course, she could also commit suicide. Alas, this required courage. Even an insect wanted to live longer, let alone a cultivator?

Cultivators wanted everlasting life. How could she give up so early?

Moreover, this man called himself a “love thief” but he has been well-behaved during this time. She couldn’t bear to commit suicide under such “favorable” circumstances. It was better to wait for rescuers from her sect.

She rode the carriage outside with Bai Ruxue while Feiyun cultivated the second diagram inside.

This one was far more profound than the first. The young silkworm changed into a golden dragon, sometimes laying in ambush, devouring, or coiling and looking up…

The diagram contained 18,000 transformations. There seemed to be the same amount of golden silkworms traveling through his body.

Feiyun cultivated the first one easily due to his strong foundation. However, the difficulty of the second one was far higher. Each transformation required some time.

He had only figured out 300 transformations during his searching period. Nevertheless, this was still considered finishing one tiny corner of the diagram.

The energy in his body reached the next level, becoming purer and more sacred.

Today was the fifth day of Mu Xirou’s imprisonment. They have crossed 100,000 miles and numerous terrains to reach the inner territory of Fan, a prefecture.

Feiyun’s cultivation also increased for the second time, reaching the intermediate stage of the seventh level.

At this juncture, most people would start slowing down, unable to break through a minor realm after many decades.

This wasn’t a problem for Feng Feiyun. He had plenty of spirit stones and other alchemy materials, comparable to the sum found in an entire sect.

Most importantly, he had fused Yama’s left arm together with his, hence the rapid soar in cultivation.

With the addition of the Golden Silkworm Scripture, he could reach the eighth level within a year.

‘So the number one expert in the history of Jin is Fo Canzi, the compiler of Golden Silkworm.’ Feiyun was interested in this person.

The pagoda he was heading to might be the place where Fo Canzi used to train.

“How much longer?” Feiyun opened his eyes and golden currents flowed around him for a bit before returning to his body.

Mu Xirou replied: “It’s night time soon. We should go to the city nearest the ruins, Fan. It is from the same era and has many remnant areas from antiquity just like the pagoda. The Buddhists on a pilgrimage to the pagoda usually in Fan, causing the city to be greatly influenced by Buddhism. It might be a famous city of this doctrine later on.”

“Let’s go there first then.” He closed his eyes again to cultivate.

Mu Xirou respected him for being an expert but wasn’t totally submissive. She glanced over at Bai Ruxue and asked: “Is he really a pervert?” 

“Even worse.” Bai Ruxue who was cultivating slightly opened her eyes to look at Mu Xirou in response.

Mu Xirou continued to scout the situation. Her cultivation was two realms higher than Bai Ruxue so she didn’t really care about the girl: “Did he do anything to you then?”

Her face became slightly red due to the sensitive topic and regretted asking. Nevertheless, the words have been said so she was waiting for an answer.

Bai Ruxue became unhappy and gritted her teeth: “If you’re obedient, maybe he’ll just view you as a maid and will let you go once he doesn’t need you anymore. If not, I don’t know what might happen.”

She closed her eyes again after saying this and cultivated while holding bright spirit stones.

Mu Xirou disagreed. She felt that Bai Ruxue had been conquered and turned into a slave. However, she would never accept this fate.

She was a prideful woman, not one to be dominated by a pervert.

‘Sect Master and the others are on the way, Fan will be the grave of this pervert.’ Her eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Alas, this feeling didn’t last long. After all, she has been captured by him for a while now. Even though she kept her virginity, no one else would believe this anyway.

That’s why she thought that the pervert should be minced to pieces.


The night curtain fell as three hybrid beasts pulled the tattered carriage into Fan with amazing speed.

The old city had bright lights and plenty of travelers. Numerous Buddhists were present.

Along the streets were stores selling Buddhist artifacts and weapons. Some came here to search for treasures.

For many Buddhists, the emergence of Golden Silkworm meant that a second golden age of Buddhism might be on the way. Thus, more pilgrims came than ever so Fan became very lively.

Though the carriage was broken, it still attracted a lot of attention from cultivators along the way.

“Who is that inside? To have two beauties driving for him.” A young prodigy scowled.

“One of them looks like Fairy Mu from Six Worship.” 

“You’re right, so is it Six Worship Sect Master in there?”

“Definitely a big shot, not someone we can afford to trifle with.” The prodigy earlier changed his expression and quietly said.

Everyone made way for the carriage, aware of the big shot inside.

It came to the most extravagant inn in the city, looking like a jade pavilion. Feiyun came inside with the two women.

In order to look like a “love thief”, he purposely took out a paper fan in order to act cool.

They got a room to rest for the night. From what Feiyun had learned, the ruins were actually quite complicated.

He might be staying in Fan for a while and since he was assuming the role of a heretical cultivator, he should be staying at a good place.

Only rich cultivators could afford the rooms here. Of course, Feiyun didn’t give a damn about this small sum.

“Sun Moon Sect probably benefited the most after the battles at Bronze Cauldron. They found a supreme spirit root that’s more precious than the immortal tree on Mount Potala. I think they have a firm grasp on the number one sect in Earthchild now.” An old man with a young face was drinking on the second floor.

The wine has been fermented for 300 years. One could catch a whiff of a spirit grass’ scent within. 

Ordinary people couldn’t afford this drink.

To his front was a cultivator wearing a rain hat. He snorted and said: “The three big sects of Earthchild have a rich history, it’s hard to tell which of them is the strongest. Solar and Myriad Laws are monsters too, we’ll see if Sun Moon can gain an advantage.”

“I heard Wu Yangsheng of Solar has reached the eighth-level, truly an amazing genius. He’s a Super Giant before 100 years of age. Not even historical geniuses can match this.”

“Chen Mojin of Myriad Laws have condensed the laws into one, allowing him to boost his power by seventy-twofold. No one can stop him without resorting to a Dominating Armament.” 

The old men around this table hid their faces with hats or techniques. Only the young-looking one showed himself.

People instantly recognized him since he was the governor of Feng County, Wang Anyu. He was also a Giant with a big backing.

Those sitting near him were naturally prestigious too.

The ones visiting the floor kept a distance, not daring to listen to their conversation. Being nosy and knowing too much could end with death.

“Clack, clack.” Someone was walking down.

A girl Feiyun was familiar with and a group of cultivators came down the fancy star made from gold.

She looked like the moon surrounded by the stars - the daughter of White Moon Messenger, Liu Ruixin.

She still looked innocent and beautiful as she declared with both hands behind her back: “Solar used to be a branch of our sect, it will return sooner or later.”

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