Chapter 732: Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng

Early morning on the second day.

The sun was only beginning to get up. The ground was still covered by a black layer; the air filled with coldness.

The lion-tiger hybrids began again, following the path on Huo Xin’s map to head for the ancient pagoda.

They left the city heading northward with incredible speed - 8,000 miles before noon.

A mountain range lay before them, an auspicious location in this prefecture named Belly.

Several sects were built on this land. Rumor has it that a tiny spirit vein existed below, making this place quite suitable for cultivation.

They were considered second-rate at best, not on the same level as the ancient sects like Sun Moon in the slightest.

The Luo was a vassal under Six Worship Sect, one of these second-rate ones.

Of course, Feng Feiyun would think of them as a second-rate sect, not them themselves. Ordinary cultivators here considered Six Worship to be a regional behemoth.

“Some stuff might happen ahead, no big deal though.” Feiyun sat in the carriage and casually woke Bai Ruxue up.

She was playing the role of a drive but the truth was that these beasts didn’t need any instruction since they were smart enough.

She sat in front of the carriage and cultivated, finally waking up after hearing him.

“Young Noble, your voice changed.” She opened her pretty eyes and said.

“From now on, I am Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng. Call me… Young Noble Yi from now on.” Feiyun got out of his carriage and leaned on the outer wall.

He had carefully thought about using this persona to enter the heretical conference. It was time to make it famous in order to gain the attention of the other lords.

“Young Noble Yi.” Her eyes lit up while staring at his new appearance. He looked handsome in a devilish manner - almost like a gigolo with zero imperfection.

She felt that he was a strange person - sometimes serious and secretive enough to be frightening; other times, he was carefree and comedic on top of being unreasonable like a prodigal child.

It seemed as if he had two souls within him. Who was the real one?

Now, he assumed the role of a rapist with a strange name. No one would expect that Divine King who had destroyed the Chancellor’s faction and murdered millions of people to do something like this.

“Boom!” The carriage slammed into an invisible barrier before making it to the mountain range.

Lightning runes weaved together in the area with flashing glyphs.

The impact was violent due to their speed. The carriage got pushed dozens of meters into the sky, spinning several times before falling down with the beasts.

Feiyun and Bai Ruxue leaped out of the carriage and calmly landed on the ground.

“Show yourselves, ambushers.” She took out a sword and coldly uttered while shrouded in a white fog.

A gate of light appeared on the barrier with three people coming out.

Two were Huo Qihu and Huo Qilong. The third was quite strong, wearing a green robe with a whisker - white hair yet still young in appearance. Pure spirit energy surrounded this transcending person.

Huo Qihu stared intensely at Bai Ruxue and laughed: “This is the territory of Six Worship Sect. Be smart and hand over your treasures to avoid unnecessary broken bones.”

“So is Six Worship a cultivation sect or a lair of bandits?” Feiyun smirked.

The old man nonchalantly said: “Before the astronomical changes, a sect of course. But now, all cultivation powers in Jin are bandits, it just depends on how blatant they are. There’s no difference.”

Feiyun agreed with this - that’s a master for you, far wiser than his disciple. After all, anyone who could reach the half-step realm was exceptional in some ways.

“True, I agree with this comment.” Feiyun agreed with this. He knew that all cultivators participated in murdering and robbing.

The wiser ones chose to hide their deeds or refrained from killing, unlike the brutal ones.

“Then prepared to die.” The old man said.

Feiyun glanced at the back and saw a white cloud descending. There was a beautiful figure inside with numerous ribbons and spirit butterflies.

She blocked his escape path.

Her cultivation wasn’t weaker than the old man at all. She had a soft voice as she spoke: “A beauty indeed. This is worth my time.”

She was Fairy Mu mentioned earlier by the two brothers.

Feiyun put on a smirk. That’s the exact line in his head right now.

“Start!” Supreme Elder Xie Tong and Fairy Mu Xirou attacked at nearly the same time.

They were both famous half-step Giants in this region, especially the latter. Her talents were well-known and she was listed among one of the six beauties of Earthchild.

“Waves and clouds!” Xie Tong was skilled at formations. He waved his whisker and drew a circle in the air, creating a silver formation with a diameter of three meters.

Huo Qilong and Huo Qihu were utterly impressed. Their master and Fairy Mu were amazing with ample destructive power.

They wanted to observe and learn everything from these two in order to improve their own cultivation.

Feiyun had no interest in Xie Tong and waved his left hand to release a dark cloud.

Everyone here shuddered, especially Xie Tong and Mu Xirou. They felt an unbelievable pressure robbing their breath away as if they were facing a devil king.

‘Shit! He’s too strong!’ Xie Tong got cold sweat all over while cursing the eighteen generations of his two disciples for getting him into this mess.

Feiyun didn’t give him time to think. A left-handed slash effortlessly severed the silver formation.

“Pluff!” Xie Tong’s two halves fell to the ground; his eyes filled with horror.

Feiyun then casually crushed all of Mu Xirou’s techniques and immobilized her with strands of spirit energies in the form of chains. All of her curves became visible.

In just a single second, one half-step got utterly destroyed while the other defeated.

Huo Qilong and Huo Qihu got scared out of their mind, staring at Feiyun like a monster.

Their master got killed just like that? They actually dared to scheme against this man? Who the hell was he?

Feiyun didn’t bother speaking to him and slapped forward, turning them into nothingness. Not even a strand of hair was left.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Mu Xirou spat out a jade talisman.

It exploded into a lightning bolt and managed to break the spirit shackles. She soared to the sky like a serpent in order to escape.

“An ace card, huh?” Feiyun looked up and nodded approvingly after seeing her figure - long legs, ample breasts and buttocks, delicate waist.

Her cultivation wasn’t bad, enough to be a guard maid.

She would never have guessed that she was far from being considered a personal or bed-warming maid in his eyes.

She only wanted to escape back to Six Worship. This man was strong but her sect master might not be stronger.

She kept repeating to herself that everything would be fine the moment she makes it back.

“Haha, Miss Mu, you think you can run away from me, Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng?” 

She looked up and saw a massive palm with an incredible power descending from above.

She sent out ten talismans but they weren’t enough. This resulted in her falling down in front of Feiyun.

He smirked and took a good look at her. She was indeed pretty and had a small mole above her left brow. Her nose was aquiline; her features exquisite - quite even with Bai Ruxue.

Taking her around wouldn’t shame the reputation of Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng.

She had a natural fragrance as well, enough to attract butterflies. Her talents weren’t bad since she was on the same seniority as Ye Siwan from Sun Moon.

“Do you know who I am?” He raised her chin then caressed her face without holding back.

A “love thief” should indeed play around with an innocent maiden in broad daylight.

“Pervert!” She shouted and shuddered.

A “fairy” like her had fallen into this pervert’s hands - something she had never expected before.

She didn’t dare to imagine the consequences and felt that she had fallen into an abyss.

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