Chapter 731: Chaotic Times

Though Bai Ruxue was titled a demoness from Senluo Temple, she only had one experience in the past… when she was tied up by Feng Feiyun. She certainly didn’t learn anything from that experience. Feiyun definitely knew more than she did with regards to foreplay and finishing moves… [1]

She was a smart woman and only needed to be taught once. Feiyun felt that it was nice to have an obedient beauty around.

“There is indeed an old pagoda, in Fan County? I’m just not sure the exact area.” Bai Ruxue looked like a lotus in a pond. She was as slender as can be yet her breasts were especially towering. One could see a deep, white gap between them. Just one glance was enough to make blood boil.

However, she was born with a cold demeanor on top of having silver hair. Others felt fear from this, thinking that she was an emotionless beauty. Only Feiyun knew how passionate she was in bed, hot enough to set him on fire.

She stood there with hair as long as a white waterfall. Her eyes had ripples like the autumn waves. 

He had no choice but to admit that she was indeed a femme fatale, especially in the last few nights together. Men would never want to stop when they’re with her.

Of course, this was limited to a passing thought. He wasn’t actually bewitched by her.

He could guess what she was thinking right now but didn’t mind at all. It would be best if she was only currying favor.

On the other hand, if she thought she was successfully seducing him and eventually taking control, this would be an absolute mistake.

“We’re not going to the heretical conference in Mount Potala?” She asked. There was an auspicious cloud rotating around her, looking pure and elegant. Her long neck looked as beautiful as that of an immortal crane.

“No one will be able to ruin that conference, this is just the current momentum. The court can’t do a thing, let alone the two of us. We’ll only be going there for fun. The best we can do that when the opportunity arises, we can create rifts between the heretical factions.” Feiyun smiled.

“May I ask why you are asking about the ruins then, Young Noble?” Ruxue sounded like his maid, proper and obedient. She tidied up his robe for him.

He actually knew that she knew the answer but still asked in order to assume a position of inferiority - an attempt at pleasing him and trying to act as his strategist. This would win her more freedom.

“Many heretical lords are still in Endless Land and won’t be there. That’s why we’re not in a rush and can take our time in Earthchild.” Feiyun smiled.

Mount Potala was located between Earthchild and Northern Frontier. They were at Earthchild right now and weren’t in a hurry to get there.

Moreover, Feiyun’s main goal was to use the scripture to create a rift between various powers. It would be best if they start killing each other.

Earthchild had three ancient sects - each was as powerful as any of the four great clans. They were the first to announce their secession from Jin.

 Rumor has it that this prefecture had ten thousand sects. This number was naturally an exaggeration but it truly had many cultivators. The majority of these sects were tributaries of the three ancient ones.

Feiyun had researched the situations in Earthchild and Western Prefecture along the way while fusing with the left arm of Yama. He was also very interested in the old pagoda there.

The carriage entered a massive city before nightfall. They decided to stay here tonight while asking for information regarding the pagoda.

It was a famous historical site so the inhabitants here should know about it.

“This was a very long time ago, probably during the golden age of Buddhism. It used to be one of the three most prosperous pagodas with amazing power. Alas, only ruins are left now since the age of Buddhism is over. After several millennia of downtime, I’m sure nothing is left there.”

“Six thousand years ago during the formation of Jin and the end of chaos, this place finally found peace once more. People would come to the ruins each year to worship or to find treasures, especially the lost Golden Silkworm Scripture. All returned empty-handed. Anything valuable was destroyed back then, wait, I heard Golden Silkworm has appeared recently. The Divine King has it now, no idea if it’s true or not.” This gray-hair old man’s name was Huo Xin, a big shot in this city.

He had lived for more than 500 years but his cultivation was only mediocre - a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate. Of course, this was unreachable for most people.

“May I ask where this pagoda is?” Feiyun handed five spirit stones as big as a fist to him.

This amount was akin to a drop of sand on a beach to him but to Huo Xin, this was a massive sum.

His old eyes lit up and quickly accepted the five stones. His smile grew wilder: “I have a map of Earthchild, the ruins are marked there.”

“Perfect.” Feiyun smiled and gave him another five stones.

He and Bai Ruxue then returned to their inn after finding a map.


The Mansion of the Huo. A small lamp was lit.

“Grandfather, that youth spent ten stones just like that so he should have plenty more. Why don’t we…” Huo Qilong made a throat-cutting gesture, not hiding his murderous intent.

Huo Qihu sat on a golden chair and fanned himself. His eyes looked to be lost in imagination as he spoke: “That white-haired girl is insanely pretty; her eyes so proud. Perfect skin too. She might be as pretty as Fairy Mu.”

These two were more than 200 years old and looked like middle-aged men. They were the most excellent cultivators in their clan, not weaker than Huo Xin at all.

They had a chance of reaching the half-step level in the future.

Huo Xin held a teacup while pondering. He then glanced at his descendants and said: “You think others are so easily bullied? I can’t see that young man’s cultivation but that white-haired miss? I noticed a bit.”

“What is it?” Those two asked right away.

“She should be at the fourth level as well.” Huo Xin revealed.

The two became surprised - such a young fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate? She should have a strong background then and given by her respectful attitude towards the youth, he should be far stronger - a king of the young generation.

“Are we just letting this go?” Huo Qihu smashed the arm of his chair and broke it.

“There’s chaos everywhere now. Even if they are big shots, they’re nothing more than two lambs here.” Huo Xin revealed a calculating smile.

“What do you mean, Grandfather?” Huo Qilong asked.

“Have you forgotten about the map I gave them?” Huo Xin smiled.

“Hahaha, you’re the smartest one out of all of us. You gave them a fake map!” Qihu realized and guffawed.

“No, the map is real, just the path to the pagoda requires them to go through our territory, keke.” Huo Xin put on a twisted expression, completely different from his prior friendly expression.

The Huo belonged to the Six Worship Sect. Qihu and Qilong’s master was a supreme elder there.

“Haha, we’ll run back to the sect and let the master know. We’ll succeed with him joining us.” Qihu stood up with excitement. He couldn’t stay calm after seeing Bai Ruxue’s beauty, wanting nothing more than to take her by force.

“Fairy Mu likes killing pretty girls the most. If we let her know, she’ll join us. She and master should be able to work perfectly together. That youth is dead for sure regardless of his cultivation.” Qilong laughed as well.

“Just asking Master is enough, no need to invite Fairy Mu.” Qihu frowned.

“Second Brother, I know you don’t want Fairy Mu to kill that beauty. Don’t worry, we just need to pay her enough spirit stones. Plus, the girl might not be prettier than Fairy Mu so she doesn’t have to kill her.” Qilong said.

Qihu slightly agreed while recalling Fairy Mu’s gorgeous face and power. It wouldn’t be bad - this could be his chance to please her.

The negotiation was complete so the two ran off in the night towards their sect. 


“Fairy Mu.” Meanwhile, inside an inn in the same city, Feiyun meditated on his bed with his eyes slightly open.

Recently, being served by Bai Ruxue felt immensely pleasurable. He wondered if he should be like Li Xiaonan and have numerous maids, whether it be for sex, dancing and singing, or just general tasks.

Plus, it would add to the fanfare. No one would suspect that Feng Feiyun would move in such a conspicuous manner.

It seemed like another girl was about to knock on his door soon enough too so he smirked and began to cultivate the second diagram of the scripture - Young Silkworm.

1. The author used two idioms here, maybe to escape censor or he just didn’t want to be crude - the dragonfly touches the water lightly and attacking Huanglong directly 

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