Chapter 73: Words of a Great Sage

It was July yet the brothel was chilling to the bones. Many normal humans without cultivation were shivering from the aura of the young experts as their lips were covered by white mist.

The buddhist robe on Feng Feiyun’s body fluttered due to the cold invisible air. It didn’t seem like he was in the middle of a brothel, it was more like he was standing on top of a windy peak. However, in reality, he was really standing and experiencing the powerful wind at the top.

“Since there is a peerless beauty wanting to see my face, if I didn’t listen, then wouldn’t it be truly distasteful?”

Feng Feiyun’s left hand slowly maneuvered towards his head, as if he wanted to take off the hat.

Everyone present, including the two heaven-defying talents from the Feng Clan, were truly curious about the real face of the monk. Their gazes moved along with his hand.

Suddenly, a frightening black light appeared and the hat on top of Feng Feiyun’s head became a spinning top. It created rolling black lights and sucked in the surrounding spirit energy. Then, it transformed into a sharp and powerful tornado.

This black spinning top suddenly appeared in front of Feng Lingji and the fierce strength surrounded him, stopping him in his tracks.

Within this short period of time, Feng Feiyun broke through the rooftop of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion, while holding his Invincible Buddhist Staff, and defiantly went on the offensive towards Dongfang Jingyue. He wanted to create an opening.


A huge hole opened up in the rooftop. Countless glazed roof tiles exploded and flew across the sky. They were affected by spirit energy so even though they were only tiles, the power was frightening and not below a concealed weapon of the magic rank.

Dongfang Jingyue seemed to have guessed that Feng Feiyun would make a sneak attack like this, so she appeared to be very calm. Her white lotus-like arms slightly stretched out and her white robe began to fly. It was like a pair of white wings.

This one staff from Feng Feiyun was already at his maximum power along with a matchless speed, but this exertion was a waste of effort. This damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue’s cultivation was a lot higher than his imagination.

“It is Feng Feiyun! I can’t believe this little brat still dared to come to Violet Firmament Ancient City, and he even killed a heaven-defying talent of the Feng Clan. This bastard is truly rebelling.”

From the bottom came the sound of one of the heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan. Even though Feng Feiyun’s movement was very fast, it was not as if the opponent was not closely observing. In that shocking moment, he was able to discern his features from just a glimpse.

Two monstrous battle intents came from the bottom and created an amazing burst of power.

Even though Feng Feiyun’s single blow was not successful, he was not in the mood for more fighting:

“Dongfang Jingyue. You bitch! You are truly contemptible. This was only a grievance between the two of us, but I didn’t expect you to make a move against my clan as well. From now on, this grievance will not let us share the same sky — either you will die or I will. Right now, I have to quickly use the bathroom and have no time to play with you.”

Feng Feiyun was afraid of being blocked by the two heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan. He fell into the danger of being surrounded, so he suddenly stepped on the roof and shattered the beam. He borrowed this momentum to jump one hundred zhang away and ran away towards the far direction.


The entire Intoxicated Jade Pavilion collapsed. The two heaven-defying talents wanted to chase but were forced back. They were hit on their heads by the broken tiles and wood.

Dongfang Jingyue still stood at the peak of the collapsed ruin. She was still full of spirit and brilliance — no different from a godly jade. Her pure face was without any worries and she didn’t show any emotions.

After her cultivation made another breakthrough, she became even more unfathomable. Her emotional control was further developed and it became harder to tell her mood from just her countenance.

But at this moment, she was very angry. She accepted Feng Feiyun’s scolding because she also had heavily scolded him. However, she couldn’t accept Feng Feiyun framing her without understanding why.

“Feng Feiyun, you will not be able to escape.”

Two milky bright lights shot out from Dongfang Jingyue’s back. The lights mysteriously transformed into a pair of white wings. These wings, compared to before, were even more real and one could even see the feathers and small filaments on them.

When she flapped her wings in the sky, she was like a goddess that flew across the heavens, causing many people inside Violet Firmament Ancient City to kowtow and worship on the ground.

“A song that wrenches the heart, at which heaven’s corner do I find a willing ear!”

There were too many mortals inside Violet Firmament Ancient City. Once the Haotian Spirit Mirror was activated, it would harm many innocent people. Therefore, she didn’t use this killing weapon and played her soul stealing lute instead.


A sound wave came out from her magical instrument, like a huge tsunami crossing through the sky, and it went straight towards Feng Feiyun’s direction.


Feng Feiyun knew better than anyone else the power of her sound wave. On top of a wall inside the inner city, he paused and used the Invincible Buddhist Staff to shatter the sound wave.

Even though it was dissipated, the blades of the sound wave still cut through many locations on Feng Feiyun’s body.

There was a wound on Feng Feiyun’s neck and had blood spilling from it, but he was oblivious to this fact. He only fiercely glanced at Dongfang Jingyue as if he was looking at a mortal foe.

She had caught up but she didn’t have a strand of killing intent on her body. This was also her most frightening characteristic; once she activated her killing intent, no one would be able to stop it.

“Feng Feiyun, there is no path for you to escape. This kind of end could only be blamed on your truly foul mouth.”

Dongfang Jingyue, standing on top of a cloud with her wings slightly fluttering behind her back, exuded a holy aura. She was like a goddess that watched over her own creations.

Feng Feiyun heavily laughed:

“My mouth might be foul, but it is without any hidden intentions. I will yell at whoever I want to yell at, I will say whenever I want to say — no one can stop me. However, without this mouth of mine, I’m afraid you would have been dead inside the Mortal Life Cavern much earlier.”

“Even though you saved my life, you also performed many outrageous deeds. If this was not the case, then our grievances would have been written off long ago.”

“Outrageous deeds?”

Feng Feiyun felt that he couldn’t not make things clear, but he was also too lazy to explain so much to her. This damned grandma actually reported to the Feng Clan — she was not a good person. The little positive feelings he had towards her were completely gone at this moment.

“If you want to fight, then fight. Why are you speaking so much nonsense?”

Feng Feiyun raised the Invincible Buddhist Staff and his aura continuously increased. His rising aura connected with the entire wall underneath him. He wanted to borrow the energy aura of the terrain to fight to the death against Dongfang Jingyue.

The energy aura was a very mysterious thing. It was the spirit, energy, and soul of a person. If one’s spirit energy was powerful enough, then this person could exert a powerful greater than the ordinary limit.

However, an energy aura was not limited to just the person, it also encompassed the energy of the heaven and earth and even the energy aura of an extreme expert to the side.

However, during a fight, very few cultivators could actually utilize their own energy aura, let alone channel the energy aura of the heaven and earth.

The energy aura of the heaven and earth was majestic and vast. Even if it truly existed, it was not easy to control. However, once this becomes possible, the potential power would exceed one’s imagination.

The wall of the inner city under Feng Feiyun’s feet was one hundred zhang high and nine zhang thick. It was like a blue mountain that was connected to the grand vein under the earth. This was naturally a place where the energy aura of the earth was powerful.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun’s cultivation was too weak and he could only receive a hint of the earth’s energy aura, but it was enough to increase his battle power by at least three levels. His energy aura increased by countless times and was equal to Dongfang Jingyue.

‘This little brat is weird. He suddenly became many times more powerful. Plus… plus, I feel that he had become a giant monument that’s standing on top of the wall. It’s like he became one with Violet Firmament Ancient City.’

Even though Dongfang Jingyue was looking down from above and had the advantage, she still felt that she couldn’t suppress him completely.

“Feng Feiyun! You little bastard, you dared to enter Violet Firmament Ancient City and killed brothers from the Feng Clan. I had reported everything to the clan master. Once the many experts get here, you won’t be able to escape.”

Two white lights leaped here from the distance. Very quickly, they landed on top of the wall just one hundred zhang away from Feng Feiyun. They were Feng Lingji and Feng Tao — the two heaven-defying geniuses.

These two were not ordinary people. Their God Bases were fortified and burst with heavenly brilliances and carried suffocating battle intents.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes just slightly tilted. He essentially didn’t look at these two directly and only contemptuously glanced:

“I was already not a part of the Feng Clan for a long time. How could they be considered my brothers? I simply only killed two strangers.”

Dongfang Jingyue was quite curious. Why did Feng Feiyun suddenly become excommunicated from the Feng Clan? This was far outside of her expectations. Even though this kid was abhorrent, his talent was quite outstanding and should be the main focus for the Feng Clan to groom. Why would he be hunted by the Feng experts instead?

In her view, Feng Feiyun’s potential was above these two heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan. He would definitely be a Giant in the future. She only recently got out from her isolated recovery so there were many things she was not clear on.

“Big Brother, why bother waste words on this little bastard. He even dared to taint the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan, what else would he not do? His mother is a demon while he is even more of a demon.”

Feng Tao held a crimson long spear and his battle intent became stronger and stronger.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes released two murderous lights and coldly yelled:

“You’re looking for your grave!”

The Invincible Buddhist Staff in Feng Feiyun’s hand rapidly channeled power and created the clunking noises. He wanted to pierce through Feng Tao.

However, his staff had yet to go on the offense when Feng Tao was already struck away by one slap. His body went through seven hundred and twenty revolutions in the air before falling into the ground.

His face was swollen like a pig’s head and many teeth fell out from his mouth. Blood continued to spill out as he dizzily got up from the ground. Then, he cried using the tip of his tongue:

“Who? Who, ah? Who’s cooperating with him?”

Dongfang Jingyue answered:

“I! I was the one who hit you.”

“Who are you? On what basis did you hit me for? Do you know who I am?”

Feng Tao’s tongue finally felt better. At the very least, he could speak clearly. However, his head was still swollen like a pig… Haaa, it truly causes others to be worried.

“I don’t have time to find out who you are, but if you speak nonsense again, I will kill you and no one will do anything to me. You have to carefully remember that the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan is a great character. How could she be tainted by someone like Feng Feiyun? Feng Feiyun isn’t even worthy of carrying her shoes.”

Dongfang Jingyue’s heart was very angry at the moment and was almost speechless. She didn’t want others to know the complex matters between her and Feng Feiyun, but her words still came out.

This matter was known only to her and Feng Feiyun. Naturally, it wasn’t she who revealed it so it could only be Feng Feiyun and his big mouth. If she had known earlier that he would be running his big mouth off, she would have killed him even sooner.

Her cold gaze glared at Feng Feiyun like a sharp blade. Her fingers were tightly clenched together.

Feng Feiyun clasped his arms together and smiled. One couldn’t live peacefully after committing sins. She personally ran to the Feng Clan to snitch, but these rumors became more and more exaggerated — she totally deserved this.

Of course, Feng Tao didn’t know Dongfang Jingyue so he was not afraid of her and coldly spoke:

“There was a great sage who personally saw the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan chase Feng Feiyun because of love. Due to the status of this great sage, there is no chance that this is a lie.”

“Chasing because of love?”

Even if Dongfang Jingyue’s mental attitude improved, at this moment, she still exploded.

“Yes, this great sage was a person who knew everything. He knew that the two fatefully met at Spirit State City and immediately fell in love. Afterward, the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan was pregnant with Feng Feiyun’s child. She forced him to take responsibility but Feng Feiyun didn’t want to, and so, their love ruptured. The fourth young miss used her grand cultivation to refine the fetus inside her body and swore to kill the betrayer. The two became mortal enemies and would not stop until one of them was dead.”

Feng Tao’s words were exact and had strong emotions during his description of describing the situation. It absolutely did not sound like lies.

Love at first sight, pregnant with flesh and blood, ruptured love, love became hate… Fuck, this version was definitely not trustworthy! It caused Feng Feiyun to sweat as he was afraid that Dongfang Jingyue would suddenly explode and turn half of Violet Firmament Ancient City into a hundred pieces.

Of course, he was also a bit moved. The imagination and deduction of this great sage was quite amazing. Motherfucker, who on earth was this fraud of a great sage?

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