Chapter 729: Fierce Women

The hairpin wasn’t a known Dominating Armament but the power within was no joke.

Feiyun seemed to notice the presence of a beast inside - the spirit of the hairpin.

It certainly had enough power to break mountains and cities, definitely not weaker than the Blood-being Exalted Pot or Ice Severer.

Feiyun didn’t give it back to her and put it away: “I won’t give it back if you don’t answer my question seriously.”

“Fine! I was in Bronze Cauldron, okay?” She stared at him pitifully like a mistreated bride.

“Into the treasury itself?”

“Yes, but I only made it to the third level.” Yao Ji obediently answered this time.

Feiyun raised his brows. Only the real masters could enter the treasury so he was only asking for fun, not expecting her to actually did it. He thought that the hairpin flew out like several other treasures.

He already had a high evaluation of her prior. It seemed that it was still an estimation. This “wife” of his wasn’t so simple.

He contemplated for a bit and fixed up her hair before putting the hairpin back in place.

“You’re giving it back to me?” Yao Ji was slightly surprised. A fourth-ranked treasure was immensely powerful. She wasn’t going to ask for it back.

“Just a fourth-ranked treasure on top of it being a hairpin. You think I haven’t seen any powerful spirit treasure before?” Feiyun said.

Meanwhile, Bai Ruxue became speechless. Just who was this woman? She made it inside on top of using a fourth-ranked treasure like a decoration.

“True, there’s someone who owes you two treasures anyway. She got to the third level as well and definitely found many expensive things. Just take any two from her.” Yao Ji said.

“You’re talking about Mo Yaoyao?” 

“Who else can it be? She had several helpers and definitely got more than I did, sigh, I should have brought some too.”

Feiyun rubbed his temples, thinking that these women are too fierce.

Those able to enter the treasury itself were real masters. He himself wasn’t strong enough right now to do so.

However, he didn’t care for the treasures too much. None would be able to compare to his spirit vessel. Letting Yaoyao owe him a favor was far better than two treasures. For example, he could ask her to kill someone during a crucial moment.

“Oh, were all the treasures in there taken now? How come you only made it to the third level? Did anyone get to the fourth or the fifth, like the heretical king, Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, and palace lord, what floor did they get to?”

He still cared a little bit because the fourth rank might not be the best treasure on the third floor. She might be hiding the better ones. Thus, the higher floors would have more useful treasures.

“What do you think the demonic treasury is? The entrance has demonic spirits guarding. Even a Paramount Giant would find it hard to enter the first floor. The treasures flying out are usually from the first floor. Only a few made it to the third, including the three you listed earlier and the Grand Sovereign of Long. As for the ghost from Beiming, other Enlightened Beings, and reclusive masters from the four dynasties? They only made it to the second floor.”

‘That many people got in there? Maybe it’s not so strange, these people were powerful enough to go there undetected by others.’ Feiyun thought.

“I don’t know if there is even a fourth or fifth level because Mo Yaoyao took a key treasure on the third floor leading to a massive change in the treasury. Everyone needed to escape at that point while the treasury sank deeper into the ground. Many drilled deeper but couldn’t find it at all. It might no longer be in Bronze Cauldron, probably will show up later in another place.” Yao Ji said with a tinge of regrets.

Feiyun carefully analyzed her and found it impossible. His phoenix gaze was stopped by a layer of mist surrounding her.

“Why are you looking at me so intensely? Am I that pretty? I know what you’re thinking but I just got lucky enough to stumble in the entrance.” Yao Ji smiled, revealing her perfect teeth.

“Then you stumbled into the second and third floor too?” Feiyun said.

“That’s how it is.” She replied.

“I don’t know who you are and why you needed to get close to me but I’ll have you know that no matter how strong you are, I still have a way to take you down with me.” Feiyun placed both hands behind his back and became serious.

This wasn’t an empty threat. If he were to blow up the phoenix soul in his head, even a top master at the Heaven’s Emergence realm would be grievously injured, let alone her.

“Enough small talk, let’s get to the point. Half of the reason why I came here to Bronze Cauldron was because of the emperor’s order. She wants me to tell you a couple of things.” Yao Ji became serious. Her aura became that of a superior. Ordinary people would be on their knees right now after seeing this.

“Long Luofu? She still remembers me?” Feiyun said.

“The emperor expresses that Jin is facing enemies from all sides and chaos engulfed the land. The court can’t afford to spare anyone to support you regarding the scripture. She hopes you can understand.” Yao Ji said.

The two of them stood shoulder to shoulder, seemingly above everyone else.

“She’s afraid I might implicate the court into my problem. It’s understandable for a ruler to think like this.” Feiyun said.

“Don’t blame her for this. She has her own problem. Being in a high position means that she has to worry about many things. Other powers above the court are pressuring her too. Staying neutral is already good.” Yao Ji said.

Feiyun only chuckled without commenting.

“Before I arrived at Ancient Jiang, the emperor had ordered two marquises to lead 200 million troops against Violetsea Cave. This is considered retribution for them offending you.” 

“You know better than I do that she is trying to make an example out of them. Avenging me is only a side result. In fact, the remnants of Violetsea Cave will be looking at me for revenge, not the court.” Feiyun said.

A person suddenly coming into great authority would naturally change. Though Feiyun has to return to the capital to see Long Luofu, he could still speculate her current self.

He was surrounded by numerous powers in Ancient Jiang a while ago yet she didn’t send any reinforcements. She clearly valued her throne above all else, only treating Feng Feiyun like another official at best.

She would be more than willing to sacrifice him or eliminate him if he had any rebellious thoughts.

He disliked this change but still felt that she was actually doing a good job. Only a talent like her would be able to become a powerful empress.

However, if she were to maneuver against him, he wouldn’t go easy on her either.

“There’s one more thing. Supreme Goddess has formed a sliver of original spirit.” She added.

“Now that’s the best news I’ve heard today.” Feiyun laughed.

He didn’t expect the statue to have an original spirit so quickly. Then a divine soul wouldn’t be long from now. 

Long Luofu didn’t let him down in this matter. The statue must have received plenty of worshipping in order to have this speed of gestation.

“Don’t worry, the emperor said that this spirit is protected by top masters and that everything will be better after you get through this. The court needs its Divine King.” Yao Ji said.

“Long Luofu must be scheming something. I am still a part of the court and will carry out my promise to the previous king. I’m a person who pays a debt so why is she using the spirit to threaten me? What does she want me to do? Just be frank.” Feiyun became unhappy.

He had no loyalty towards the court or the Feng. However, the previous Divine King saved his life so he owed him a great debt. Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to be involved in Jin’s mess.

Long Luofu trying to threaten him with the spirit of Supreme Goddess made him feel angry, thinking that the whole thing was ridiculous.

“Everyone knows you have the scripture right now, and it’s not a bad thing. If we do it right, you might be able to contribute to the court.” Yao Ji said.

“By misdirecting the fire?” Feiyun’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes, directing the fire to all of Jin, especially the chaotic regions such as Earthchild, Northern Frontier, and Heavenly Cloud. You don’t need to do anything other than travel to these places. Moreover, I heard there is a heretical conference soon about unification. That will not be good so you should go there too.” Yao Ji said.

“Using the scripture to bait various great powers into suspecting and fighting each other in order to weaken the rebellious forces. Not a bad plan for dealing with this situation. Was this her plan or yours?” Feiyun wasn’t too interested in the heretical conference. He thought that this plan wasn’t bad at all.

“I don’t want to put you in danger at all and this trip will be nothing but dangerous. I have something even more precious than a fourth-ranked spirit treasure. It will be very useful to you.” She smiled.

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