Chapter 728: Yao Ji’s Hairpin

Inside the valley.

“Give me a reason.” Feiyun stood among the flower field as high as his waist. Numerous large butterflies hovered nearby. In the distance was a waterfall.

This place was indeed beautiful. He clearly put some thoughts into finding a resting place for Bai Ruxue.

She stood in this place, more beautiful and sweeter than the flowers. Little petals were stuck on her white hair.

“None of this is my fault, you’re the one who caused all of this. I’m a woman who has lost her most precious thing, I’m not allowed to seek revenge? All I can do is endure? There’s no rule and logic in this world anyway, only a bigger fist. A woman can be nothing more than a sex slave, a trophy wife, or a trading commodity for man. Why should we accept this and can’t fight back?!” She had a proud and unyielding expression.

However, she was very nervous inside since she needed to move him in order to live, making him feel guilty and sympathetic.

“The needle moved a bit but this is far from enough for me to spare you.” Feiyun played with an orchid while answering.

She knew that this wasn’t enough so she got on her knees behind him. However, she still maintained a straight posture with a sliver of pride. She knew that weeping and groveling would only make him hate her more.

“I know that I have done many wrong things and schemed behind your back but this is all for revenge. All in all, I’m still your woman and you’re my only man. This will never change regardless of how deep our feud gets. If you spare me, I will be your servant for the rest of my life without uttering a single word of grievance. Moreover, I know many secrets about Senluo Temple. I will be able to strategize for you against them with full devotion.” 

She first pointed out his wrongdoings before admitting her own in the humblest possible manner. Hard then soft in order to survive while telling him about her usefulness and that she was more than her beauty.

She carefully thought about her argument along the way while pinpointing Feiyun’s weakness. She even knew that he would give her a chance to speak, hence her meticulous statement.

He slightly frowned, not liking girls to kneel in front of them. They should only be laying in bed. A kneeling girl wasn’t sexy at all but this was indeed very effective.

“Not enough, why should I give you another chance? Convince me of this and I will spare your life.”

Bai Ruxue could tell that Feiyun didn’t like the kneeling act. She got back on her knees and calmly said: “I will swear an oath. If I ever have treacherous thoughts against you, I will die from nine tribulations.”

“What a shame, almost got me. Unfortunately, I do not trust the promise of a woman. Here, do it yourself. I will help if you can’t.” Feiyun tossed his weapon essence at her.

Bai Ruxue bit her lips. She still failed in the end. Any other man wouldn’t let a woman who had betrayed him live. They might even flay the girl or perform other torture acts. Feiyun was already merciful for giving her a chance to do it herself in addition to this peaceful place.

“Haha! I wish to guarantee her life. Your Excellency, please spare her.” A beautiful voice came from outside the valley.

Feiyun raised his hand and the weapon essence returned. He stared at the entrance, thinking that a great enemy was coming.

Someone who knew he had escaped on top of finding him right now? This person was no joke.

Bai Ruxue became ecstatic at this development. It looked like she might be saved after all.

A while later, four pretty girls carried a palanquin inside.

They were immaculate with flawless skin. They were engulfed in a yin presence. They were smiling and breathing with blood flowing in their veins. Even a Giant would mistake them for being alive.

However, when Feiyun activated his phoenix gaze, he noticed that they were mere corpses.

They used to be the prettiest woman in their respective generation - world-renowned and beloved by all. Numerous geniuses and lords courted them. Alas, they have turned into Corpse Evils.

Feiyun knew who it was right away - Yao Ji of Yinvoid Cave. The real question was - how could a top disciple there has access to these four powerful corpses?

Just their appearance alone was enough to kill many lords, far more frightening than Giants.

He put away his weapon essence and smiled faintly: “Yao Ji, I wonder about your identity more and more. How did you find me?”

He didn’t let down his guard since he didn’t know much about her, only that she was a brilliant strategist and played a large part in Long Luofu’s success. She might be craftier than Bai Ruxue.

“Haha, who else can I be? We’re fellow officials in the court.” Yao Ji came out of the palanquin, wearing a white official uniform with a lunar symbol and a green jade belt tied around her waist. The uniform also had crane engravings. Her boots were made from white jade. Strangely enough, she still looked feminine despite being in uniform.

Her lips sparkled; eyes clear and rippling with waves and long eyelashes. Her breasts were worthy of pride. Sexy yet still arrogance.

She hugged Feng Feiyun and leaned her head into his chest: “Why were you so foolish? Provoking everyone for the sake of Beastmaster Camp.”

“Not at all. I am using them to push me to the edge for more motivation to break through.” Feng Feiyun didn’t mind the embrace.

“No, it was dumb for sure. Just one wrong move and you’re dead.” Yao Ji pouted, clearly wanting to cause trouble: “You must have a lover there. Is it Wu Qinghua? Tan Qingsu? Or someone else?”

“Stop guessing, it’s none of your business anyway.” He caressed her back soft enough to be mistaken for not having any bones.

Yao Ji was definitely a temptress. No man would ever want to let her go.

“Hmph, none of my business? I invested myself into you so if you got killed from the cradle, it’ll be my loss, who the hell am I going to complain to then? Who will I cry to?” Yao Ji punched his chest in a playful manner.

“Investing in me is very risky, that’s your own fault.” Feiyun said.

Yao Ji gave him her first time, hoping that he would become a top master later. This would be very beneficial to her so she was afraid that he would die before full maturity. Thus, she thought his current actions were foolish.

“I suppose high risks will have high rewards, I’m sure I didn’t misjudge you, haha.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“You still haven’t told me how you found me.” Feiyun licked his lips, trying to savor the sweetness.


“You put something on my body?” 

“Haha, yes, but I won’t tell you how and where. You’ll recognize it after reaching the right level. Here’s another kiss for being so smart.” Yao Ji revealed a kingdom-toppling smile like the blossoming of a flower; her eyelashes fluttered with the laughter.

Feiyun took the initiative and held her cheeks, forcing a deep kiss.

She was caught off guard and felt a current coursing through her body. She wanted to move back but his grip was too firm. Her hair became a mess as a result.

The kiss lasted for a while.

“You came to Bronze Cauldron too?” Feiyun took off a hairpin while kissing her.

Inside was an independent dimension with great spirituality with a trace of evil energy. He noticed that there were 169 formations within.

He would have been injured by its energy if he didn’t activate his own for protection.

A fourth-ranked treasure! Fourth-ranked treasures were called Dominating Armament in Jin. There were less than twenty or so; all extremely famous.

Yao Ji had one and used it like a regular hairpin?

She must have found it from the demonic treasury. She was strong enough to go in there too?

“Jerk, give my hairpin back.” Her long hair was a mess because he had taken off the hairpin holding her top bun. She tried to fix it while yelling at him.

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