Chapter 727: Payback

Feiyun secretly snuck away from the group after leaving Bronze Cauldron. He spent a day leaving Endless Land, making it back to Ancient Jiang again.

He wanted to leave this prefecture at first but remembered that there were things he needed to do at Witch God City.

It has been half a year now. The three tribes of Jiang have unified. War no longer ravaged the land and prosperity slowly came back. The spirit in the people also started to change.

Of course, he saw many cultivators returning too. They knew they were too weak to seize the scripture from Feng Feiyun or compete with behemoths like Senluo Temple and Sacred Spirit Palace. It was better to leave this mess as soon as possible.

Witch God City was lively, filled with muscular Jiangs and cultivators from Jin. One could hear loud voices of people and carriage wheels turning.

Though many cultivators have returned from Endless Land, the Jiangs still outnumbered them nine to one. They were the real masters of this city now thanks to the return of their goddess.

The status of their race more than doubled; no one dared to cause trouble here any longer.

Feiyun assumed the form of Yun Feitian once more, around forty years of age and brimming with spirit. He held a large azure dragon bell as he walked on the street. Each step left a deep footprint on the slab.

Many were shocked by the size of the bell but it stopped there. They didn’t think it was too strange since there were many eccentric people in Jin. Some enjoyed holding a sword as tall as a cliff; others preferred palaces or large statues…

These strange men were normally monsters. Looking was one thing but sneering at them could mean death.

Inside a tent were a dozen cultivators drinking. They have just returned from Endless Land. A few of them noticed Feng Feiyun walking through the street and took a deep breath.

They finally heaved a sigh of relief after he was long gone.

“Zi Jing, you know that dude with the Buddhist bell?” A young cultivator became curious.

The person named Zi Jing nodded. He finished his bowl of wine and said: “A monster who defeated the genius Ye Siwan.”

“Ye Siwan is a Giant now. She also found a supreme spirit root for Sun Moon Sect in Bronze Cauldron and will probably become the next sect master. This man actually beat her? Damn, he’s not to be trifled with.”

The cultivators in the tent were afraid. Seeing a monster like that was truly interesting.

“If Feng Feiyun didn’t go all out in Bronze Cauldron, this vagabond Giant would be famous in Jin right now. Unfortunately, he’s less of a troublemaker than Feng Feiyun.” Zi Jing went on.

Everyone became quiet for a moment after Feiyun was brought up. This name was insanely hot right now.

More than half of the experts in Jin were talking about this person because he had obtained one of the three great scriptures on top of escaping from so many ancestors. He utilized a forbidden ground to bury more than ten Giants, several Super Giants, and even grievously injure a ninth-level Paramount Giant.

He was public enemy number one right now.

Feiyun naturally heard people talking about him along the way. Others talked about the demonic treasury.

The information here wasn’t that useful so he continued heading for the government manor of Ancient Jiang.

He restored his initial appearance and put on the invisible cloak, entering the front entrance of the manor without any problem. The tough guards at the gate didn’t see him at all.

He stopped at a pavilion in the rear garden and saw Bai Ruxue. She stood next to a red balcony, dressed in white. Skin as white as snow; same with her hair - looking just like a beauty carved from white jade.

She gazed at the distance. Her white figure contrasted the red tiles above.

He stood below the pavilion and sneered. She was the one who told Senluo Temple of his moves and desire to take back the blood drops in the bracelets. That’s why they were always one step ahead of him. Feiyun wouldn’t spare this “dishonest bitch”.

However, he remained patient and sent out his divine intents to scout the nearby area.

He didn’t spot Mo Chongji or the army of Jin, only three powerful figures hidden in the shadow.

They did a great job. He wouldn’t have spotted them if he wasn’t at the seventh level right now.

“Three Giants? Hehe, looks like a trap.” Feiyun snorted.

Unfortunately, this meant that it didn’t look good for Mo Chongji and the fifty elite soldiers.

Feiyun circled around the mansion once. When he returned to this pavilion, he had three corpses with him.

It was too easy for him to kill three Giants given his current cultivation and the invisible cloak.

“Bronze Mountain is surrounded by multiple layers of guards. Feiyun can’t escape even with wings.” Bai Ruxue murmured.

A while later, she turned around to go back inside. However, she became frozen after pushing the door open.

Three corpses were there, bleeding from seven orifices - a terrible death.

These protectors from Senluo Temple have lived for several hundred years. Now, they were killed and their corpses brought to her room in silence.

Feiyun was also in there, sitting next to an ivory table. He held a teacup and proceeded to pour some tea in.

“Not bad at all.” He took a sip and nodded.

Bai Ruxue was as shocked as can be. How could he be here right now and not trapped in Bronze Cauldron?  He definitely was here to get even with her.

She maintained a calm expression with an elegant smile. She walked over and picked up the teapot to pour more tea for him.

“Follow me. I will find you a good spot for your resting place.” Feiyun smirked.

Bai Ruxue bit her lips; her chest heaved up and down. A while later, she sighed and said: “You said you wouldn’t kill your own woman. I suppose men can’t be trusted.”

“I will give you a chance to end yourself. I won’t let your corpse rot in the wild either and will build a grave for you. This is the highest level of mercy I will show to an enemy.”

He said “enemy”, not “woman”.

Bai Ruxue was too treacherous on top of being good at acting. She maintained her virginity despite being at a place like Senluo Temple - a testament to her wiliness. 

She could make men dance like puppets; even Feiyun was a victim. How could he spare someone like her?

Bai Ruxue remained quiet for a bit before nodding.

Feiyun stood up and stared at the corpses. He didn’t want others to know that he had escaped and came here so he started carving on the floor: “Love Thief, Yi Zhenfeng. The beauty is mine, no need to reminisce.” 

Feiyun took her out of the city. Initially, he wanted to tell Luo Yu’er that he had avenged her grandfather. Alas, he erred on the side of caution.

After all, there were many heretics around here right now. Though he left this message about a fake rapist, it would still cause quite a stir here. Leaving as fast as possible was better. 

They went to the mountain range with steep precipices.

This prefecture wasn’t too populated. A few wildlands didn’t have anyone living there for several hundred miles.

They were two thousand miles away from Witch God City now and found a serene location with sceneries like the paintings - a valley filled with lilies and orchids - an ocean of flowers. Their sweet fragrances attracted many butterflies.

Feiyun stopped and said: “Are you satisfied with this place?”

Bai Ruxue didn’t say a thing along the way. She twirled her hair with a complicated flash in her eyes. She bit her lips and said: “I don’t want to die.”

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