Chapter 725: Long Pursuit

Bronze Cauldron Mountain stretched forever with numerous forbidden grounds and dangerous areas. Alas, none could stop the azure vessel.

Feiyun stood on deck, watching the ship fly faster than a meteor. No one could come close to catching up as he made it back to Endless Land.

Suddenly, he felt something dangerous coming from above.

A ray descended like a heaven-slaying edge. The sky started quaking as a result. This was a technique used by a master from very far away, enough to kill Giants.

“Thousands of miles away so even the best arts are far weaker. It’s not that easy to kill me.” Feiyun’s rod shot out a black beam in response and crushed the incoming ray.

“Boom!” Particles rained down.

His palms became numb with pain. They would have been mangled if it wasn’t for his amazing physical constitution.

The attacker must have been at the ninth level, able to perform such a powerful attack from the distance and nearly wounded Feiyun.

“Rumble!” A yin-yang evil diagram emerged and became gigantic. It looked like a dark group of clouds sending out black rays.

This was a third-ranked spirit treasure used by a top master intending on taking down Feng Feiyun.

The diagram was mighty and crushed the mountains and rivers below. No one below the realm of an Enlightened Being could stop this.

Feiyun fully activated the ship to dodge the suppression of the evil diagram. Nevertheless, several rays still struck the ship.

The ship managed to block out seventy-percent of the attacking force or Feiyun would be grievously injured by now.

“Damn, they’re going crazy over this scripture.” Feiyun used all of his ace cards in order to protect himself and continued running from the diagram.

“Feng Feiyun, you think you can get away with just speed?” A boundless voice came from above. The source was thousands of miles away.

They couldn’t catch up to Feng Feiyun but were strong enough to attack and send threats.

“Boom!” Another third-ranked spirit treasure appeared - a sword made from heavy crystal. Its soul was quite sharp, capable of severing the heaven.

This was another top master capable of performing a twenty-fourfold attack with this sword. They purposely concealed their aura in order to hide their identity.

Perhaps it was someone from a sect with close ties to Feiyun, for example - the court, the Feng, Beastmaster Camp, the Yin Gou, or Wanxiang Pagoda.

The best of friends would betray him just for this sacred scripture. There was no one he could trust right now.

The ship barely dodged the slash earlier. The remnant sword energy left behind a massive scar on the ground. One could easily tell its power just by looking at the damage.

If that slash made contact earlier, he would be in pieces right now.

“I’ll take you to hell then.” Feiyun changed the ship’s direction, flying towards his pursuers.

Once he was close enough, he suddenly changed direction again towards the east.

The pursuers followed right behind him.

“Rumble!” Numerous arts and spirit treasures were attacking the ship.

He managed to dodge the majority but a few still made it through. He had no choice but to withstand them directly, leading to heavy injuries.

Alas, he gritted his teeth and persevered, finally making it to a forbidden ground in Bronze Cauldron.

Feiyun saw it back on Ye Siwan’s map. The symbol said to never get close to this area.

The map came from the strongest sect master in the history of Sun Moon. So if this person didn’t dare to go there, something terrible must be looming in that spot.

The area consisted of a desert spanning for two thousand miles with no lifeform around. Only boulders could be seen, each as large as a hill. They exuded a blue glow at night, looking like little ghosts.

“This is the most dangerous area? I don’t feel anything.” Feiyun flew above the desert.

Several dozen weapons emerged in the clouds. Their attacks fell on the ship and the desert as well.

A few pursuers knew about the danger of this place but since they were so close to catching up, they moved with their fastest speed into the area.

Suddenly, a monstrous aura came from below the desert.

Feiyun almost made it out yet still felt his shirt freezing up. His scalp tingled as if a monster was awakening beneath.

He activated his vessel with all of his might in order to run out of this forbidden ground.

“Raaa!” A roar started a maelstrom of sand everywhere. The entire desert was in an uproar.

The pursuers felt this monstrous aura and instantly stopped, shocked.

Several dozens vomited blood from the pressure. Their spirit treasures have been swallowed up by the maelstrom, resulting in a backlash and injury to their divine intents.

“Shit! It’s a forbidden ground ahead, I remember now, several Enlightened Beings have died here!” 

The pursuers began to run but it was too late. A monstrous hand shackled with shiny jade chains spanning for ten miles reached out from the maelstrom.

This desert was the prison of a great monster. Just its arm alone was dozens of miles long, full of scales. The claws looked like swords large enough to blot out the sky.

“Boom!” Ten experts were instantly killed. They were powerful Giants but got crushed like mosquitoes.

Feng Feiyun didn’t dare to turn back and quickly fled out of this desert. He looked back and saw a bloody sky with terrible howls. Many have died back there.

“An imprisoned demon spirit here? Which master was strong enough to do so?” Feiyun kept on running while still feeling the aura of that demon spirit.

This one was far stronger than the tree-form one. The latter could only be considered the weakest among demon spirits, only around the level of a weak Enlightened Being. However, this one was on another level.

Even someone like the heretical king would need to run for his life. Who knows if he could even escape?

That demon spirit was still imprisoned so the chains pulled it back into the ground. Otherwise, not a single soul could have survived, including Feng Feiyun.

He was exhausted after losing the pursuers. At the seventh level, he could use the spirit vessel for forty minutes. It has been thirty so far and he was drained completely.

He put it away and landed. He found a place to make a cave and set up nine layers of formations, nearly fainting towards the end. With that done, he began to meditate in order to replenish his vitality and energy.


Bronze Cauldron Mountain became restless. The remaining pursuers would definitely stay by the entrance to wait for Feiyun.

He wasn’t in a rush to leave either since it was safer here. Moreover, he broke through too many times recently so his foundation was unstable. A period of consolidation was necessary.

A month passed by. At first, experts searched this area for him but the number decreased with time. Most thought that he was near the entrance by now.

“Rumble!” Today, loud rumbles came from the depth of Bronze Cauldron. An earthquake shook the entire area.

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