Chapter 724: Shocking News About Golden Silkworm

Beastmaster Camp’s copy of the scripture was a secret. Many disciples had no idea because once exposed, a calamity would come.

Someone came to ask Wu Qinghua - a monk with a golden radiance and eyes as deep as an abyss.

He came from Grand Dragon Temple in the Long Dynasty and was extremely powerful, serving as a Temple Sovereign there.

His beard and brows were as snow as white. He had a solemn air to him as he placed his palms together: “Amitabha, Fellow Daoist Wu. Is Golden Silkworm Scripture really there at Beastmaster?”

He stood on the ground yet he gave the feeling of being able to ascend at any moment.

Wu Qinghua had shiny lips and perfect features. She looked like a perfect nun in a painting, just with long hair. She didn’t respond for a long time.

She couldn’t deny it because she was a Buddhist with decent enlightenment. Someone as pure-hearted as she couldn’t lie. However, to admit it meant the destruction of Beastmaster. 

Many people nodded - her reaction told the tale. Golden Silkworm was indeed located at her sect.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes turned cold. The young lord’s move was quite treacherous. He didn’t only want to defeat Feng Feiyun but also wanted to turn the peaceful Beastmaster into scorched earth.

Feiyun wasn’t strong enough to stop the greed in this world. No wonder why he chose to acquiesce the four girls. He still had this move to reverse the situation for a complete victory.

The heretical lords nearby smiled with full admiration of their young lord.

“You’re saying Golden Silkworm is in Beastmaster Camp right now? What a joke.” Feiyun laughed.

“Feng Feiyun, you think everyone else are stupid? They know whether to trust the young lord or you. Haha!” Someone from Senluo snorted.

Feiyun still had a smile on his face as he took out a golden Buddha statue, around seven inches high. It was resplendent and filled with Buddhist sounds, almost like ten thousand Buddhas chanting.

He raised the shiny statue as if it was a lamp. The image of a massive golden silkworm appeared behind him as he raised his voice: “You’re deliberately accusing Beastmaster Camp of harboring it just so that I would take this out. Keke, fine, I do have it, come get it if you dare!”

Feiyun stood on a peak, looking quite gallant. Wu Qinghua frowned and turned slightly red.

She knew that he had it but never expected him to take it out for Beastmaster’s sake. He was shifting all responsibilities and problems onto himself.

“Devil… why are you… doing this?” Her lips nearly bled from her biting down too hard; her fingers clenched tightly into a fist.

“Wu Qinghua, don’t cry from gratitude. I’m not doing this because of you. Go back to Beastmaster and tell Nalan to focus on cultivation there. Don’t worry about her lifespan, she’ll get it all back as long as she trains hard. Give this spirit fruit to her too.” He quietly said before handing a perfect 6,000-year-old fruit to Wu Qinghua.

He laughed heartily before activating his Swift Samsara to the limit, turning into a ray flying straight towards the horizon.

“Golden Silkworm Scripture! That’s the real thing, everyone, get him!” 

“Yes, seven-inch Golden Buddha with the resonation of Buddhism, it can’t be faked. That’s one of the three great scriptures! Getting it will make one invincible!”

“We can’t let him escape!”


Ninety-percent of the crowd pursued Feng Feiyun, including the Temple Sovereign from Long, Beiming Potian, Senluo Temple’s experts led by their young lord, Li Xiaonan and the eight masters from Sacred Spirit.

Loud explosions erupted everywhere due to their movement techniques.

Kill Feng Feiyun, seize the scripture.

There were numerous ninth-level cultivators and even some pseudo-Enlightened Beings; too many Giants to count.

No one expected this development. Strangely enough, the area of the demonic treasury became empty.

Only Little Demoness and Wu Qinghua stood there along with Feng Chi. However, he looked just like a statue, letting Whitey crawl around on his head.

The four crippled demonesses stood up with a complicated gaze. They wanted to leave but were stopped by Little Demoness.

She forced the four to eat a black pill. The four were afraid, not knowing what the hell it was. The unknown added to the fear.

“What did you force us to eat just now?” One of them asked; her skin as white as snow, shiny lips, pink lips, and ivory teeth.


“Nonsense, it was a pill.” A different one dressed in a revealing manner said. She had all the right curves and towering breasts.

“Why ask if you knew already?” Little Demoness rubbed her head in confusion before putting on a beautiful smile, revealing her two canine teeth: “This pill is amazing, your skin will be glowing after eating it, your body will have a sweet scent too. But, if you don’t eat one every month, you will become ugly right away with sores and pus everywhere. Your foot soles will turn into bloody mush while you grow fatter… Haha! I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

The four girls gritted their teeth and cursed Little Demoness in their mind, thinking that she was more of a devil than Feng Feiyun.

Though Little Demoness claimed that it was just a joke, they didn’t dare to run either. Beauties like them cared more about their appearance than anything else. Turning ugly was worse than death.

Meanwhile, Wu Qinghua had a worried expression. Who knows what she was thinking right now?

Little Demoness was the opposite. She smiled and said: “Sister Wu, no need to worry. He has a treasure with peerless speed. Not even an Enlightened Being can catch him once activated.”

She was referring to his spirit vessel. She rode it herself before and it crossed several hundreds of thousand miles in an hour. She has been itching to ask him to let her have a closer look at it.

Wu Qinghua didn’t believe in such an amazing treasure. She held the fruit secretly given to her by Feiyun and sighed.

“You don’t understand. Your brother knew that he would die the moment he took out the scripture. He wanted to trade his life for the peace of Beastmaster Camp.” She said, looking a bit sad as her hair fluttered in the air.

“My Bro is that good of a person?” Little Demoness raised her brows, looking very confused.

“Hmph, the devil has done too many evil deeds in his life but after cultivating the scripture, he had changed his way and his conscience returned. This is his way of repenting.” She said.

Despite her tone, she was feeling something strange. His last smile kept on popping up in her mind, especially his eyes. There was an unspeakable charm to them, impossible to forget.

Little Demoness didn’t agree at all. Her eyes flashed deviously for a split second before becoming red and moistened with tears. She started crying: “Sister Wu, is my big brother really going to die?”

Wu Qinghua saw her pitiful appearance and became sad as well. She patted Little Demoness’ head: “The world is full of greed and Golden Silkworm is a top scripture. So many ancestors are chasing after him with no lack of monsters. Your brother has virtually zero chance of escaping. This is before mentioning the Enlightened Beings that will be coming later, such as the heretical king, the palace lords, Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, the ancestor of the Beiming, and many more reclusive masters. They will all come out for the scripture.”

“Waa!” Little Demoness started bawling.

Wu Qinghua blamed herself for being too frank instead of consoling Little Demoness who was still only a child with nowhere to go now that her brother was going to die.

She embraced the little girl and caressed her head: “Come back with me to Beastmaster. We owe your brother a great debt.”

“You’re so nice, Sis! If my bro survives this… will you be my sister-in-law?” Little Demoness in her embrace looked up. Her red, puppy eyes stared at Wu Qinghua.

“But, I am a Buddhist…” Wu Qinghua couldn’t bear to refuse the pitiful girl.

“Waaa!” Little Demoness cried her heart out, overwhelmed with grief.

Wu Qinghua felt that she owed Feiyun a debt as large as heaven and should take care of his little sister for him. She hesitated for a long time before agreeing: “Little one, stop trying, yes, okay?”

“Really?” Little Demoness suddenly stopped crying; her eyes wide open.

Wu Qinghua smiled and nodded.

“Okay, let’s go!” Little Demoness didn’t have a single tear left on her face as she stood up and laughed.

“Where…?” Wu Qinghua felt as if she was tricked.

“My bro sent me a mental message before leaving, telling me to wait at Beastmaster for him. He’ll come pick me up when he’s done. At that point, we three will kill our way back to the Feng, okay? Sister-in-law, haha!”


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