Chapter 723: The Winner?

“Frankly, demanding justice has nothing to do with that, only about the fame and influence of the person speaking up. I am famous right now with plenty of influence, so why can’t I do it?”

“Buddhist Supreme Wu, you want justice too?” The young lord said.

Feiyun didn’t like this development while cursing this damned young lord in his mind, avoiding a tough opponent for an easier one. He pointed his spear at Wu Qinghua and more importantly, her sect.

If Wu Qinghua were to let Feiyun do this, it meant that she would let her sect stand on the other side of Senluo. This could potentially result in destruction.

She was definitely in a tough predicament just because of one question from the young lord.

Feiyun noticed the indecisiveness and struggle in her eyes as the light inside became dimmed.

Her lips slightly opened and he knew that she was about to acquiesce, choosing a compromise instead.

He seized the initiative and said: “I have paid back my debt to Beastmaster back at the old shrine but now, Beastmaster owes me a debt for saving them in Bronze Cauldron. I can’t go ask a bunch of old nuns for anything since they have nothing, so I have to ask your Senluo Temple for what they owe me.”

“Keke? Senluo Temple owes you but you would come to us instead? What the hell are you talking about, Feng Feiyun?” A supreme elder from Senluo snorted.

“Because your Senluo Temple owes Beastmaster. If they can’t afford to pay, then you have to pay me instead since you owe them!”

“Keke, it won’t go as you wish.” The Death Walker’s back was still bleeding but he didn’t give a damn at all. His eyes were cold like a messenger from hell.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you to decide.” Feiyun snorted.

The Death Walker was furious and reached forward. A massive palm of energy formed in the sky, brimming with evil affinity and dao laws. The mountains nearby started cracking and splitting.

“Boom!” Feng Chi shot out two lightning bolts from his eyes and rendered the energy palm to wisps of smoke.

The walker staggered several steps backward, not attacking again out of fear.

“What do you want?” The young lord asked.

“Keke, you know what I want.” Feiyun glanced over at the four demonesses and their bracelets.

He paused for a bit and continued: “You are responsible for the death of a nun from Beastmaster, so your sect has to repay with four demonesses.”

People started thinking that Feiyun was a scoundrel. On the outside, he acted as if he was standing up for Beastmaster Camp. In reality, he only wanted the four demonesses.

Anyone that was somebody in Jin knew that Feiyun had slept with three demonesses from Senluo already. Now he wanted the other four too? Moreover, he even asked their young lord so blatantly - truly courageous and outrageous.

Some actually praised his ability. Few in this generation could force the young lord of Senluo Temple to compromise.

The young lord seemed to expect this answer and smiled: “Feng Feiyun, you would have no weakness when you stop caring about women. I would be afraid of you then.”

“A man who views women as potential weaknesses is definitely afraid of women.” Feiyun retorted.

“Aren’t you afraid of them being spies? One day, while you lay on top of them, they’ll deliver a fatal blow.” The young lord said.

These four demonesses used to be the prettiest in their respective hall. Some looked exotic and sexy; others looked pure. One didn’t have a trace of evil affinity in her, just like a successor of an orthodox sect.

They were called demonesses but looked more like fairies from above.

“Everyone will die eventually. I rather die in their bosoms rather than beneath their feet.” Feiyun said: “Will you pay back this debt or not?”

The crowd became tense, waiting for a decision from the lord.

If the young lord were to hand the four demonesses over, it meant that he would lose this match. If he refused, a great battle would start.

“The young lord won’t acquiesce for sure. Senluo Temple has already suffered damages from Feiyun once, resulting in negative momentum. If the young lord were to hand them over, these four demonesses would be ruined by him. Senluo’s reputation, no, the heretical faction’s reputation, would fall to the lowest point. It would be much harder for them to take over the dynasty.” An old man analyzed.

The four women became anxious, staring at the young lord then Feiyun. Though they were as pretty as fairies and had decent talents, they didn’t have control over their own fate. The two top geniuses could decide their life and death.

“Of course you can have them back.” The young lord pondered for a while before answering: “You are the highest-ranking noble in the Jin Dynasty and the number one genius of this generation. The four of them are lucky to go with you. It’s better for us to lose four girls than ten Giants.” 

He actually compromised so quickly?

Even Feiyun felt that there was something off, thinking that the guy had another plan instead of giving up so easily.

The four demonesses had perfect curves and figures like four fairies. They came over to Feiyun with a smile.

It didn’t really matter whether their smile was genuine or not as long as they were directed towards you - still something immensely enjoyable.

Feiyun thought about copying Li Xiaonan - getting some powerful women as his maids and attendants. However, this fantasy only lasted for a second.

He wasn’t as free as Li Xiaonan since he had enemies all over. Who knows if he himself could survive? Bringing a bunch of women along would only hasten his demise.

He’s been lusting after Li Xiaonan’s girls after seeing them, nearly kidnapping two or so to warm his bed but never got the chance.

Women were indeed a source of pride - the best things to show off with for a man. However, one needed to be strong enough or they would wear many green hats soon enough. [1]

He took out his weapon essence and cut down the bracelets on their wrists, taking the four drops of blood within and carefully placed them in four jade bottles. He added several formations to store them.

He had five drops now since he got Bai Ruxue’s drop already. Only Wan Xiangcen and Lu Liwei were left.

He got a closer look - sure enough, these four were extremely pretty. He smirked and made his move with lightning speed, completely crushing their cultivation.

The four of them groaned before falling to the ground, pale as can be.

They couldn’t believe he would cripple their cultivation and gritted their teeth with hatred.

“Wu Qinghua, you lost one disciple so I’m returning four to you. These four are incredibly talented and will have their cultivation restored quickly with Buddhist merit laws. However, if they try to cultivate heretical arts again, they will implode and die.” He was telling both Wu Qinghua and the four women.

This was the same as slapping Senluo Temple in public. The lords there became furious and wanted to kill him.

However, their young lord remained nonchalant. He loudly spoke: “Everyone, do you want to know what I stole from Beastmaster Camp?”

Wu Qinghua grimaced while Feiyun frowned after hearing this.

Everyone became curious as the young lord continued: “The only thing that can create bones and flesh from nothing is Golden Silkworm Scripture. It has indeed come out and is located in Beastmaster Camp right now. I only took a copy back then and had already given it back. The real thing is there. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Buddhist Supreme Wu!”

His voice echoed for thousands of miles. Anyone that was close enough heard it clearly, creating quite a stir.

“So Beastmaster Camp has the scripture!”

“He’s right, only one of the three great scriptures would be magical enough to fix a birth defect!” 

“No wonder why Feng Feiyun was being so vague. The young lord toiled hard just for that copy.”

Even the ancestors that were friendly with Beastmaster became greedy, let alone the others.

They wanted nothing more than to attack Beastmaster Camp right now for the scripture.

“There’s your justice, Feng Feiyun. Don’t blame me for being merciless.” This move from the young lord was definitely brutal.

Words had such amazing power to them. This sentence of his was enough to push Beastmaster Camp towards the abyss.

1. Green hat = cheated on

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