Chapter 722: Justice

The young lord didn’t say anything. His eyes became unreadable and profound; who knows what he was thinking?

Feiyun continued: “Do you happen to remember Supreme Wu’s servant, Yu Lao? A lovable and innocent girl who once cultivated Buddhism in Beastmaster Camp?”

The experts in the distance became confused since they didn’t know what Feiyun was referring to. What did this girl have to do with anything?

Why would these two experts care about a lowly servant?

Wu Qinghua bit her lips and knew what he wanted to say. She wanted to stop him since this could hurt her sect’s reputation. However, he glared and told her to back off.

“Sister Wu, don’t worry, my Big Bro knows what he’s doing.” Little Demoness acted like an adult with a sincere gaze.

She pulled Wu Qinghua’s hand and consoled her as if she had experienced more of life than Qinghua and have become enlightened.

Wu Qinghua had an unnatural expression. Though Feng Feiyun’s eyes weren’t cold earlier, she was still afraid. How could she back off before Devil Feng? 

Am I afraid of him?

“Yu Lao.” The young lord murmured her name.

Feiyun nodded and smiled: “Yes, her, the mother of your child. Unfortunately… both of them are dead now, victims to a forbidden art of Senluo Temple crossing through the spatial fabrics.  One corpse, two lives, how pitiful. The girl was still in love, waiting for him to come back. And the child, dying before it could see this world. Can anything be more tragic?”

Feiyun still had a smile on his face but the young lord’s eyes became serious. Evil draconic auras emanated.

The qi image of a hundred dragons circling around a Buddha engulfed the sky. Everyone could tell that he was furious right now.

He clenched his fist as his robe started fluttering from the energy waves. Suddenly, he took a deep breath and his aura converged internally. The qi image dissipated as well.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re meddling right now.” He sighed and said.

“I owe Beastmaster Camp one and Supreme Wu along with the camp master have left me the responsibility of finding out the culprit, the father of the child and the thief of the treasure. We both know it’s your doings, resulting in the loss of two innocent lives and irreparable damage to Beastmaster’s reputation. Is Senluo Temple unreasonable to the point of no longer caring about lives and deaths?” Feiyun shook his head.

The listeners faraway got a good idea of what happened. So the rumor was true - someone from Beastmaster really got pregnant, just now Wu Qinghua.

This girl seemed to be tricked by the young heretical lord to help him get a treasure from there. Beastmaster Camp was afraid of Senluo Temple and the loss of its reputation so it made a concerted effort to hide all of this.

Many thought that Wu Qinghua was tricked by Feiyun and became pregnant with his child then got abandoned by him. This no longer seemed the case.

This was only a fabrication coming from Senluo Temple in order to hide their young lord’s crimes.

The truth has been revealed!

Many powers here had a good relationship with Beastmaster and were furious. Alas, no one would stand up because Senluo Temple was too strong. Their head would be separated from their body the next day; their clan would be destroyed.

Of course, the audacious and bold Feng Feiyun was an exception. Some praised him for his courage for doing something they couldn’t.

Naturally, a few sneered, thinking that he was an idiot still wet behind the ears for offending Senluo Temple. He wouldn’t live past a few more days.

“Why are you so sure the culprit is me?” The young lord said.

“Because to make a nun fall in love in just one night is extraordinary. This man must be an enlightened monk on top of being extremely handsome. Young Lord, if you take off your mask right now, I’m sure my speculation will be proven correct, that you are a Buddhist cultivator, right?” Feiyun smiled.

Beiming Potian and Li Xiaonan were looking as well, seemingly amused. 

“At least I do not have the charisma and charm to seduce a woman in just one night. I actually admire you for this, it’s a waste for you to stay a monk.” Feiyun continued.

“Mere speculations.” The young lord smiled and didn’t take down his mask.

“Indeed, but I’ve heard something else from a member of Senluo, that you are a cripple, born with only one leg. Now, you clearly have two, isn’t it because you have cultivated an art from Beastmaster to grow another?” Feiyun said.

“That guy used to be lame?” Little Demoness stretched out her neck and stared at the young lord’s legs.

“What are you looking at?” Feiyun knocked her forehead in response.

“Pop!” The numbness made her pull back while rubbing forehead and murmuring complaints, something about how Feiyun will make her stupid eventually from all the knocking.

The crowd nearby was also shocked at this revelation. A few smart men also wondered - what kind of magical technique could grow a leg in order to fix a nascent defect?

The young lord seemed agonized for a split moment. A while later, he spoke: “A man should be able to sacrifice a woman. Yu Lao… she deserved death. I killed her in order to sever all karmic ties. There is no shackle without karma, only someone unshackled can be freed from weakness and openings and be able to do whatever they want. Feiyun, you are inferior to me in this regard.”

“Scum.” Wu Qinghua was filled with hatred and wanted to curse. Alas, she didn’t know how to curse or say foul things.

“Yu Lao wasn’t killed by you.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Feiyun, just because you can’t kill your women doesn’t mean that others can’t.” The young lord replied.

“If you really wanted to kill her, you would have done it after you took the treasure to erase all clues and I wouldn’t have been able to find anything. However, you didn’t do so, meaning that you’re also an indecisive person. The killer is someone else, and if I’m correct, that person is the heretical king!”

Everyone’s expression darkened after this revelation. Perhaps the same with the young lord but no one could tell due to his mask. His fists clearly clenched tighter, however.

Feiyun was being too bold. Even the young lord wouldn’t dare to badmouth the heretical lord yet he just stated this in public as if he was tired of living.

Wu Qinghua was shaken too. Though she knew that the heretical thing might have something to do with Yu Lao’s death, she didn’t dare to say anything about it. To do so meant death, perhaps all of Beastmaster would be destroyed as well.

Who was the heretical king? It was taboo to say that he had anything to do with the death of a regular woman - an insult that can harm his reputation. Even if the heretical king gave the order, no one else would dare to reveal this.

This was a being potentially capable of ending the Jin Dynasty and starting his own. Didn’t Feiyun see how the young lord’s group was trying hard to hide this?

People stared at Feiyun as if he was a dead man. No one in Jin would be able to stop the heretical king from killing someone.

Feiyun ignored the stares and smiled: “Haha, actually, I heard nothing about your disability at birth from your men, no idea whether you had one or two legs but now I know, haha! Can’t believe you admitted yourself, looks like all my speculations are correct.”

“Feiyun, I must admit that you are very clever. Yes, you’re completely correct but do you think you can obtain justice for Yu Lao and Beastmaster Camp? First, your crimes are more heinous than mine, you have killed far more innocent people and ruined many women’s lives! Who will stand up for them?! The biggest bastard in the world is not me, it is you!” The young lord stood there with both hands behind his back with a brilliant aura.

He didn’t deny his mistakes but no one else can make him admit them!

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