Chapter 721: Feng Chi’s Prowess

Black rays erupted in the sky, looking like pillars shooting up the nine firmaments. Their evil affinity engulfed the area.

These heretical lords were furious. They made hand seals and gathered energy.

Feiyun had the same merciless expression, also brimming with evil energy in the form of his own black pillar.

He activated one hundred formations. They took the form of a massive rod and directly smashed this supreme elder.

The guy was an early eighth-level lord yet he still couldn’t stop the rod. His body broke in six or seven places and fell straight down.

He tried to stabilize and rushed upward.

“Die!” Feiyun swung again; his rod became even larger than before. It looked like a metal mountain smashing the elder down to the ground.

It pierced deep into the earth and turned the poor victim into a meat paste.

Meanwhile, more than ten heretical lords unleashed their dark arts at the same time. Some were at the seventh level, others at the eighth. 

The world changed color as space was forced into becoming a vacuum. No air was circulating in the area.

The spectators in the distance were shocked and quickly got a thousand miles away.

More than ten Giants were attacking at the same time - this would be an immensely destructive attack.

Only a power like Senluo Temple could muster such an impressive showing.

Many thought that Feiyun was dead for sure. This was enough power to sweep through a prefecture.

“Meow!” Whitey cried and shot out a white ray - a majestic figure emerged.

Feiyun backed off afterward and took out his Infinite Spirit Ring. The five diagrams were activated and turned into five skies, protecting Wu Qinghua and Little Demoness.

Feng Chi’s complexion was as white as can be; his body stiff.

His empty eyes suddenly had frightening currents coursing through them, as bright as two stars. He looked up and saw the incoming heretical arts.

An ancient and boundless aura erupted around him, filled with the truths of life and death along with worldly laws.

He opened his mouth and swallowed all of the dark arts effortlessly like a whale swallowing water.

“What?!” People’s jaws dropped to the ground.

What kind of monstrous being could suck in so much power?

The heretical lords were frightened as well and stared at Feng Chi in astonishment.

“Watch it!” The two walkers instantly teleported in front of the heretical lords, gathering their strongest energy.

The Life Walker unleashed a Buddhist attack - Supreme Five-finger Mountain, one of the twelve great heretical techniques. A mountainous palm descended from above.

The Death Walker used Evil Emperor Phantom. His figure became several hundred meters tall. This was another of the twelve techniques.

Feng Chi opened his mouth again and released the absorbed forces earlier.

They have fused together and turned into a tsunami stronger than before, flying straight back at the enemies.

The heretical lords were scared out of their mind, sweating from top to bottom. They would have run if it wasn’t for the two walkers protecting them.

“Boom!” The duo barely managed to stop this attack and were pushed ten miles back. They were overwhelmed with disbelief at the power of Feng Chi.

They were at peak ninth-level of Heaven’s Mandate. The Life Walker had understood enough to see the door of Nirvana, almost becoming a pseudo-Enlightened Being. Their combined effort still felt inferior, hence their fear.

Could this man be a pseudo-Enlightened Being? Or an actual one in person?

“He’s a Supreme Giant.” The young heretical lord’s eyes became golden as if two Buddhist souls were condensed in there.

Supreme Giant. These words astounded them even more. This represented the strongest fighting force in the absence of an Enlightened Being.

They were even stronger than pseudo-Enlightened Beings. Only a historical genius at the ninth level would have this title.

“It’s the great prodigy of the Feng. I heard he died more than a millennium ago and recently came out of the grave a few years ago. He’s a Corpse Evil but still has a strand of intelligence.”

“Even stronger than before…”

“No wonder why Feng Feiyun isn’t afraid at all. So he dug this ancestor out. No one from Senluo can do anything to him besides the heretical king.”

“Senluo Temple is in trouble this time, who can handle this Supreme Giant?”


“Hmph, a Corpse Evil wanting to be a Supreme Giant? What a joke, he hasn’t reached the fourth transformation yet, still just a stiff idiot with no reaction time. He might have the power of a Supreme Giant but it’s fine.” The Death Walker said.

This top master from Senluo had this title for a reason. Whenever he used his dark arts, it meant a death sentence was coming.

“Boom!” Three black wings formed behind him. His eyes shot out green light; his hands turned into sharp claws; his skin turned black with tiny scales.

He was also a monster below the Nirvana realm. He didn’t believe that a “Supreme Giant” was that strong and wanted to go all out.

Feng Chi stood on a peak, wearing white armors. The cloak behind him had rotted with a thousand holes but it still danced to the wind.

The letter, Feng, was engraved on his helmet - a sign of pride.

Gentle breezes circled around him at first, eventually forming a howling tornado. Clouds and dust scattered as he became the center of this land.

“Boom!” Shi Taluo unleashed a palm strike while Feng Chi retaliated with a finger strike. A loud blast resulted from the contact.

Feng Chi didn’t move at all while Shi Taluo was blown away. His palm was smashed and mangled.

‘So strong?!’ He felt an impending crisis.

A figure appeared in his pupils - Feng Chi, becoming larger and larger before filling up the whole thing.

Feng Chi stood before him and slowly unleashed a palm strike, ripping away two black wings in a gruesome manner.

He pushed up with both hands, gathering dark fog with an ancient seal inside. This was a powerful spirit treasure.

The spirit and formations within have been activated. It shot out a blinding light as if he was holding a lamp.

“Boom!” Feng Chi smashed this light into nothingness. Both Shi Taluo and the seal were blown dozens of miles away, crushing one peak nearby.

He climbed out of the rubbles while coughing blood continuously. His hands holding the seal were bloodied; he couldn’t raise them anymore.

Feng Chi didn’t attack again, standing there looking very lonely with empty eyes.

Feiyun nodded approvingly in the distance regarding Feng Chi’s battle potential. The guy was number one in the clan’s history for a reason.

If he could reach the fourth level and regain his intelligence, his cultivation would rise again. Perhaps he would be able to take on Feng Mo. They wouldn’t need to worry about this particular threat again.

Of course, this only lasted for a second. In the next, he and Little Demoness stood next to Feng Chi, facing the experts from Senluo Temple.

“Young Heretical Lord, is it time to talk now?” He smiled and said, both hands crossed in front of his chest.

The side of Senluo was afraid right now. Feng Chi looked unstoppable since no one on their team could beat him right now.

The young lord fell into silence. Feng Chi was an unexpected factor in this whole thing.

If they were to be reckless and try to kill Feiyun today for his scripture, their sect would suffer an unacceptable number of casualties.

“You are qualified to negotiate with me right now.” He said.

Feiyun didn’t mind the contemptuous tone and said: “I’m here because you owe me one on top of getting a few things back from your sect. Do you remember what happened at Beastmaster Camp half a year ago?”


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