Chapter 720: Challenge

Of course, some were interested in Wu Qinghua’s pretty face too. One protector smiled and said: “Wu Qinghua, be my concubine since Feng Feiyun doesn’t want you anymore, way more freedom than being an imperial consort. If you get lonely and need some men, there are many masters in Senluo Temple for you to pick. We’ll definitely satisfy you, hehe!”

A different supreme elder added: “Hong Jin, you will really let your concubine and we do that… keke?”

“It’s fine, as long as she wants to.” Hong Jin smiled.

These experts from Senluo didn’t hold back at all with their foul and vulgar words.

Wu Qinghua gritted her teeth with anger; her complexion kept on changing colors. They were stomping on her dignity, nearly causing her to spit out blood.

“Who says my bro doesn’t want her anymore? He said that the next person who dares to disrespect Big Sis will meet their maker.” Little Demoness was extremely bored.

She got away from Feiyun when he lost concentration for a moment and landed next to Wu Qinghua. Her voice was as clear as an oriole yet strangely commanding and cold.

Everyone knew Little Demoness, aware that she wasn’t as cute as her appearance.

This was a little eccentric monster, extremely talented too. For female cultivators of this generation, only the Jin Emperor could match her.

“Keke, so bold, does Feng Feiyun think he is unbeatable now?” Hong Jin coldly uttered with contempt in his narrow eyes; his black robe fluttered to the wind.

The other cultivators from Senluo also had a sneer on their face. They definitely didn’t like Feiyun after the heavy loss suffered back in Ancient Jiang.

Their sect lost six Giants and one Super Giant but most importantly, their reputation and prestige. These big shots have been wanting to decapitate Feng Feiyun for a while now.

The young heretical lord stood on top of a jade platform floating above others. He had a ghost mask, looking calm with a profound gaze.

“Feiyun really said that?” He seemed independent from this world, giving off an unfathomable aura.

The other proud heretics stopped talking. They seemed to really respect him. In their eyes, he was the heaven’s favorite and his methods so far have frightened them. They respected him as a god and feared him like a devil.

“Indeed!” A voice trailed in the distance.

In the next second, Feng Feiyun stood before Little Demoness and Wu Qinghua.

He wore a blue rope, looking as calm as ever. His speed earlier was extreme.

The supreme elders and protectors didn’t see how he got there. Only the two walkers noticed and their expression became serious.

“Bro, you’re too handsome right now.” Little Demoness said.

Feiyun was a heavyweight right now, at least more so than Little Demoness.

He was just special at the moment, being the Divine King on top of the successor of the Feng. Moreover, the legendary demonic man might be a potential backer too. He would become a tyrant in this region as long as he survived long enough.

He actually had no choice but to get involved in this. He didn’t want to show up because people have been suspecting him of having Golden Silkworm Scripture.

Alas, he must face the waves right now due to three reasons.

First, everyone thought that Wu Qinghua was his woman. Even if this was a lie from Senluo, everyone still believed so. If “his woman” were taken or killed by Senluo, how would people view him?

Second, everyone knew that Little Demoness was his younger cousin. Since she had joined in, he needed to do so too or people would laugh their butt off at him.

Third, and the most important thing, he still wanted the blood from the four demonesses’ bracelets. He must get them at all costs.

Wu Qinghua had confirmed that he really had the scripture. If people found out about this, nine lives still wouldn’t be enough for him.

That’s why she didn’t understand why he was here before so many experts.

‘What the hell does this devil want?’ She stared at his unyielding figure, thinking that he wasn’t that annoying for the first time. [1]

“This should be fun, Feng Feiyun is quite bold, daring to go against Senluo Temple for Wu Qinghua’s sake. I would probably be too afraid to do so in his shoes.” Dongfang Yiye’s slightly chubby face had a smile. He was wearing an expensive robe.

Yin Gou had experts here as well, led by Dongfang Yiye. However, their successor, Dongfang Jingshui, was not present.

“You don’t have the courage to stand up for your woman?” Long Qingyang pouted.

Yiye quickly kept a distance from Long Qingyang who just got there. He smiled and said: “You don’t know Wu Qinghua. If she was really dumped by Feng Feiyun, she wouldn’t have stayed around in Beastmaster afterward. In fact, she might not even be alive right now.” 

“How do you know?” Long Qingyang came closer.

Yiye got goosebumps all over but still wore a calm smile: “I’ve met so many people. Maybe I’m not 100% right all the time, but definitely 99%.”

“That’s a businessman for you. What do you think about me then?” Long Qingyang shot a flirty glance.

“Miss Long, you are the number one beauty of Qianlong.” Yiye cleared his throat and praised him.

This seemed to please Long Qingyang. He covered his mouth to laugh in a bashful manner.

Beiming Potian and Li Xiaonan also paid attention. Right now, the young heretical lord and Feng Feiyun were their biggest competitors.

One was considered the number one genius in Jin; the other was actually the number one on the upper historical list. They wanted to see these two fight in order to read their cultivation.

“Feng Feiyun isn’t an idiot, why does he show up despite knowing the unfavorable conditions? Maybe he really has something going on with Wu Qinghua.” A spectator said.

“Who knows?” Another old man added: “If Feiyun really has that scripture, then Senluo will be lucky.”

“Too reckless and emotional. He’s still a hot-blooded young man. It’s just one woman. He can find another.”

“Senluo Temple’s arrogance has exploded since the heretical king’s return. It’s overwhelming Mount Potala and even the court. It’s on the verge of taking over.”

“Maybe they will kill the Divine King to start their rebellion.”


“Haha, that’s the mass murderer Divine King who killed so many over Hongyan for you. Unfortunately, you overestimate yourself, thinking that you can take on all of us.” Hong Jin said.

Feiyun ignored him and focused on the young heretical lord.

The lord stared back at him. A special aura the size of an ocean shrouded the area. It actually had a holy presence, not evil in the slightest.

Feiyun released his beast souls and turned this place into a bestial domain. Various auras gathered and looked like numerous lamps in the sky.

Hong Jin was a lord that has never been treated with such disrespect before. He scowled: “Feng Feiyun, you think you can deter us with words? I’ll keep going to see what you’re gonna do about it. Wu Qinghua will be our bitch…”

“Pluff!” A massive rod with a diameter of ten meters looking like a heavenly pillar crushed Hong Jin to death.

His flesh was vaporized; bones turned into powder. The blood of a Giant incinerated the area like a cauldron.

“No big deal killing you.” Feng Feiyun withdrew in the staring contest, looking quite domineering.

He was at the seventh level and could use the rod’s power. That smash earlier had an eighteen-fold effect.

“Impudent!” An early eighth-level supreme elder was infuriated. He slapped the air and created an immense wave of water spanning for several hundred meters.

This kid was too audacious, daring to kill in front of the young lord and the two walkers. They needed to teach him a lesson or people would think lower of their sect.

1. uh oh

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