Chapter 72: Homicidal Buddhist Staff

There was a lot of loud and rowdy commotion in the middle of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion. With bright lanterns and strands of white mist going back and forth between the floors, it was like a building for immortals.

The three heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan and Feng Suiyu were all wearing white silk dresses while they held feather fans. With a silk cloth that tied up their hair, they were akin to four elegant scholars as they drank on the third floor. Each of them had their arms around a popular beauty; one didn’t need to speak about how envious people would have been.

Feng Feiyun was still wearing an exotic buddhist robe with a buddhist staff in his hand. A wise man would immediately know that he was a person of the buddhist faith. However, at this moment, he was hugging a beautiful young miss in his arms and even did some perverted touching. This caused others to glance in confusion and they even issued ridicule and derision.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Feng Feiyun, step by step, stomped up the stair. He went all the way to the third floor and sat in the opposite chair of Feng Suiyu. At this moment, Su Su brought a top class wine to him and poured him a cup.

On the other side, Feng Suiyu was smiling and talking:

“To be honest, the little bastard, Feng Feiyun, at Spirit State City was a sinful criminal. It was almost to the point where the people all wanted to kill him. If my father didn’t have his back, then this little bastard would have been beaten to death.”

“Oh! I’ve never heard of this matter before. If you didn’t say anything then everyone wouldn’t have known. Why not tell it so that everyone can hear?”

One person was interested so he asked.

Feng Suiyu smilingly recalled:

“The story went like this. In Spirit State City, there was an old man named Luo at the age of seventy-eight — a person who knew his place. He lived with his granddaughter and sold tea to make a living, but the damned Feng Feiyun unexpectedly had his eyes on the little girl. He not only ** the little girl but also threw her into a brothel in the city afterward. She didn’t last more than a few days before being raped to death. Old Man Luo went to the court for a lawsuit but met Feng Feiyun’s dad instead. Feng Wan Peng wanted to shield his son so he ordered for people to beat Old Man Luo to death. Sighhh! He truly committed such a terrible sin, ah!”


“How could there be such a cancerous degenerate in our Feng Clan?”

Everyone that listened felt hatred. Even the little misses showed disdain and felt an aversion towards this Feng Feiyun they had never met before.

“Cough cough. If Young Noble Feng knew about it, then why didn’t you stop it?”

The voice of a certain person appeared. It caused Feng Suiyu, who was happily laughing, to pause and his brilliant face dimmed.

The atmosphere became cold and the entire brothel became silent.

Feng Suiyu slammed his wine cup onto the table, issuing a “bam”. His hawk-like gaze looked around and found that the voice from earlier was from a monk who was seated calmly on the opposite side while drinking.

“You’re a monk yet you still came to the brothel to drink wine and get serviced by a prostitute? Which temple are you a monk in?”

Feng Suiyu coldly said.

Feng Feiyun’s hand gently touched Su Su’s face and smiled:

“Feng Suiyu, you can’t even recognize my voice? It seems like today will truly be your funeral.”

Hearing the two words “your funeral”, the temperature became chilling. It was as if the air was frozen and emitted a constant flow of coldness that continuously struck Feng Suiyu’s chest.

Feng Suiyu’s expression became surprised as his eyes opened wide. He pointed straight at Feng Feiyun’s face and wanted to open his mouth to call out something, but there was a biting chill in the air that caused his jaws to become numb and he couldn’t even move his tongue.

A pinch of ice began to solidify, and suddenly, he spurted out blood from his mouth.

“Y-you… You actually…”

Feng Suiyu’s hands clutched his throat. He only felt that, from his mouth to his heel, everything had been frozen by ice. However, he clearly sensed a spring of blood that flowed out uncontrollably from his mouth.


Finally, Feng Suiyu’s stiff body fell on the ground and ice began to slowly encompass his entire body before it became a thick layer.

A heaven-defying talent went next to Feng Suiyu. He half squatted down to touch the peak of his nose but Suiyu’s entire body suddenly cracked and broke into pieces of ice on the floor.

“Shit! Damned monk, you dare to kill children of the Feng Clan in front me? Do you know who I am?”

The skin of the heaven-defying talent from the Feng Clan suddenly emitted a white flashing light that turned his coat into smithereens and revealed a white armor on his body.

This armor was as thin as cicada wings and three formation outlines were engraved on top of it. They were complex and chaotic and ran throughout his whole body.

This was a cicada treasure armor worth ten thousand gold coins. It perfectly fitted the body and allowed for great flexibility along with a powerful defense. It truly could be comparable to a half spirit treasure.

At this moment, Little Miss Su Su, who was seated next to Feng Feiyun, shivered from fear and constantly regretted her decision. She thought that she had met a gold mine but it turned out to be one who attracted trouble.

She really wanted to run away but was dragged back by Feng Feiyun into his embrace.

Feng Feiyun said:

“Who are you then?”

The Feng talent said:

“Hmph, so ignorant. I am one of the top experts of the fifth young generation, Feng Jue. Three years earlier, I had already become famous in the Shan Lin Region. Now within the recent three years, I am even more…”

He had not yet finished but Feng Feiyun already stole his words and smiled:

“The recent three years, you were wholeheartedly taught by the Feng ancestor and had the help of the world’s treasures. Therefore, your cultivation became stronger and you could be considered one of the heaven-defying young talents.”

Naturally, Feng Jue could sense the mockery in the opponent’s tone and this contemptuous feel made him very upset.

“Monk, since you are courting death, I will help you.”

The cicada armor on Feng Jue’s body exuded a bright light. His two hands gathered powerful spirit energy and formed into a human shape the size of a Wind Thunder.

If the enemy dared to kill then he definitely made preparations beforehand. Feng Jue could be considered as one of the four heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan, so he naturally wasn’t the type without eyesight and he wouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating his enemy.

The brilliance of the Wind Thunder became increasingly bright. The screeches of the wind and thunder became more audible as if the entire brothel was about to be destroyed.

The players and prostitutes had soon been frightened to the point where their legs were weak and they straight-up sprawled on the floor. The more courageous ones had soon fled out of the door.


Feng Feiyun stood upright and held the Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand. Then, he turned into a golden light and flew forward with an unstoppable momentum.


The tip of the Invincible Buddhist Staff was stained with blood. The rings on his staff still emanated tinkling sounds as they hit each other while spilling flowery drops of blood.

Feng Jue’s chest was completely penetrated and revealed a huge hole as big as a water basin. In the end, he powerlessly fell onto the ground.

This scene was too frightening. A heaven-defying Feng talent was pierced through by a Buddhist staff, and his wound held no trace of blood yet the blood on the Buddhist Staff was flowing without stop.

This monk was too powerful! Truly a ferocious monk that absolutely couldn’t be a no-name character.

Within a short period of time, two Feng children had already died under the hands of this monk. Plus, they were not ordinary either. Could this monk have a great hatred towards the Feng Clan?

Silence, and even more silence. There was only the sound of blood dripping onto the floor.

The two remaining geniuses of the Feng Clan were shocked. They knew that Feng Jue was wearing a defensive cicada armor and even a cultivator of the elder rank wouldn’t necessarily be able to break it, yet this Buddhist staff pierced through it with just one blow.

How great was the power of this Buddhist staff?

“Monk, your cultivation is not bad, but today, I’m afraid you will not escape the inevitability of your head being separated from your body.”

Only Feng Lingji was able to calmly sit at this place. His age was not young, he would soon exceed twenty-five years of age. He was considered one of the big brothers of the Feng’s fifth generation. In reality, many young children within the Feng Clan called him biggest brother.

At the peak of his head was a white jade crown, calm and quiescent. With wise eyes like an experienced old man, very few people could see through him.

He simply shook his body a little bit yet it was enough to offset the aura on Feng Feiyun’s body into non-existence. His foot gently stomped on the floor to form many formations that emitted bright lights.

With the formation completed, his whole body seemed to be more fortified, like an unbeatable god of war, as if no one could ever knock him down.

“You are the strongest person within the Feng Clan’s fifth generation?”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes shrunk as he could feel the pressure that came from Feng Lingji. It was an invisible pressure, and it became stronger and stronger.

Feng Lingji didn’t answer and only smiled:

“Your cultivation is also at the top level of the younger generation, why are you trying to hide? Afraid of being recognized by other people? Why is there a need for such cowardice?”

“Hahaha! This face is for women to look at, not for men to enjoy. If it was a woman, then I am ready to take off my hat for her to watch a little bit.”

Feng Feiyun laughed.

Feng Lingji, alone, would have been difficult to deal with, not to mention that he had another heaven-defying talent next to him. Once his identity was exposed, these two would definitely not follow the etiquette and both would directly fight together against Feng Feiyun. Naturally, Feng Feiyun wasn’t this foolish so he didn’t want to reveal his name.

However, even though he didn’t want to reveal it, there was someone else who wanted to reveal it instead.

“Phoosh phoosh!”

A white strand of light came through the sky. She wore a white robe and stood on the curved cornice of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion, like a white butterfly that landed on top of a palace.

Dongfang Jingyue arrived at the wrong time!

She held the red wooden lute in her hand as she stood on top of the roof while gently flicking her instrument. The sound was so wonderful that it even attracted the clouds in the sky.

“I am a woman, I want to see your face. Will you take down your hat this time? Great monk?”

As Dongfang Jingyue stood lonely by herself, her voice was even more alluring than the sound of her lute. Especially, when she stressed the two words, “great monk”.

Even though he was in the middle of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion, he absolutely couldn’t see the figure of the peerless beauty. However, the moment he heard the sound of the lute, he knew who had just arrived. Truly, the road was narrow between two enemies!

Naturally, Dongfang Jingyue knew that he was Feng Feiyun so she stood at the highest place. The moment he wanted to escape, she would definitely unleash a thunderous strike with the complete power of the Haotian Spirit Mirror. This power would completely destroy a small ancient city; who would dare to oppose the battle power of a spirit treasure?

At this moment, Dongfang Jingyue was very healthy and had spirit energy flowing throughout her body. Naturally, her wound had quickly recovered. Plus, with the help of the single drop of spirit spring water, her cultivation went up by one level. At this moment, her cultivation, compared to Feng Lingji, was higher by more than ten times.

This bitch came at the perfect time! Feng Feiyun really wanted to raise the Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand and directly knock her down from the roof, but he didn’t expect that at this moment, he would be encircled by three great experts. Not to mention escaping, just staying alive was already difficult.

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