Chapter 719: Spirit Treasures Appeared

“Bro, what’s your relationship with that woman?” Little Demoness felt like a sparrow that kept on chirping along the way, asking this question three times already.

Feiyun walked fast through the forest and mountain. He eventually lost his patience: “Nothing.”

“Then why did she say you ruined her purity? A girl really cherishes this, plus, she’s a Buddhist Supreme too so she views it even more highly. Since you ruined her purity, do you want her to stop being a Buddhist and return to normal life?” She got in front of him and stared with her big, round eyes.

Feiyun stopped and rubbed his chin while pondering; his brows rose slightly: “You’re too young to talk about this purity and reputation crap. Plus, that crazy woman is impossible to understand. If you tell her that you want her to return to normal life, she’ll think that you want to lie and sell her to a brothel or something and will try to kill you. Plus, I saved her twice already so I don’t owe her anything. I’m not getting involved in this.”

“What if Senluo people capture and torture her. She’ll spill that you have the scripture.” She said.

“Wu Qinghua might want to kill me but she’s still a tight-lipped woman, she will never let Senluo know about the scripture’s location.” He became serious.

“The heretical dao has many methods that can control people’s emotions, even stealing their memories and turning them into a puppet.” She added.

“It’s annoying indeed, alright, let’s go take a look.” He grimaced.

She became excited right away after successfully persuading him. She naturally had her own plans too.

If her big bro and that supreme or whatever fell in love, it would be so interesting! Plus, having another sister-in-law meant having another backing. There’s no negative for her in this romance.


The treasury has come out for two days. Meanwhile, the sun and moon in the sky remained brilliant, separating the realm into two affinities.

Numerous cultivators gathered beneath them, staying inside their palaces.

Of course, the number decreased compared to a few days ago. Some have died fighting or left on their own accord, aware that there was no chance.

The majority now were experts confident in their own abilities.

Several treasures have come out recently, all taken by the top powers such as Senluo, Sacred Spirit, and Nalan Clan. The others could only watch.

“A seven-colored beam shot out earlier with a pill of unknown grade inside. The Death Walker took it right away though. Two other Giants tried to grab it but he easily killed them.” An old corpse controller from Destruction Cave said.

“A mysterious sword flew out yesterday and created a sword harmonization with the other blades nearby. The spirit within looked like a green serpent-dragon and must have been a peak third rank treasure, maybe even fourth rank. Unfortunately, a master from Sacred Spirit got it.” An ancestor from a mining clan said.

Feiyun and Little Demoness approached the group of old men. He smiled and said: “These treasures aren’t bad but they’re nothing yet. If this is all the treasury has, that’s not enough to attract the heretical king and palace master.”

These old men were top lords with big backing behind them so they were obviously strong. However, they only noticed Feiyun when he got next to them. This made them shudder.

‘Who is this youth?’

One of them quickly recognized him. The corpse elder from Destruction greeted: “Your Excellency.”

Several unfriendly gazes shot towards Feiyun, some even wanted to make a move for the scripture.

“Hmph! Don’t blame me for being merciless if you dare to ask me about Golden Silkworm.” Feiyun had an imposing smile.

The unfriendly cultivators roared in unison after feeling the pressure. They felt a sharp pain on their chest, causing them to touch it with their hand. Some staggered two steps backward; one of them got pushed back even farther, a total of ten steps. He started vomiting blood.

Their expression soured. Feng Feiyun had reached such a powerful level.

Just one scowl from him was enough to hurt several ancestors. They recalled the scene of him killing Shi Zhenxiang and Gu Lida.

He was no longer a young cultivator and had enough power to kill those from the last generation.

They calmed down and stopped thinking about opposing him. That was akin to courting death.

“Long time no see, Your Excellency. It has been several years since our last meeting at the capital.” The old man from Destruction greeted.

Feiyun had a faint impression of him. This guy assisted in the siege against Beauty’s Smile, one of many masters helping from Destruction.

The two chatted for a bit before Feiyun asked: “Where are the top masters and the goddess?”

Everyone here put on a serious expression. Some even kept a distance. It was a taboo to talk about the top masters.

The old man from Destruction cautiously whispered: “They have entered the treasury two days ago and must have taken all the top treasures. No one else dares to compete against them.”

This was within his expectation. He looked around and didn’t find Mo Yaoyao. Was she actually strong enough to go in there and fight those top masters?

The ancestor from the Beiming Clan was gone too. Only Beiming Potian stood on his floating peak beneath the green moon. No one dared to get close to him due to his majestic and aggressive aura.

After reaching the seventh level, Feiyun’s phoenix gaze had taken another step forward so he could read Beiming Potian’s cultivation. The guy was at the late-stage of the seventh level now, quite an impressive cultivation speed.

The ones strong enough have entered the treasury. The ones outside were waiting for treasures to automatically fly out. Perhaps they could get a thing or two if lucky.

“There’s more than just the heretical king’s group. Several masters assumed dead have shown up again. Monsters from other dynasties have arrived too. They were exceedingly strong, just one strand of aura from them could suffocate a Giant.” The old man said with fear.

Giants were considered the top dogs to regular people. However, they weren’t much compared to these monsters who have lived for centuries in a reclusive manner in order to search for the heavenly dao.

Little Demoness was eager to try, wanting to jump into the treasury. Unfortunately or fortunately for her, Feiyun grabbed her arm and stopped her.

She revealed her canine teeth, wanting to bite him. Alas, he knocked her head and taught her a lesson so she finally calmed down.

“Boom!” A loud explosion and waves of energy emanated from the camp of Senluo. A peak nearby crumbled as a result.

“Haha, Buddhist Supreme, I still haven’t forgotten your pretty face since our last meeting at that old shrine. I think about you every night and actually want to visit Beastmaster Camp to see you, who would have thought you would come to see me yourself.” Death Walker Shi Taluo laughed. He had three large black wings growing from his back. Due to his skinny frame, he looked like a devil bat.

Back then, Wu Qinghua and the others didn’t listen to Feiyun and fell into a trap. They were caged like animals; one prodigy was even eaten by the heretics. This event still traumatized her, overwhelming her with guilt and shame. 

The one who suppressed her was also the Death Walker.

She has always been proud so that defeat took her down a notch. If it wasn’t for Feng Feiyun being smart enough to bring Monk Jiu Rou there, all of them would have been eaten.

She wanted to become an Enlightened Being first before getting revenge. However, Feiyun provoked her earlier so she came to attack them.

Though she improved recently, she wasn’t close to being as strong as the Death Walker and was quickly defeated.

Several wounds could be seen; her hair a chaotic mess; her robe had several torn areas. Sweat dripped down her forehead as she breathed raggedly.

The Death Walker didn’t seem to use that much strength. He smirked and said: “Why are you so angry? It’s clearly the Divine King’s fault for being too lecherous and abandoning you. Don’t take it out on us, keke.”

The loss suffered by Beastmaster on top of her being caged like an animal couldn’t be publicized.

Thus, the Life Walker decided to mock her. Meanwhile, the supreme elders and protectors of Senluo also burst out in laughter. None took her seriously.

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