Chapter 718: Wu Qinghua’s Pain

The maelstrom continuously increased in size and power.

The pebbles, dirt, trees, grass, vines, beasts nearby were all sucked towards him. They piled up for several hundred meters high, burying his body completely.

“Boom!” A deafening blast started waves of golden light from the center, spreading out just like water.

It crushed everything nearby into dust. Once they settled, the golden light converged back to Feiyun’s body like spirit snakes.

He stood up and wiped away the specks of dust on him before speaking: “The seventh level is indeed different, allowing one to see the worldly laws clearer.”

There existed a fundamental difference between the two realms. Each of his actions had a particular rhythm in tune with the orders of the world.

“Qing’er, how many days have passed?” Feiyun smiled at the girl standing far away.

“Two days… Bro… your, your eyes…” She pointed at him while blushing.

Feiyun’s demonic blood had fully awakened; his eyes turned into a faint red, not an aggressive one. It looked like the red of an unpolished gem, looking strangely mesmerizing.

No woman could resist these demonic eyes. Moreover, Feiyun had his Golden Silkworm cultivation so there was a holy aura around him, causing his eyes to be profound as well.

Thus, the evilness in those demonic eyes that would otherwise repel women seemed to be gone.

Little Demoness felt her heart beating faster while being stared at by him. She couldn’t help lowering her head.

“My eyes have changed.” Feiyun nodded. Even his mind has changed quite a bit. 

His thoughts seemed clear but there were some negative emotions and desires mixed in - both lust and bloodthirst. However, these extreme emotions have been suppressed by his Buddhist scripture.

They couldn’t affect him directly, perhaps only on a subconscious level in minuscule doses.

“Has the treasury been taken away?” Feiyun smirked before turning towards the girl, finding that she was being weird.

She stood beneath a barren tree. Its leaves have been sucked in by that maelstrom earlier. Her posture lacked confidence as she leaned on the tree trunk, holding her sleeves and still burying her head. “I’ve been here the whole time, how do I know anything about the treasury…” 

“Pop!” He got in front of her and gently knocked on her head, feeling a bit amused: “What are you doing?”

“Hey!” She let out a cry while rubbing her head: “Bro, you’re bullying me.”

With that, she turned to run but she didn’t get far before seeing a third person - Wu Qinghua.

Wu Qinghua has been finding Feiyun in the last two days, going as far as risking entering the treasury area twice.

She couldn’t find him at all until she heard this loud blast from far away and decided to come to check it out.

Sure enough, she found him bullying a girl - his own cousin.

Little Demoness ran back to his side and became cautious: “Bro, the heartbroken lady is here, what should we do?”

Feiyun was no longer afraid of her after reaching the next level. He smiled and said: “Buddhist Supreme Wu, long time no see, you’re still as transcending and dazzling as ever. I saw you defeating that heretic Ximen Sude till he coughed blood and was lost in admiration. Have you killed those three heretics from Dark Realm for the sake of justice?”

Wu Qinghua was very slender and tall, almost the same height as Feiyun. Though her long legs were covered by her fluttering robe, one could still appreciate and imagine their shape. Feiyun had met a lot of girls but she definitely had the best figure.

Her long hair draped down her back, tied up by a green ribbon. Her robe was as white as can be, accentuated by a faint blue belt embroidered with Buddhist symbols.

“Devil Feng, are you mocking me?” She glared at him.

“Of course not, Buddhist Supreme. I truly admire your great cultivation.” Feiyun’s words were humble and polite but his bright smirk remained.

She noticed his holy yet demonic eyes. Her heart also skipped a beat as she recalled what happened in the temple back then.

She gripped her sleeves and quickly averted her gaze, realizing the situation.

“Devil Feng, I thought that you would change after cultivating the Golden Silkworm Scripture, switching from the evil path to the righteous one. I was going to teach you our mental chant in order to control your demonic blood. Alas, your nature can’t be changed since you’re still using wretched seductive arts. I can’t let you live past today then.” She coldly uttered.

Her index and middle fingers came together to form a sword technique. Golden energy rotated around her, eventually materializing in a golden sword slashing straight at his head.

“Crazy woman…” He murmured.

She obviously knew that he was the vagabond who saved her. He also believed that she wanted to teach him a mental chant. But now, why was she accusing him of seducing her?

‘What a crazy woman.’ These thoughts passed by quickly in his head since the slash drew near.

It looked like a golden dragon that could split the earth open.

Feiyun had no choice but to take out his weapon essence. It turned into a long saber in retaliation to the slash.

“Boom!” Sword and saber energies rampaged the area, leaving behind numerous scars.

This was an even exchange.

‘Wu Qinghua’s cultivation increased again, late-stage eighth level.’ He stood there with his saber resting on his shoulder. No one could see through his demonic and clear eyes.

“Buddhist Supreme, I clearly did your sect a huge favor and saved your life too. You don’t need to pay me back with your body, just spirit stones will be fine. Of course, 3,000-year-old fruits and up are preferred.”

Wu Qinghua only glanced at his eyes again for a second and her heart ran amok once more. The perverted scene back at the temple played back but then she remembered how he saved her life with an antidote. Her cold expression softened.

She immediately bit her tongue to wake up from her stupor: “So you have admitted that you’re the vagabond! A devil has many faces indeed.”

“Hey, watch your words since I still saved you.” Feiyun regretted saving the crazy and unreasonable woman.

“I didn’t ask for your help. You ruined my purity and destroyed the reputation of Beastmaster. Your little favor isn’t enough to make up for your sins. Today, one of us shall die.” She trembled and declared.

“The whole pregnancy thing has nothing to do with me, Senluo Temple is the one who leaked it. Why don’t you go find them instead? Their young lord is the one who got your disciple pregnant, go kill him instead of bullying the weak.” Feiyun retorted.

Feiyun was ready to fight but unexpectedly enough, Wu Qinghua didn’t attack.

She shuddered and grimaced after hearing his comment and declared: “I see. I will go kill the heretical lord first then take your life after.”

She began flying towards the treasury since Feiyun was right.

The heretical lord ruined their sect’s reputation but she didn’t dare to attack him. This was indeed a great humiliation given her stubborn abilities. Alas, she tried to hide it.

Beastmaster Camp was strong but the gap was too much. One wrong move and she would be dead along with the rest of her sect.

That’s why they couldn’t protest and needed to endure quietly despite the humiliating losses - a feeling of helplessness when dealing with a stronger foe.

Feiyun didn’t mean to hurt her but the words inflicted a great blow to her pride.

“Shit, she won’t really go, right? That’s courting death.” He frowned.

Wu Qinghua was strong but Senluo Temple brought some masters here. Just the two walkers were enough to easily suppress her. Moreover, their supreme elders were at the eighth level as well. Some might be stronger than her.

It was akin to trying to break a rock with an egg.

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