Chapter 717: Eyes Of A Great Demon

Feng Feiyun returned to his original appearance, as dashing and handsome as ever with a slightly sinister smirk.

He walked shoulder to shoulder with Little Demoness. The two chatted and would occasionally laugh.

“Wu Qinghua owed me big time after this.”

“Big Bro, why did you save her? She clearly hated you, did you really betray her romantically?”

“What do you know about betrayal at your age?”


The two stopped laughing at the same time and could feel a chill coursing down their spine.

The explosions intensified. They didn’t dare to move and looked up at the sky.

Three figures crossed through the starry sky like three suns. Each had a different type of power, strong enough to affect the worldly orders. Their monstrous aura made all existences tremble with fear.

The two felt a suffocating pressure like ten mountains pressing down on them. Their expression soured since they couldn’t move at all.

They still managed to stand due to their powerful cultivation. Any weaker and they would be crawling on the ground.

These three made it through the area quickly. Nevertheless, the airspace above still felt intense, akin to three deities crossing by and leaving permanent marks.

“So strong.” Little Demoness had ragged breathing with sweat all over. Her soft body leaned on Feiyun, her sweet arms around his neck.

She was weaker than Feiyun right now and her physical constitution was obviously inferior so she had a harder time.

Feiyun frowned in response. Just their auras immobilized him completely. ‘It must be Spirit Palace Master, the heretical king, and the goddess. Those three are the only ones who are at this level here.’

Sect and clan masters would need to show respect to these top existences. Thus, their arrival together was quite frightening.

They clearly had a match earlier regarding their cultivation, hence the full activation of their auras.

Otherwise, they could converge everything within and look just like mortals.

Who was the strongest out of the three?

“Looks like the phenomenon is over and the treasury is out.” Feiyun leaped upward and rode a single cloud, treating it as a ship.

He saw two massive light rays shooting out from the other side of the mountain range, coming from within the earth.

They were blinding and illuminated that whole area. One looked like a mighty sun and the other a divine moon.

Because of the “earth devouring the heaven”, the spatial gaps and void zones in the air have been devoured. That’s why it was safe for him to move up so high for a better look.

Many cultivators were still waiting on top of their peak but no one wanted to be the first to make a move.

After all, this place was perilous, who would dare to jump in first?

On the other hand, the sun and moon above attracted many eyes. They were two incredible treasures, far surpassing Dominating Armaments.

The blazing sun had a diameter of thirty miles with flames on the surface and intertwining runes. It looked like the cauldron of a god with insane temperature melting the snow on the peaks nearby. The vegetation on the ground burned as well.

The moon had the same size, seemingly made from unknown materials. It looked like a type of metal with a dark hue, also carved with numerous runes. It had a cold affinity, freezing the other side of the mountain range.

Two separate worlds were created - dark, jade-like ice and bright fire. 

Everyone got far away after sensing the power within that sun and moon.

A while later, one elder lost his patience. He was quite powerful with long, gray hair. He wore a daoist robe, looking like a sage.

He took out a bronze seal and placed it on his crest. This seemed to be a defensive measure before leaping towards the moon.

“Zzz!” He didn’t even touch the moon before a cold affinity invaded him. He turned into a sculpture along with his bronze seal, smashing into the ground and shattering to pieces.

On the other side, another expert tried to get the sun. The result was similar - he wailed cries of torment after being lit on fire. The cries became quieter and quieter until only ashes were left of him.

Everyone became frightened. These two demon artifacts were extremely powerful.

“Idiots, these are the eyes of a great demon. Just one glance from this being would have been enough to kill an Enlightened Being.” A stern voice echoed in the area. Even Giants felt pain in their eardrums.

What?! The eyes of a great demon? They were thirty miles long! Just how big was this demon then?

‘The eyes of a demon indeed.’ Feiyun’s eyes were on fire as well.

He was surprised because these eyes were far stronger than his phoenix ocular bone.

How could Jin have the corpse of such a great demon? The power in them gave him a strange feeling - a sense of familiarity and warmth.

‘What is going on?’ Feiyun’s demonic blood activated again and churned inside him. It let out something akin to draconic roars, seemingly stimulated.

However, it was different this time around. He didn’t lose control at all. The Buddhist energy within his veins was also rotating and protecting his mind and sanity.

The threat of the demonic blood was no longer there. It would fully awake in the future and he could turn into a demon yet he would still have full control over his actions.

The body of a demon - the mind and soul of a Buddha.

‘What’s going on? The light from that sun and moon are seeping into me and waking up my demonic blood, strengthening it too.’ Feiyun’s eyes looked like two liquid rubies now as evil energy surged around him.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Little Demoness gently pulled his hair with two fingers while looking worried.

“Keep an eye out for me.” Feiyun landed on a peak and began to meditate while bathing in the two lights.

“Bro, what’s wrong with you?” She didn’t know what was going on and began dancing around him, sometimes touching his nose and chin or drilling into his ear with a blade of grass.

Alas, he didn’t react at all, turning into a statue while meditating.

She speculated that he was about to break through to the next level and became bored. She found a boulder nearby and played with Whitey’s ears.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions happened over yonder. A supreme master seemed to have joined in and entered the treasury.

Earthquakes happened in this place despite being several thousand miles away. Terrible cracks and chasms emerged on the ground.

Little Demoness became excited and wanted to go take a look. Alas, she restrained her curiosity after remembering her big bro. She sat down again to keep an eye out for him.

“Rumble!” Great battles seemed to be happening now with massive boulders shooting in the air.  

Some made it here but she stopped them from causing any damage.

“Big Bro, you have such bad timing, why now? I can’t even go to that treasury now. Hmm, Whitey, why don’t you stay here and protect him, I’ll go dig up some treasure and will share with you later?” She picked up the cat and looked at it straight in order to have a talk.

“Meow, meow.” Whitey closed its eyes and got back on the ground, paralyzed.

“Whitey, don’t be so lazy!” Little Demoness playfully kicked it in the stomach.

Whitey’s tail was still moving but it didn’t answer her, clearly playing dead.

Two days later, Little Demoness got really bored, unable to keep her eyes open wide and on the verge of falling asleep.

Suddenly, she felt a strong wind blowing her hair everywhere. Whitey got up too, looking on guard now.

They realized the situation and started running.

The wind came from all directions and gathered around Feng Feiyun, turning into a great maelstrom. He became a bottomless void that was sucking in the spirit energy nearby.

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