Chapter 716: Devil Feng

Jin Tang could feel the power attacking him clearly now. This was a chilling force of the yin affinity.

This, this isn’t the power of that damned vagabond!

Unfortunately, it was already too late. His head got crushed by the force despite being several hundred miles away. His corpse fell to the ground, unable to escape the death sentence.

The women and girls couldn’t believe it. He pointed three times to kill three heretical ancestors.

The world would explode with shock if this news were to spread. Dark Realm lost half of their top masters to him.

“Bronze Cauldron is a dangerous place, Fellow Daoists. Please leave as fast as possible.” Feiyun released the seals on the girls and pulled up his sleeve, looking like a real master.

“Senior, please save Supreme Wu, she’s injured from fighting those three monsters on top of being struck by this poison… I don’t think she can make it back to Beastmaster in time…”  Chi Yao got on her knees and begged; her eyes completely red.

These other girls did the same and started beseeching, thinking that this senior could save Qinghua.

Feiyun would look uncool if he were to leave now so he acquiesced.

Chi Yao and Chan Ling’er took him to Wu Qinghua. She sat on the ground with another Buddhist Supreme channeling energy into her. It wasn’t that effective. The venom continued to spread. 

Her exquisite cheeks were covered with an ashen shade. Her eyes muddled; her snow-white neck had green lines now. The bitten spot has begun to fester - a sight that could make someone faint.

“The three-step serpent must have eaten too many poisonous things, that’s why its venom is quite strong, there might not be an antidote.” This particular supreme was versed in medicine. Alas, there was nothing she could do and no pills she could give. The venom nearly spread to her as well.

The girls fell into silence. This was only supposed to be training; they didn’t know how dangerous the outside world was. Their fate would have been grotesque if it wasn’t for this senior.

“Senior, please save the supreme.” Chi Yao had none of the previous arrogance in her eyes, only respect as she asked Feng Feiyun.

Wy Qinghua was exceedingly powerful and also cultivated the Golden Silkworm Scripture. She should have been impervious to poison. Feiyun’s Buddhist pills might not be enough to save her.

She was prideful and had a strong disdain towards Feiyun. However, he only disliked her, nothing more.

Plus, he owed Beastmaster Camp a favor and needed to do something now.

“Cough… Senior, thank you for saving us from the evil grasp of three heretics…” Wu Qinghua remained proud like a swan: “However, I’m aware of my… wounds… it’s incurable… I won’t make it past another two hours… cough… don’t waste your energy… But, but I still have one favor to ask, please… agree…”

She grabbed his hand tightly with her slender hand that looked just like a young girl’s. She clearly used all of her strength to speak - what comes next will be very important.

The others were crying. Some covered their mouth in order to not make a sound.

Feiyun still looked like a master right now with a profound gaze. He patted her hand and was ready to listen: “Buddhist Supreme, go ahead. I will do my best as long as it is within my power.”

Her eyes became serious, seemingly the last flash of life before death. She gritted her teeth and said: “There is a devil in Bronze Cauldron… ten times more evil than those three heretical lords. He massacred with no regard for life… and, and even destroyed my purity and our sect’s long… long-lasting reputation… Senior, please, end his life…”

“This devil is…?” Feiyun was surprised about this request and could predict what she would say next.

“The son of the demon, Feng… Feng Feiyun.” She uttered his name with such intensity, seemingly imagining that she was biting down on his bone for each character.

“...” Feng Feiyun gritted his teeth as well. This crazy bitch still hated him even on the verge of death. Did I do something that terrible to her?

“Well, you can deal with that yourself.” He tidied his robe and stroked his beard: “Your camp lord Tan Qingsu has helped me in the past so I owe her one. Thus, I will save you in order to repay this debt. Of course, I’m not completely confident. Don’t blame me for being unable to save you.”

Feiyun took out a starry-light golden pill with nine Buddhist runes, half the size of a fist. He gave it to Chi Yao so that she could feed Wu Qinghua.

Qinghua ate it and the purest Buddhist energy fused with her own. Harmonization occurred and the effect exceeded expectations. Her wounds closed and the venom was quickly suppressed.

Feiyun’s scripture made her incomplete version far better. Her Buddhist energy was purified as a result.

‘Golden Silkworm energy… so the scripture really came out. Feiyun didn’t get it, this senior did?’ Qinghua noticed this pure energy after suppressing the venom.

She kept it to herself because she owed him her life. Moreover, he was a great Buddhist monk as well who hated evil. This was probably a good thing.

She was a proud person but definitely not evil. She rarely lost control of her temper unless Feiyun was around.

He took out a 5,000-year-old crimson leaf fruit and squeezed several drops of juice, very effective when used as an antidote.

He didn’t think it was worth it to save someone who hates him but alas, he still decided to let her have some. From now on, he would no longer owe Beastmaster Camp anything.

He said goodbye to them even though the young girls asked him to stay.

After all, Wu Qinghua knew that he had the scripture. Who knows what she would do after full recovery?

The fruit juice was effective, more than enough to expel the venom. Qinghua’s green skin became white as snow again. Moreover, she had a gentle glow on her skin now, causing it to look like jade.

‘That’s a great senior for you, willing to spend such precious juices to save someone. My cultivation is about to break through again after refining this pure energy.’ Qinghua regained her wits.

She could hear the disciples talking but decided to focus on meditating in order to fully refine the pill and the fruit juices. At the same time, her respect towards that Buddhist senior increased even more.

Chi Yao stood behind Wu Qinghua and chatted with Chan Ling’er: “We would be done for if it wasn’t for Senior Yun. The cultivation world is so cruel and dangerous.”

“Feiyun said that we were too naive and didn't know the evil hidden in the hearts of men. I didn’t believe him at first but now… I will focus after returning to our sect, never coming out before becoming a Giant.” Chan Ling’er had very bright eyes.

“He’s really an enlightened monk, I wonder when we will get to see him again. I’ll ask him for more guidance on Buddhism.” Chi Yao said.

She suddenly thought of something else and frowned: “Wait, I just thought of something. Our camp master has never left our sect to enter the mortal world, how could Senior Yun owe her a debt?”

“Did Senior Yun misspoke?” Chan Ling’er also felt that there was something strange about this.

“Senior Yun clearly referred to our camp master by her name, how could he be wrong when he still memorized it?” Chi Yao pondered.

“Ugh.” Wu Qinghua heard the two of them clearly and looked up in the sky, roaring: “Feng Feiyun, I won’t forgive you!”

Some men have entered their sect before, for example - Feng Feiyun.

Wu Qinghua stood up, showing off her perfect curves. She turned into a slender phantom and leaped to the sky to chase after Feng Feiyun.

Chan Ling’er and Chi Yao were surprised. They looked at each other, shocked.

Senior Yun is actually Feng Feiyun?! What…?

“Don’t linger around in Bronze Cauldron, go back to the sect. No need to wait for me, I'm going to get Feng Feiyun’s head.” Qinghua’s voice became increasingly quieter from the horizon before trailing off altogether.

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