Chapter 715: Great Swindler

The night curtain had a layer of fog tonight.

The gales assaulted the mountain range crawling with unknown creatures.

Most played nice because they could sense the monstrous auras coming from the three heretical lords.

Gu Bazhi stood on top of a golden boulder with his eyes closed. His divine intents were fully activated, spanning over a thousand miles.

He suddenly opened his eyes and said: “Looks like Feng Feiyun is afraid and won’t show up.”

“Golden Silkworm Scripture might not be on him so no need to waste all of our time. Keke, looks like it’s time.” Ximen Sude has a perverted smirk.

“It’s not the time to fuck, this place is only two thousand miles away from the treasury, many experts might be watching our moves. Alright, let’s go back to Dark Realm.” Gu Bazhi said.

“Keke, I’ll get a supreme to serve me when we’re out of Bronze Cauldron.” Jin Tang smiled.

They knew that competing for the treasury was hopeless so they would rather bring these women back to Dark Realm.

Their perverted words made some of the girls weep. Even the proud Wu Qinghua was pale and didn’t say anything.

“Amitabha. How sinful.” Suddenly, a middle-aged man riding a golden wave of energy emerged from the darkness and stood before the three lords.

He had a short goatee; his weapon of choice was a golden bell. His eyes brimmed with spirituality.

Ximen Sude recognized him right away - the vagabond that traveled with Ye Siwan.

The road was truly narrow for enemies.

“Scram if you don’t want to die.” He uttered coldly.

“I am a lay disciple of Buddhism, Yun Feitian. It is you three again, always committing evil acts, truly reprehensible!” The man noticed the imprisoned women and roared with the force of a lion.

This was naturally Feiyun. He put on this disguise for one reason only - to not listen to the crazy Qinghua’s yelling.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid of some verbal jabs but no need to argue against a woman.

Having one less problem was better.

Some girls were ecstatic to see a Buddhist cultivator. So some good people are still around in this world.

However, this happiness went away very quickly. They would have some hope if he was a high monk of Buddhism.

How could a vagabond take on three heretical lords? He would only be throwing his life away.

“Fellow Buddhist Yun, you cannot handle these three devils, please run and seek reinforcement from Beastmaster Camp.” Wu Qinghua’s hair was a mess. 

The serpent’s venom had entered her bloodstream. Everything below her collarbone was green now from the spread with strange runes.

Nevertheless, she was still as pretty as a flower and as transcending as ever.

“No, subduing evil is the responsibility of Buddhists like us, there is no way I will retreat before evil.” Feiyun said.

The female disciples lamented internally - this lay disciple is righteous indeed but he seems to be missing a few folds in his brain.

Even Buddhist Supremes have been captured, let alone a vagabond?

The supremes sighed as well. They have been waiting for a chance to commit suicide in order to save their purity. The three other supremes were older than Wu Qinghua but because of cultivation and unaging techniques, they didn’t look more than thirty years of age. All were beautiful while chanting scriptures.

The three lords burst out in laughter after hearing Feiyun.

Ximen Sude walked forward and smiled: “A lay disciple of Buddhism, I see. You’re quite courageous, why not join my Dark Realm and accept me as your master, I can let you pick one of these girls as your slave. What’s the point of training in Buddhism, the heretical path is far better.”

“Truly evil to the core, take this!” Feiyun acted as if he hated everything evil.

His hands lit up with fire as he slammed the bell down with the immensity of a mountain.

Buddhist ringings and runes emerged in the sky before the incoming destruction.

“Clank!” Its incredible momentum forced the ground to crack, spreading far to the distance.

Sude was surprised - this vagabond was impressive enough. He raised both hands to block the bell.

“Boom!” The bell forced him back with loud explosions stemming from his feet smashing into the ground in an attempt to stabilize.

Half of his body sank into the ground when he managed to stop. His arms were aching with pain.

“No spirit energy, that’s just his brute strength?” His arms nearly broke, causing him to feel incredible pain as he stared at this vagabond in astonishment.

Feiyun’s physical strength alone exceeded the force of a ninth-level cultivator.

‘A high monk of Buddhism at the ninth level?’ He thought.

Gu Bazhi and Jin Tang surrounded Feiyun, putting on a serious expression.

They didn’t know that Feiyun was only strong physically. His actual battle power was still inferior compared to them.

The female disciples became ecstatic right away. Their eyes flashed with hope and admiration as if they were watching a Buddha descending to the mortal realm.

Just his physical strength alone was enough to push the devil Ximen Sude back. This vagabond must be a high monk of their religion! ‘We’re saved!’

“Who the hell are you?” Sude didn’t believe that this person was a vagabond.

“Evil-doers, I will send you away today!” Feiyun put down the bell and leaped up before sitting at the top.

He shot out the purest Buddhist light just like a holy Buddha. Golden halos emanated around him.

The three lords have experienced plenty of things in their life but never someone who had cultivated this power to such a pure level. The light was as pure as treated water and poured down on this land.

Lotus began to blossom along with Buddhist chants.

Feiyun opened his eyes and two golden rays shot out. He pointed at Ximen Sude and declared: “Death.”

“Boom!” Ximen Sude crumbled. His flesh melted; each bone began to crack and refined by the golden light into ashes.

The spectators became speechless. How could someone be so powerful?

He simply raised his finger and annihilated a heretical ancestor to ashes.

Chi Yao and Chan Ling’er’s lips quivered as they stared at this great monk with nothing but admiration.

He was indeed a sage of the Buddhist doctrine with unreachable power. There was no need for him to run earlier.

Meanwhile, Little Demoness really wanted to laugh while hiding in the shadow. She was the only one who could see the sentimental-looking Feng Chi hiding behind the massive bell.

He stood there looking as tough as ever with a cat on his shoulder. This cat could actually command him to attack.

He was obviously the one who killed Ximen Sude. Feiyun only used his massive and pure energy in order to hide the corpse energy emanating from Feng Chi.

There was no way Feiyun could kill Sude with a single finger strike. Only Feng Chi had this ability.

The other heretical lords and people from Beastmaster couldn’t see that there was someone else standing behind the massive bell.

Gu Bazhi and Jin Tang were scared out of their mind, thinking that Feiyun’s cultivation was monstrous.

They couldn’t withstand someone of this level. He must be an Enlightened Being!

“We accept our defeat since you are powerful, let’s not meet each other again!” Gu Bazhi and Jin Tang exchanged a quick glance before running away.

Feiyun chanted random stuff that he didn’t even understand before pointing his finger towards the escaping combatants again: “Death.”

“Poof!” Gu Bazhi screamed as he was being split into two halves. The pieces fell down like fireballs.

Jin Tang was scared out of his mind. Their realm lord might not be a match against this person!

Where did this powerful master come from!?

“Death.” Feiyun said again and changed the direction of his finger.

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