Chapter 714: Scheme

“Scram, I don’t need your help!” Wu Qinghua suddenly attacked Feiyun with her two pagodas. Their black and white fires pushed him back.

Feiyun leaped back and tidied his robe while cursing at this “crazy woman” in his mind.

He calmed down and stopped attacking after reading the situation.

Ximen Sude was old and crafty enough to know that trouble comes from the mouth. He pressed the issue in order to provoke Wu Qinghua and Feng Feiyun. His goal was the scripture.

Thus, Feiyun didn’t want to play into his hands.

Ximen Sude retreated while fighting and got far away from the group. He disappeared into the horizon and the furious Qinghua gave chase.

“I see.” Feiyun glanced over at the two other dark lords, Gu Bazhi and Jin Tang. They smiled at Feiyun before quietly heading for the battlefield.

‘They want to bait me so I have to outmaneuver them.’ Feiyun chuckled before giving chase with Little Demoness.

“Bro, that pretty big sis is really pregnant with your kid?” Little Demoness was fast enough to keep up.

“A child should watch what they say, she’s a Buddhist Supreme and will be bothered if you call her pretty big sis.” Feiyun didn’t know how to explain.

Little Demoness grew up but her mind was still very innocent. Teaching her more would only corrupt her.

Too many experts were here for that treasury. Feiyun was confident in his cultivation but not to the level where he wanted to take food from the tiger’s jaws. Moreover, many would come back empty-handed since people like the heretical king and the palace lords were here as well.

Just the rare fruits alone made this trip worth it for him. Of course, it would be nice if he could get one or two treasures from the demonic treasury, but there was no point in risking his life.

The two found many craters and collapsed mountains and rivers along the way.

‘The crazy woman is capable indeed, worthy of being a supreme.’ Feiyun thought.

They quickly caught up to the battle and watched from a distance.

This spot was 2,000 miles away from the phenomenon’s epicenter. The three heretical lords have begun using their weapons to trap Wu Qinghua.

She was strong and could defeat any of them. However, two of them were enough to defeat her. Three meant that they could easily trap her.

She realized that this was a trap and started trying to break open a path with her pagodas.

“Keke, Wu Qinghua, you used to be a famous prodigy back then when you left Beastmaster to travel the world. So many suitors adored you but now, you ended up sleeping with the demon’s son, throwing away the reputation of your sect.” Jin Tang took out a golden banner that blotted out the sky, blocking her escape path.

“Beastmaster Camp is considered the purest sect in the world? More like the debaucherous harem of the demon’s son.” Gu Bazhi instigated.

“Let’s call it Beastmaster Harem from now on.”

“Wu Qinghua, since you already slept with Feng Feiyun, I’m sure you don’t mind sleeping with us too? Haha!”

“We’ll take better care of you than that brat and best of all, we won’t abandon you either.”

“Ugh.” This was her third time vomiting blood from anger.

“Boom!” The three lords took advantage of this and used their strongest attacks to grievously injure her.

She fell from the clouds with a bloody wound on her back. Her Buddhist robe was tattered and painted red. The pagodas lost their brilliance and returned to her eyes.

The three lords landed and surrounded her. Ximen Sude pointed forward and released a black serpent to coil around her.

He smiled and said: “I’ve heard about you long ago, beautiful and powerful but no patience.”

“That’s a woman for you, big breasts and no brains, it’s normal.” Jin Tang laughed.

“...” Qinghua gritted her teeth. A golden radiance erupted from her but this wasn’t enough to blow away the serpent.

On the contrary, it bit her and venom entered her wound.

“Don’t move, Your Excellency. This is a world-renowned three-steps serpent. You won’t be alive if you move three steps from that spot.” Gu Bazhi smiled.

However, his eyes were darting around to find Feng Feiyun. He knew that the guy would give chase. Where is he? Is he afraid of not being our match?

These three lords didn’t care about Wu Qinghua. Their real target was Feng Feiyun.

Qinghua was powerful but lacked a certain craftiness. They were confident in tricking Wu Qinghua then potentially using her to bait Feng Feiyun.

“Dying is better than falling into captivity.” Wu Qinghua decided to take two steps forward. Sweat beads ran down her forehead.

“You think death is the end? I’m sure many will still be interested in your cold corpse.” Jin Tang laughed.

“Keke, you’re right, I don’t care, dead or alive, same thing.” Ximen Sude said.

“We’ll strip her and hang her at the capital’s gate, it’ll be very fun.” Gu Bazhi added.

Wu Qinghua’s expression darkened, nearly biting her lips hard enough to bleed: “You… are you not afraid of masters from Beastmaster Camp destroying your sect?”

Despite the powerful threat, she didn’t dare to take the third step forward.

“Such impudence, daring to disrespect a Buddhist Supreme. Face the wrath of Beastmaster Camp!” A plume of golden brilliance arrived from the horizon.

The leaders were three other Buddhist Supremes riding spirit beasts, looking holy and dignified.

The three heretical lords exchanged a cold smile, not really giving a damn about them.

“Haha, I’ve heard that the disciples of Beastmaster are all beautiful and pure, this is indeed the case. Brother Jin, Brother Gu, looks like we’re lucky today.” Ximen Sude didn’t hide the perversion and lust in his eyes.

“We’ll see about that!” Chi Yao unleashed nine spirit butterflies with her white-jade sword. Her dance was perfect due to her impeccable and ample figure.

A sword slash stretching for more than ten meters rushed forward.

Ximen Sude easily crushed the sword energy and captured Chi Yao: “A top prodigy, huh? Top-notch face and body, I’ll taste you first after I bring you back to Dark Realm.”

Jin Tang and Gu Bazhi became excited. Their heretical merit laws didn’t ban sex and even encouraged it.

Many pretty disciples from Dark Realm have rolled around in their bed before.

The girls from Beastmasters were gorgeous, especially Wu Qinghua, Chan Ling’er, and Chi Yao. The rest had a pure aura, tempting these old men to corrupt them.

The three rushed forward like three wolves attacking a flock of sheep. They captured and sealed these disciples’ cultivation with haste.

The three Buddhist Supremes were strong, just not on Wu Qinghua’s level. They were quickly subdued.

“We wouldn’t have been defeated by the likes of you if our spirit beasts didn’t die during the journey.” Chi Yao said indignantly. Her face turned pale, unable to move due to a sealing spell. She couldn’t even commit suicide.

“Little girl, we’ll do more than just defeat you. Don’t you know what’s coming?” Ximen Sude smiled.

“...” Chi Yao’s breasts made waves from fear; her eyebrows raised.

She was extremely pretty on top of having fair skin and elegant temperament. These three lords became heated up but still knew that this wasn’t the right time to sleep with them.

Sude got closer and said: “Twenty-one prisoners, all beautiful virgins.”

“Of course we’ll be the ones breaking your hymen and sucking your virgin yin essence. The elders will be the next in line, then the elite disciples. When the elites are bored, it’ll be the regular disciples and at that point, you’ll be sleeping with dozens each day. We won’t let you die either. You’ll become sluts that will always be begging for men. Then, we’ll kick you out of Dark Realm and sell you to the most wretched brothels…” Ximen Sude slowly explained the whole thing in a calm tone.

The disciples of Beastmasters were scared out of their mind. Some even fainted since this future was far more terrible than just dying.

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