Chapter 713: Vomiting Blood From Anger

Who would dare to scheme against Ancient Jiang now that their goddess was back? This match could only be considered a draw.

“I disagree because I contributed heavily in her return, that’s why I’m the one who pushed for their unification, therefore it is my win.” Feiyun chatted while standing on his peak.

Mockeries and contempt came from this comment.

“The Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess is a great master, you’re nothing but a worm before her. As if you had anything to do with her return.” Ximen Sude mocked.

“Feng Feiyun, you think you can spout bullshit since you’re stronger now? Her Highness from a million miles away would only need one finger to crush you.” Gu Bazhi added.

“So ridiculous.”

“To claim a relationship with Her Highness? Devil, you are disrespecting her.” Wu Qinghua added. 

According to the ancient records, the goddess had good ties with Buddhism. Qinghua believed that just putting Feiyun and the goddess together in the same sentence was blasphemy.

Feiyun didn’t know what to do. Telling the truth would fall on deaf ears while telling lies would be believed by many.

‘I know what I want you to do now.’ Suddenly, Yama’s sinister voice and smile rang in his mind.

Feiyun owed him one after borrowing his power.

“You want to bother me too?” Feiyun frowned.

‘I want you to seduce the goddess and make her fall in love with you, get her pregnant then heartlessly abandon her.’ Yama said.

“Shit, so heartless! Abandoned just like that.” Feiyun didn’t expect Yama to be so cruel.

‘Brat, I told you that the thing I want won’t be that simple. You should have expected this the moment you made a deal with the devil. Don’t worry, I’ll be helping you.’ Yama smiled.

He hated the goddess for attacking him back then with the three monks. Otherwise, he would have returned to his apex ten thousand years ago and wouldn’t need to live a borrowed life on someone else’s body.

He returned to the spine but left Feiyun a very difficult problem.

Feiyun sighed and looked up to find everyone staring at him in astonishment, especially Wu Qinghua who was pale from anger and heaving.

“You…” She gritted her teeth and said.

He immediately understood that the conversation between him and Yama has caused trouble - “You want to bother me too”, “Shit, so heartless! Abandoned just like that.”

He was talking to Yama but was still facing Wu Qinghua. His lines came right after hers.

The cultivators nearby were shocked, especially because of his second line. It made them think about crazy stuff while looking at these two with a weird smile on their face.

A sarcastic smile came from Senluo Temple’s group. The voice was low but all cultivators could hear it: “Feiyun was taken to Beastmaster Camp after losing his mind, a big shot from there managed to suppress his evil affinity.”

“No, that can’t be. Beastmaster Camp would never let a man come in, let alone someone like Feng Feiyun. There’s something out of place here.” A middle-aged man in an embroidered robe shook his head.

“Someone at the supreme level there can sneak a man or two in with no problem.”

“So that big shot must be who suppressed Feng Feiyun’s evil affinity is…” The man didn’t finish. His eyes and mouth became wide as he stared at Wu Qinghua.

Everyone else took a deep breath and also stared at her after hearing this.

Wu Qinghua had a calm demeanor due to cultivation, rarely having ripples in her emotions. Alas, their fiery gazes and gossips made her almost vomit blood from anger.

The other girls from Beastmaster couldn’t believe it either. They thought that if their supreme didn’t have anything to do with Feiyun, she would have flown over and sent him to the other side. But she wasn’t doing anything right now. Could this be true?!

Chan Ling'er, who had a good opinion of Feiyun and wanted to be friends with him, became afraid.

A chuckle came from Senluo Temple’s group again: “There was a scandal not long ago there. Certain people tried to suppress it but the news still came out about a female disciple becoming pregnant there. Wow, no one knows the real situation, maybe the one pregnant was a supreme? Really makes one think, doesn’t it, keke.”

“I heard about this too. It happened right when Feng Feiyun was there. Damn, I’m so jealous! The romantic Divine King lives up to his fame, I wonder if the mother is a disciple or a supreme, Keke.” A different member of Senluo laughed.

On the contrary, many here have never heard of this particular scandal until now. The revelation caused quite a stir.

It would spread across Jin after they were done at Bronze Cauldron. It would be the main topic in many tea shops.

Of course, this wouldn’t matter that much to Feiyun since he has been famous for a long time now about this issue. Sadly, it would greatly damage Beastmaster Camp’s reputation.

“No need to guess, isn’t it obvious who the mother is?” Ximen Sude laughed.

Nearly everyone instantly stared at Wu Qinghua’s stomach, seemingly pondering.

“Ugh.” Wu Qinghua vomited a mouthful of blood from anger and trembled with rage.

“Run your mouth again and don’t blame me for being merciless.” She threatened.

“Why do you care if we speak? Unless you’re the mother.” Ximen Sude retorted.

A wave of laughter came afterward.

Wu Qinghua became nearly crazy and glared at Ximen Sude with yellow brilliance in her eyes. Two seventh-ranked lotus platforms flew out with two pagodas growing on them. One had a black flame and the other a white flame.

The two pagodas made the ground crack; the sky was divided into two black and white sections. Ximen Sude was forced back; his wooden staff broken.

Everyone became frightened. Wu Qinghua was indeed one of the strongest supremes in Beastmaster Camp, easily defeating a heretical ancestor.

However, this particular move confused some people.

“It’s a heretical forbidden art, Yin Yang Pagodas!” Ximen Sude snorted after calming down: “Haha, a Buddhist Supreme cultivating a heretical art? Looks like you have fallen long ago and Feiyun took advantage of this.”

Wu Qinghua didn’t bother explaining. Only coldness flashed in her eyes as she danced in the sky with her fluttering long hair, wanting to smash Sude’s mouth.

Feiyun was in a tough position too. He didn’t like a cold and ruthless woman like Wu Qinghua but Tan Qingsu was a good person. Ultimately, this was partly his fault.

He coughed and decided to help: “Ximen Sude, don’t run your mouth and show off your ignorance. Buddhism Supreme Wu is using the true form of Yin Yang Pagodas found by her master in Bronze Cauldron. Your heretical art is only a derivation.”

Sude was having a hard time fighting against the pagodas, trying to push them up. His body continued shrinking into the ground but he still spoke: “Even we don’t know the origin of this ultimate treasure so how do you know? Wu… Wu Qinghua must have whispered its secrets to you in bed!”

“Bastard!” Feiyun became annoyed.

“Shut up!” Qinghua was annoyed at him too. Each sentence coming from him only added to the confusion.

‘Why is this crazy woman yelling at me now? I’m helping you!’ Feiyun thought.

“You’re gonna let this hag talk to you like this? How unmanly… Cough…” Sude was wounded at this point, albeit nothing serious.

His cultivation was powerful. Wu Qinghua could only defeat him using the pagodas but definitely couldn’t kill him.

“Looks like you want to die!” The furious Feiyun took out his Heaven-raising Rod with a cold smile.

The rod was a peak third-ranked spirit treasure, extremely mighty.

One hundred formations in the rod activated at the same time and created a massive energy hammer. 

He swung it at Sude and blew a mountain nearby away, leaving an after-image of the rod in the air.

Sude was losing even faster after being attacked by both, bloodied from top to bottom. He still showed no fear and laughed heartily: “Haha! The couple is finally showing their true colors!”

“Ugh…” Wu Qinghua vomited blood again after hearing this.

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