Chapter 712: Shocking News

Just one stomp to activate an act was enough to kill someone like Gu Lida. This naturally shocked the majority of the crowd.

Two Giants have fallen in no time at all. Maybe he really killed the Giants from Senluo Temple?

“Good bone and leather.” Feiyun held the bone in one hand and the leather in the other. Both belonged to beast kings in the past.

He took a careful look and thought that the bone could be turned into a spirit weapon and the leather into flexible armor.

A red rabbit appeared beneath Feiyun’s feet and spoke: “Big Sis hopes that Your Excellency can give the bone and leather to her; her return presents will be spirit treasures of the same level.” 

This rabbit’s human voice was actually very pleasant. It sounded more like a man and a woman exchanging love tokens rather than just trading items.

Feiyun glanced over at Yaoyao. She was as pretty as always in her white-fox coat. She glanced back right at him so their eyes met, prompting her to put on a smile.

These two things were considered precious treasures, just not to Feiyun. The weapon wouldn’t be as sharp as his weapon essence or Heaven-raising Rod. The leather wouldn’t be as good defensively as his ring either.

If Yaoyao were a real master, handing them over to her would make her owe him a favor. That’s not a loss at all.

Feiyun thought of this and made up his mind. He placed the bone in the rabbit’s hands and put the leather on its head before tapping it: “Go tell your Big Sis that a man doesn’t need anything in return when gifting a beauty.”

“Oh?” The rabbit nodded, who knows if it understood his intent. It carried the two things back, looking very cute with its butt swaying back and forth.

Yaoyao and Feiyun exchanged glances again. The former slightly bowed and said: “Thank you, Young Noble.”

Seeing the two of them “flirt” annoyed the crowd. Wu Qinghua sighed and said: “Another naive girl tricked by this devil.”

Others felt the same way as her. They sighed and lamented, feeling a little angry while thinking that Yaoyao was foolish for being tricked by Feiyun’s good appearance.

“I don’t think so, that woman is as pretty as a fairy and got here on her own. She’s definitely a great master with boundless wisdom. Feiyun can’t trick her.” Li Xiaonan looked as handsome as ever as he stared at her with a friendly smile.

Her aura attracted everyone. Even Xiaonan couldn’t help but praise.

“That rabbit can speak human language, that’s definitely a millenium spirit beast. She must be strong to have a pet like that. Feng Feiyun won’t gain anything from this.” Beiming Potian added.

“I hope you’re not offended listening to this rubbish, Miss Mo.” Feiyun ignored everyone else.

“Of course not.” She took the bone and leather from the rabbit for a look before putting them away. She then added: “Wait until the treasury opens, I will give you two items from there.”

Everyone shook their head, thinking that this girl was too easily tricked.

“Earth devouring the heaven” grew stronger with time. The abyss on the ground was several thousand miles long now and sucked in everything.

Several great powers have been hidden during this event. Everyone knew they were the top dogs of Jin.

All waited until the end of this destructive phenomenon before making a move.

Feiyun looked up at the sky and stretched out his voice: “Heretical young lord, you owe me a few things, right?”

The black-robed experts from Senluo up above looked quite intimidating like a group of death gods. Everyone kept a safe distance from them.

“Your Excellency, what are you referring to?” The masked youth was also black from top to bottom. He glanced at Feiyun and responded.

“Have you forgotten about our match in Jiang?” Feiyun smiled.


“What was our bet?” 

“Whoever can unite the three tribes of Ancient Jiang and become the ruler in the master will win.” The young lord’s voice seemed hoarse.

Some audibly gasped after hearing this. Everyone knew about the match between the two, just not the actual bet. So an entire prefecture was at stake?

Even the big shots from the last generation were impressed to hear about their audacity.

“So are they unified right now?” Feiyun asked again.

“I suppose.” The lord pondered for a bit before agreeing.

“Oh?!” The listeners exclaimed.

The three tribes of Jiang have been fighting for a long time. When these cultivators crossed through Jiang to make it to Endless Land, these tribes were still fighting.

That was only a few months ago, how could they be unified now?

Feiyun actually didn’t know either. However, since the goddess from the last generation has come back to life, she should be able to unite them with a single command given her prestige and cultivation.

“What happened there for them to unify?”

“Did the court mobilize against them? That’s gotta be it for Feiyun to be so confident.”

Most were confused but the latecomers knew what was going on.

For example, Wu Qinghua stepped up, looking like a woman coming out of a painting: “Ancient Jiang is indeed unified now. The legendary goddess from the last generation has returned. She sat in the temple and said one phrase before the three tribe lords prostrated before her. Even the shamans and witches of Qian immediately ran to ancient Jiang to pay homage.” 

This shocked the crowd even more. They became overwhelmed with waves of emotions.

“!!! The goddess from the last generation? One of the four great masters. The other three are the high monks of Buddhism, the pillars of a generation. She’s back after 10,000 years?” One Giant heard this and trembled. He would never believe this if it didn’t come from a Buddhist Supreme.

No one thought Wu Qinghua would lie.

“Impossible. Even an Enlightened Being can only live for 3,000 years, 4,000 max. How can she live for that long?” An emotional voice came from a palace above.

Beiming Potian and the other geniuses were moved too. This sounded like a legend.

The grave of Beiming Qiujian lit up and formed a mirror. This light took a while to subside.

The voice inside spoke with respect: “The great goddess is indeed back. She’s talking with one palace lord from Sacred Spirit right now in her temple. The heretical king is there too. They will come when the treasury emerges.”

He used a forbidden art allowing his divine intents to fly out of Bronze Cauldron. He saw the great masters sitting inside the temple of the goddess. Outside were many shamans and witches, probably a few thousand.

The moment his divine intents got there, the heretical king noticed right away and shouted: “A fourth-tribulation Ghost King dares to spy?! You court death!”

Just the shout alone grievously wounded Beiming Qiujian, nearly shattering his divine intents.

“It’s fine. Life isn’t easy for a specter, please spare him.” The goddess said.

Spirit Palace Lord from Sacred Spirit said: “Specters are under the jurisdiction of the Yin World. You’ll offend Yin Mother by doing this.” 

“I suppose I can spare him since the two of you are asking.” The heretical king smiled and stopped.

Qiujian’s intents hurried back to Bronze Cauldron, still trembling with fear. These three masters were too frightening.

He was on the same level as an Enlightened Being yet he couldn’t stop them at all.

People didn’t know what to do. These invincible existences were all here? This treasury was pretty much an item in their pocket now. Who would dare to oppose them?

Feiyun actually didn’t care about whoever is coming or not. He told the young lord: “Isn’t it time for you to pay up since I’ve won. Hand over the four demonesses.”

The young lord shook his head: “Unified, yes, but it is under the rule of the goddess. We’re not the ruler in the shadows so no one won. It’s a tie.”

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