Chapter 711: Murder

Wu Qinghua had a bone to pick with Feng Feiyun. She was stripped naked and almost lost her virginity to him in a Buddhist hall. 

A while ago, after receiving the news of him having the Golden Silkworm Scripture, their first reaction was thinking that he was the thief and the father of the child.

Later on, the real news revealed that he had the real scripture, not a bone copy. Unfortunately, this made Wu Qinghua even more unhappy with him. After all, how could a Buddhist scripture fall into the hand of a devil? She wanted to capture him and forced him to hand it over.

Therefore, these nuns came for the scripture, not the demonic treasury.

However, Wu Qinghua decided to watch since the third lord of Heaven Witchcraft had taken the initiative.


“The world knows that I have it? How come I don’t? When and where did the scripture appear? And here I am, stuck in Endless Land for several months now with no idea about what’s going on outside.” Feiyun stood on top of a snowy peak and smiled.

The world also knew about his entry to Endless Land. That’s why they were skeptical about the claim.

Shi Zhenxiang wasn’t smart and had no response. His face turned red, lips trembled, and fists clenched.

“Buddhist Supreme I don’t think the demon’s son has the scripture. Plus, we have some ties with him, should we help?” Chan Ling’er actually liked Feng Feiyun and wanted to help.

She could see that Zhenxiang was a powerful Giant due to his immense aura. Feiyun might die without help.

“Let him die, there will be one fewer villain in this world.” On the other hand, Chi Yao hated him since this “devil” touched her breasts repeatedly when they were imprisoned by the people from Senluo.

Chi Yao and Chan Ling’er were top prodigies in Beastmaster Camp. They came along with the Buddhist Supremes to train.

Wu Qinghua frowned and coldly said: “Ling’er, you best not have a good opinion of this devil. He wears a good bag of skin but the inside is filthy. Nalan Xuejian is miserable because of him. Hmph!” 

Ling’er sighed after thinking about Xuejian’s current situation.

Chi Yao had a white robe, looking just like a flawless flower. She glared at Feiyun while imagining him being beaten down by Zhenxiang; her lips curled into a smirk.

Others wanted to watch this fun show too. They believed that he was too young to be a match for a Giant regardless of his illustrious battle records.

“We’ll see in a bit if you have the scripture or not after I search you.” Zhenxiang uttered coldly.

“You dare to search me, the Divine King? Who do you think you are?” A murderous intent flashed in Feiyun’s eyes.

Luo Yu’er’s grandpa was killed by Zhenxiang and Feiyun had agreed to avenge him for her. Thus, Feiyun would go find this guy later anyway even if he didn’t provoke him.

“So it is really on you then, that’s why you don’t dare to let me search.” Zhenxiang sneered.

“Not to mention that you’re only a third lord, even your first lord would need to prostrate to greet me. Your insolence has no bound. Come, try and search me if you dare.” Feiyun scoffed.

“I won’t hold back then.” Zhenxiang’s legs were as big as pillars and brimming with power. Each of his steps made the area tremble. He was definitely a Giant, a top master in Jin.

Some smiled, thinking that it would be very hilarious to watch the number one genius be beaten up by a barbarian.

Zhenxiang only needed four steps to be in front of Feiyun. He thought that Feiyun would utilize his great speed to escape but no, the guy just let him get this close. ‘It’s his funeral today then.’

“Boom!” The moment Zhenxiang raised his hand, a mighty shockwave emerged. This palm strike was enough to crush a mountain.

“Crack!” Feiyun retaliated with a punch hitting Zhenxiang’s palm.

The force was unreal, blowing Zhenxian’s hand backward before ripping that arm out of its socket completely.

People couldn’t believe it - one punch was enough to dismember a Giant?

Feiyun didn’t use a spirit treasure either. That was purely physical.

Zhenxiang retreated dozens of meters away. Fear and shock flashed in his eyes, enough to cause him to forget about the pain.

The boy he has been chasing all this time was strong enough to take him down now?

“You overestimate yourself.” Feiyun wiped the blood off his fist.

Zhenxiang reacted quickly and started running, aware that he wasn’t a match for Feiyun.

Alas, the moment he turned around, he saw Feiyun standing in front of him and unleashing a kick.

This kick destroyed his knee so he was forced to the ground, twitching with pain.

“Feng… Feng Feiyun… you… you must have gotten the scripture, that’s the only way your cultivation could increase this… much…” He gritted his teeth and shouted.

“You don’t understand the improvement speed of a genius.” Feiyun placed his palm on Zhenxiang’s head: “Do you know why you must die? It’s because you have slain a friend of mine. A life for a life.”

Zhenxiang didn’t know who Feiyun was referring to and chose to retaliate by grabbing his treasure bone that used to belong to a beast king.

Unfortunately, his head got crushed before he could grab this weapon, broken like a smashed watermelon. Feiyun remained calm as if he had only killed a dog. [1]

The crowd shuddered after seeing the swift death of a Giant.

“That devil… regained his original nature, so bloodthirsty.” Wu Qinghua took a deep breath.

Chi Yao and Chan Ling’er became frightened. A few months ago, his cultivation was not that much higher than theirs. Now, he could easily kill a Giant? Was there that big of a gap between their innate talents?

Many exchanged glances. Originally, they were skeptical of the news regarding Giants from Senluo Templebeing killed by him. Now, the next terrifying question became - is he a historical Giant at twenty years of age?

That would be horrifying.

“Feng Feiyun has matured now, only an ancestor-level character could take him down.” Someone said.

“Is this the cultivation speed of a genius?” 

A few seniors looked over at Li Xiaonan and Beiming Potian. These two remained nonchalant. It seemed that they might have reached a powerful stage too, not afraid of Feiyun’s mighty display in the slightest.

Feiyun took off the jade-like beast bone from Zhenxiang’s back and threw it towards the darkness.

An old man was struck a dozen miles away; his shoulder broken and bloodied.

Feiyun summoned it back and coldly uttered: “Gu Lida, I shall kill you today for the sake of Witch God Temple.”

This old man was awfully thin, covered in leather clothing and had a black light shrouding him: “Feiyun, you think you can kill me just because you can kill Zhenxiang?”

He was a top shaman from Witch God Temple and the senior uncle of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng. He conspired with Senluo Temple to capture Luo Yu’er, wanting to use the ancient ceremony to take the divine tree out of her body and summon their great god.

He was certainly a threat that should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Most people here didn’t know who he was but could tell that he was a top master among Giants, definitely stronger than Zhenxiang.

Those who knew who he is thought that Feiyun was being quite bold to go against someone of this high status.

Gu Lida raised his piece of leather. A diagram emerged on the surface depicting mountains and rivers. Its light illuminated the area.

This was the fur of a beast king. The innate aura was immensely destructive.

Feiyun stomped on the ground and used one of the eight Minor Change Arts. He controlled the momentum of heaven and earth. A great mountain floated up and smashed straight down at Gu Lida.

Meanwhile, he created a Heaven Punishing Hammer and smashed the entire area. The mountain broke to pieces, the same with Gu Lida beneath.

Feiyun didn’t hold back and murdered this master from the last generation with a single stomp.

The piece of leather flew into his hand. It was definitely precious and shouldn’t be wasted.

1. Just a phrase, don’t be offended.

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