Chapter 710: Groups Arriving

Feng Feiyun didn’t fully digest the medicinal property of the fruit in just two days. Nevertheless, he was at peak sixth-level Heaven’s Mandate. Reaching the seventh level was only a matter of time.

Another three days would have sufficed if it wasn’t for the “earth devouring the heaven” phenomenon happening.

“Rumble!” The entire mountain range trembled with violent quakes. The snowy peaks collapsed; the everlasting glaciers cracked.

Feiyun and Little Demoness got out of their cave and activated their heavenly gaze.

They looked over at the other side of the range and saw a massive gap on the ground. Its length remained unknown but it was over one hundred miles wide, just like a black eye slowly opening.

Suddenly, an overwhelming force below turned into a maelstrom and started sucking in everything. A gigantic bird above struggled several times but still fell into the gap.

The peak where the two were was far from the abyss. However, they could still sense the terrible force. They used spirit energy in order to stabilize their stance.

“Earth devours heaven first and now vice versa. The treasury is definitely coming out today.” Feiyun said.

A great mountain appeared on the horizon. On top was a tablet towering at one hundred meters with a terrifying and suffocating aura within.

“Beiming Potian.” Feiyun saw the man standing in front of the tablet, wielding a great word and in full armor plates.

Beiming Potian also noticed him standing on the peak. His battle intent surged and materialized into flames. The sword behind him issued loud roars.

“Feiyun, you finally show yourself.” Potian looked like a war god; his voice extremely dignified.

“I’m always ready to fight.” Feiyun smiled.

Feiyun could sense Potian’s monstrous vitality. This guy clearly underwent a cultivation baptism in his clan after becoming the next clan master, perhaps taught by the real experts there. His cultivation was extremely high now, perhaps at the seventh level or even higher.

However, Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all. The guy as a historical Giant might not be able to defeat him.

Beiming Potian was about to take action but a cold voice came from the grave, seemingly giving him instruction.

Potian calmed down and said: “Yes, Ancestor.”

He glared at Feiyun before turning towards the great chasm, waiting for the demonic treasury.

A while later, Li Xiaonan and the experts from the last generation of Sacred Spirit Palace have arrived. They looked like a group of suns illuminating the area.

The palace actually sent ten experts but two have died to a demon spirit. Of course, these eight men were still extremely powerful and looked like immortals.

The top experts in the five dynasties gathered in Sacred Spirit. Seventy-percent of all Enlightened Beings would go there. Thus, this power far exceeded any clan or sect. 

Even the ancestor from the Beiming moved a dozen miles back after seeing them.

Li Xiaonan stood before the old man, looking as gallant and cool as ever. He glanced at Feiyun for a bit before withdrawing his gaze.

“Who are they, thinking they’re so cool?” Little Demoness was annoyed at this group.

“They’re from Sacred Spirit.” Feiyun smiled.

She stopped talking after hearing this. Sacred Spirit Palace was more influential in Jin than the court. The stronger the master, the more they feared Sacred Spirit Palace. This went double for the two palace lords who were extremely strong.

A God Disciple there had the same status as Feiyun who was a Divine King.

Feiyun saw Mo Daodao again on another snowy peak. She calmly gazed towards the horizon. The three beasts sat nearby, still eating something and looking cute.

“Very strong indeed.” Feiyun nodded. He was going all out to stop the sucking force yet she could just stand there looking transcending. Her cultivation clearly far surpassed him.

Three more black rays have arrived - Ximen Sude, Jin Tang, and Gu Bazhi. They didn’t come close either, aware that their cultivation wasn’t enough to compete against the real masters here and only wanted to test their luck.

A group from Senluo Temple finally appeared - all in black. They were led by a man wearing a ghost mask with a ferocious grimace and a cold pair of eyes. His cultivation was also incredible.

Behind him were Life and Death Walker along with many supreme elders and protectors - a mighty group.

Many people turned to look. Even the eight old men from Sacred Spirit Palace started to talk while looking at them.

Feng Feiyun noticed the four beauties in that group; all with a bracelet containing a drop of Nangong Hongyan’s blood.

The young lord knew Feiyun wanted these drops so his intention of bringing the four girls here was clear.

“That man in the ghost mask is the heretical young lord, rumored to be Void, first place in the upper heretical list. So young yet capable of taking on the top masters from the last generation already.”

“Those two walkers are top dogs yet they still stand behind him, looks like this person is special.”

“What a strange time, this generation has so many geniuses, more than the previous 10,000 years combined. Beiming Potian, Li Xiaonan, Feng Feiyun, that heretical young lord, and can’t forget Little Demoness of the Feng either. There’s a ranking but none of them accept it so battles are inevitable. That’s the only way to find out who is stronger.”

More cultivators have arrived. Big shots from the last generation along with prodigies who tagged along.

Lifeless Realm and Nether Realm had men here too. The lord of Lifeless personally came using a floating palace.

As for Nether Realm, it had an ancestor among the top ten great masters of Jin. However, this ancestor was rumored to be dead from old age, leaving a successor behind.

This successor was here today, very young with nine swords floating in the back. This was another historical genius with an impressive aura.

Sects from Earthchild, corpse caves from Northern Frontier, clans from Myriad Mines, the four great clans… Top powers from Jin all sent experts here.

They might not want to monopolize the treasury but still wanted a piece of the prize.

Of course, many have died along the way here in Bronze Cauldron. Not everyone was lucky enough to have a vessel like Feng Feiyun.

For example, the ones from Xiyue have all been killed. Not one made it here.

“Feng Feiyun, I finally found you, hand over the Golden Silkworm Scripture and I’ll spare you.” A tall man wearing leather and holding beast bones landed in front of Feiyun, causing cracks to spread far on the ground.

“Oh, Third Lord Shi of Heaven Witchcraft Division, long time no see. What are you talking about though? Golden Silkworm is a sacred scripture that has been missing for more than ten thousand years. You should be digging in the ancient ruins instead of asking me for it.” Feiyun looked at him and smiled.

He has changed his golden energy strands into faint blue energy with the help of the vessel. Even an Enlightened Being couldn’t see through it.

“Keke, everyone knows that you have it, don’t play dumb. Hand it over, that’s the only way you might leave this place alive.” Shi Zhenxiang sneered while feeling very jealous.

This guy always had a different beauty each time. In fact, others were very unhappy about this too, not just him.

A while ago, people wanted to ask him about the scripture but they didn’t want to be the first to do so.

After all, Feiyun had high status in Jin on top of being powerful. It would be creating an enemy for no reason if he didn’t have the scripture. No one wanted to do something so unwise.

On another side, Wu Qinghua was gritting her teeth and wanted to attack him. The other Buddhist Supremes managed to stop her and Shi Zhenxiang became the first to come forward.

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