Chapter 71: Son of an Evil Demon

Three days later! Wild geese were flying in the air.

The plain was filled with wild grass, around nine feet high, that flooded even the heads of people.

Feng Feiyun jumped out from the wild grass and flew towards the endless sky. The spirit energy in his body was abundant. A seedling inside his dantian shined brightly and seemed to be magically spirited.

His injured calf, under the power of the Spirit Spring Water, had completely recovered and only left a small purple scar behind.

“Intermediate Immortal Foundation. The Spirit Spring Water is indeed worthy of being a great treasure.”

Feng Feiyun landed on the ground and looked towards the far direction.

Even though he was expelled from the Feng Clan and even his own clan was implicated as well, he didn’t want to be a fool that acted on impulse. Just the power of one person couldn’t go up against an entire clan.

At least, right now he couldn’t!

“Three days have passed… Only four more days left. First, I have to find the Na Lan Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads. As long as I have these two great treasures, there is no place in this big world that I can’t go to! Why the need to bury myself in the tiny Feng Clan?”

There was a clue in Feng Feiyun’s mind. The painting in the godly temple was very similar to the immortal robe that he saw in the mansion inside Violet Firmament Ancient City.

However, because so much time had passed, the engravings on the painting had become faint. It was faded to the point where, at that moment, he didn’t connect the two things together. It wasn’t until today, when he was cultivating in the wild plain, that he was able to remember this matter.

Feng Feiyun’s heart was very anxious. He was afraid that Du Shougao would get there first!

Violet Firmament Ancient City was the stronghold of the Feng Clan and now, the entire clan was chasing him. Once he appeared, it would lead to countless experts trapping him. Therefore, he had no choice but to wear a black hat, change into an exotic monastic robe, and carry his buddhist staff into the city.

Just like a buddhist monk from a foreign land, it was not rare to see this type of monastic clothing in Violet Firmament Ancient City.

“The Feng Clan’s reputation suffered quite a bit this time. A little fifth generation disciple offending a descendant of the royal Yin Gou Clan, isn’t this the same as eating a leopard’s gall bladder?”

“The old men of the Feng Clan must not be comfortable at the moment. They’re suffering from the suppression of the Yin Gou Clan and could only relieve their anger on their own youths.”

“Anyway, I still feel that this time, it won’t be so easily resolved. Wait until the Feng experts capture Feng Feiyun; I’m sure there will be some unforeseen changes.”


Feng Feiyun sat in an extravagant restaurant in Violet Firmament Ancient City as he ate vegetarian food, but he didn’t expect to arrive just when other young cultivators were talking about his business.

The cultivations within this young crowd weren’t very high, no one reached the Immortal Foundation realm. They were just disciples of small sects in the city.

Even though there were many orders posted across the city with his portrait, because he was wearing a black hat, these people couldn’t recognize him.

Many footsteps noises busily appeared. Then, it was followed by an excited voice:

“More big news just came. It turns out that the person excommunicated by the Feng Clan is Feng Feiyun, an offspring of an evil demon. His bloodline is not pure, resulting in the degradation of the official Feng Clan’s bloodline. This was why the Feng Clan master wanted to punish him.”

A fatty banged the table and laughed:

“How could you believe such nonsense? Since the inception of the Jin Dynasty till now, all of the evil demons had been expelled to near non-existence. These old men from the Feng Clan saying this laughable stuff… isn’t it just them trying to save some face? Because in the end, if this news were to be spread, the Feng Clan would be known to succumb to the Yin Gou Clan’s pressure and had to make a move against their own child — such an embarrassment to their face! Hahaha!”

“This matter is absolutely true. It was claimed by a child from the Feng Clan; that Feng Feiyun’s mother was an evil demon and she had an inappropriate relationship with his father.”

Feng Feiyun couldn’t maintain his silence and said:

“Is there any evidence?”

“Of course there is evidence. I heard the informer was the adopted brother of Feng Feiyun. He found the hidden evil demon robe that Feng Feiyun’s father was hiding; there was definitely the aura of an evil demon. After the clan master of the Feng Clan found out, he was outraged and declared that if they captured Feng Feiyun, they would burn him to ashes with the Second Dark Hell Flame.”

“This matter was made public today to almost the entire Violet Firmament Ancient City. If you don’t believe it, you could go to the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion to ask the adopted brother of Feng Feiyun. I heard this person made a great contribution so the heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan are celebrating there with him.”

Even though Feng Feiyun wasn’t clear on everything, on why these people were calling his mother an evil demon, he was sure that the informer was Feng Suiyu.

Feng Suiyu initially was just a child beggar on the streets of Spirit State City. Feng Wanpeng pitied him so he adopted him as a son and from then on, he became an influential character in Spirit State City.

He didn’t expect that when Father was thinking so highly of him, he would turn out to be the first to betray Father — truly biting the hands that fed him.

Feng Feiyun was no longer in the mood to eat. At the moment, he only wanted to murder.

The Intoxicated Jade Pavilion was one of the largest brothels in Violet Firmament Ancient City. The women here were feminine and gentle like water, talented and beautiful. They were not lacking girls who were gifted in the arts of poetry and music, but in the end, they still had to become a man’s doll on the bed, with the exception of having a higher price compared to other girls.

Feng Feiyun was still wearing his exotic monastic robe along with a black hat covering his face. The iron rings on top of his buddhist staff hit each other and created clanking sounds. He stopped in front of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion.

This place was worthy of being a hole to throw gold into. Just the outside resembled an extravagant palace of an Emperor. Both sides of the paved white marbled roads had eight young girls that were vibrant with youth, wore makeup, had white skin like jade, and were alluring to the point where if you pinched them, water would come out.

They stood under lines of hanging lanterns. Their already revealing clothes blew along with the evening breeze and couldn’t be described as anything other than sultry flowers.

“It is a great day with a beautiful scene, us beautiful women are lonely. Monks of the buddhist faith aim to enlighten all living beings. Great monk, will you enlighten us girls tonight for just a little bit?”

A beauty with a slender figure, who carried a colorful lantern, headed towards Feng Feiyun and greeted. The voice of this beauty was soft and sweet and naturally carried along with it an alluring charm that was irresistible.

She exuded a sweet scene, neither too heavy nor faint. When she approached Feng Feiyun, this scene was like a tsunami and encompassed him.

Any man who whiffed this fragrance, even if they clearly knew that she was a prostitute, wouldn’t be able to help but consider her like their first love.

“Great Monk, why aren’t you saying anything? Do you truly look down on Su Su, this worldly woman?”

The black blinking eyes of this woman called Su Su let out two drops of tears. She seemed to be able to cry on command.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun’s heart was filled with killing intent and only wanted to rush in and dice this asshole, Feng Suiyu, into eight pieces. However, after being tempted by this woman, his heart calmed down quite a bit and wasn’t quite in a hurry as before.

This dog Feng Suiyu, he will absolutely die tonight. There is no need to rush at this moment to kill him.

“This monk’s heart is filled with lust without the guts to commit the deed. He stood in front of the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion for so long but despite all of my efforts, he wouldn’t take the bait. He’s truly driving this miss mad.”

Su Su dried her fake tears and angrily stomped her feet, wanting to leave.

“Amitabha, if one was to say that buddha will enlighten the fateful, then earlier this poor monk had respectfully reported to buddha. Buddha said that this poor monk and Young Miss are fateful. Tonight, no matter what, this poor monk will enlighten Young Miss.”

Feng Feiyun let out a chant for the buddha and immediately went towards the Intoxicated Jade Pavilion with the staff in one hand and Su Su in his other.

This scene caused the girls, who were soliciting customers outside of the pavilion, to glance at each other in confusion. This monk was truly something else. Hearing his words, it seemed like he was obeying buddha to come here and patronize prostitutes.

The Intoxicated Jade Pavilion was truly worthy of being a paradise for men. One could easily see beautiful women everywhere. With countless wines and cuisines, even an enlightened monk would want to stay here for a couple more days.

The moment he entered, he noticed Feng Suiyu on the third floor with three other talents from the Feng Clan. Each was handsome with a godly presence that contained a huge amount of power and caused the ones without business to stay away from them.

“Those are the four red cards of our Intoxicated Jade Pavilion. Each of them was worth one thousand gold coins per night, only the Feng talents could invite them.”

Su Su, seeing Feng Feiyun’s gaze towards that direction, thought that Feiyun was looking at the four hostesses, so she reminded him.

The four hostesses were truly stunning beauties. Their age did not exceed twenty. Some carried an elegant air while others had a cold arrogance, as well as a touch of gentleness alongside an alluring charm.

Just obtaining one from the four would be a man’s joy in his life. Moreover, the four of them were all gathered in the same place. Feng Suiyu was served by all of them so naturally, he was smiling from ear to ear.

“Brother Suiyu, I can’t believe you were able to steal the evil demon robe. You, indeed, made a grand contribution for the clan. I heard that the clan master is going to have an upper echelon meeting in order to determine your reward. This is truly a good cause for celebration.”

A Feng Clan genius, who wore a white robe, gave a toast with a wine cup in his hand. It was a joyous occasion to be drinking with beautiful women.

“I heard that the evil demon robe was rather extraordinary. The demon energy even suppressed an elder to death and turned him into pus and blood. In the end, a few ancestors had to activate their spirit treasures in order to barely suppress it. This kind of evil item, how did brother Suiyu steal it before?”

Feng Suiyu let off a smirk and said:

“The evil demon robe belonged to Feng Feiyun’s mother and in Feiyun’s body, the demon bloodline of his mother runs rampant. As long as you use Feng Feiyun’s blood and spread it over your hands, you wouldn’t have to worry about the power of the robe. This matter, I had already reported to the ancestors. This was also why the clan master was so eager to capture Feng Feiyun.”

“I understand now. This time, the ancestors want to capture Feng Feiyun and use his blood to refine the evil robe. If they could control the evil robe, then the power of our Feng Clan would increase by countless times. Then, we wouldn’t have to be so fearful of the Yin Gou Clan.”

“Hmph, Feng Jue, whisper. This is a secret matter. Wait until we capture the brat Feng Feiyun, then we can celebrate.”

Another young man warned.

Feng Suiyu slightly glanced at him and smiled:

“Oldest Brother, you are way too careful. With the peerless cultivation of us brothers, dealing with Feng Feiyun is as easy as killing a flea. Within three days, Feng Feiyun will definitely die.”

“Hahaha! This is indeed inevitable. If he doesn’t die, Suiyu, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to live in peace.”

A white robed man, with a hat on, smiled with many implications.

“I have broken through the early Immortal Foundation realm. Even if ten Feng Feiyuns stood in front of me, I can still kill him ten times with one fist.”

Feng Suiyu loudly laughed with a hint of contempt in his eyes. Then, he pinched the chest of the beauty sitting next to him and emptied his wine cup.

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