Chapter 709: The Treasury Appears

The wintry cliff was unreasonably cold.

Feng Chi stood there with empty eyes, looking handsome yet cold with an aura of vicissitude.

He used to be the greatest genius in the history of the Feng. Unfortunately, he fell at Banda Mountain.

Now, he has once climbed out of the grave, still as brilliant as ever. Alas, as a corpse evil, not human.

“Feng Mo sealed him in the ancestral ground wanting to turn him into the greatest corpse for fighting. Whitey and I snuck in there and took him out before running.” Little Demoness said.

“What happened next?” Feiyun stared at the unmoving corpse.

“Feng Mo sent many experts after us then we met the ones from Qian. They thought that these experts were our seniors and killed them all. I took advantage of that and ran into Bronze Cauldron.” She smiled.

“So that’s what happened yet you pretended to be pitiful just a while ago. Everyone got tricked by you.” Feiyun didn’t know what to say.

“Big Bro, you can’t take it back. I’m going with you.” Little Demoness ran over and grabbed his arm. Red lips, white teeth, bright eyes, hair as long as a waterfall - all essential parts of a beauty. Alas, she didn’t have the manners of one at all.

Suddenly, Feiyun’s eyes narrowed as he summoned his weapon essence while staring at the entrance.

Little Demoness noticed something as well and became cautious.

“Rustle.” Footsteps were incoming.

“The gales are getting worse, may I have shelter here?” A very pleasant voice from a woman came from outside. It could be heard clearly despite the violent winds.

“Big Bro, she sounds pretty.” Little Demoness shook his arm back and forth.

Feiyun glared at her before speaking: “Of course.”

Those in this place right now were obviously powerful. However, Feiyun wasn’t afraid since they had a monstrous corpse evil on their side. Only an Enlightened Being could take them down.

She walked past the bell and made it into the cave, revealing her perfect features, fair skin, and insane curves.

Beneath her fox fur was a light-yellow dress. She held a cute-looking pekingese in her arms.

Three tiny animals were behind her - a pig covered in scales, a red rabbit, and a tiger walking on two feet. They were very small, even the largest one, the tiger, was only half a meter tall. Its head was as big as a soup bowl.

The four animals were as cute as can be, especially the white-snow pekingese. It had pretty eyelashes and a clear pair of eyes with long fur, looking like a pretty little miss.

“Wa, wa!” A dog barked, not the pekingese but Whitey barking like one.

Its eyes lit up and jumped out of Little Demoness’ chest. It ran towards the woman and stared at the pekingese, full of excitement and barking nonstop.

On the contrary, the pekingese looked noble and elegant, only giving Whitey a quick glance before closing its eyes.

‘The little kitty is in heat?’ Feiyun chuckled.

“Come back here, Whitey! You’re a cat, you two have no future together!” Little Demoness shouted in a serious manner. Feiyun almost burst out laughing after hearing this.

The fox-fur woman had a similar aura to Nangong Hongyan. However, Feiyun could sense a strand of demonic energy on her. The four little animals were not normal too.

They looked cute on the outside but had a radiance hidden within, especially the pekingese. He felt great pressure from this particular one.

‘The owner of that inn.’ Feiyun only saw her faint figure back in Spirit Domain Inn but could still recognize her right now.

“My given name is Yaoyao, last name’s Mo. You must be the world-renowned Divine King.” Mo Yaoyao elegantly sat down on an ice boulder, looking gentle and enchanting.

The three animals sat down on the boulder as well, forming a half-circle. They seemed to be eating something.

Whitey was held back by Little Demoness now but it kept on looking at the pekingese. Its amber eyes turned into a crescent shape as it occasionally barked.

“The Mo of the fox tribe has its main branch in Firmament and is considered a prestigious clan.” Feiyun said.

“I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Yaoyao had a natural smile on her face.

“Yea, what are you talking about, Big Bro?” Little Demoness added.

“Haha, I’m just saying random things.” Feiyun laughed then decided to meditate instead.

He was at the late-stage of the sixth level now, only a little bit till the seventh level. At that point, he would be considered a Giant.

A historical genius Giant was a big deal, impossible to gauge using conventional wisdom.

Once reaching this realm, these geniuses could finally soar and become top experts in Jin. Only Enlightened Beings would be able to suppress them. Ninth-level cultivators alone might not be enough.

Thus, Feiyun truly wanted to reach this level as soon as possible. Of course, he was interested in this woman who was potentially a demon too.

He wanted to know how she got here and her real identity but it seemed that she didn’t wish to divulge. Her cultivation seemed unfathomable too. Prying might provoke her and that would have a negative effect.

The reason why he made that guess earlier was to remind her of his own demon mother, serving as a deterrence and stopping her from doing anything crazy.

“Firmament” wasn’t an independent world, just another part of a continent. It was numerous times larger than Jin and consisted primarily of demons.

The fox tribe wasn’t a top-ranking one. Plus, the top ones there were subservient to the phoenix tribe anyway.

He believed that the reason she’s here right now was to figure out who his mother is. Thus, his comment told her that he also knew about Firmament and that his mother should be more powerful than her tribe - a warning of sorts.

Sure enough, Yaoyao said goodbye a while later and left.

“That brat knows quite a bit.” They made some distance from that peak and the rabbit spoke.

“No need to worry about him.” Yaoyao pondered for a bit before speaking: “If his mother is really a top expert in Firmament, there’s no need for us to offend him. Of course, no point in pleasing him either. The treasury is about to come out so the next two days will be very exciting.”

The three little animals became excited with spirited eyes, ready to fight with surging battle intentions.

Their auras could be sensed by the other beasts nearby and started a wave of howls.


Feiyun and Little Demoness continued hiding in the cave, quietly waiting for the treasury to open.

Feiyun took out a damaged spirit fruit the size of a duck egg with a milky-white hue. It had verdant leaves growing out of it with a green jade color.

This was a 4,000-year-old spirit fruit named Precious Mist. It was filled with spirit energy inside with auspiciousness. It had lost some medicinal effects due to the damage but it was still very useful for increasing one’s cultivation.

“Reaching the seventh level should be easy after digesting this entire thing.” Feiyun didn’t hesitate at all and used it. He put away the shiny core in the middle that looks just like a spirit stone.

Spirit energy oozed out of his skin so he started glowing.

He found a total of nine fruits along with certain leaves and trunks. The latter was used for alchemy, even more precious than spirit grass.

The 8,000-year typha fruit was naturally the most precious. He planned to save it for reaching the Enlightened Being realm.

In fact, using it for this purpose was considered a waste too. He really didn’t want to do so unless there was no other choice.

‘If only I have gotten that 10,000-year fruit.’ He thought before smiling for being too silly.

First, that fruit was being protected by a demon spirit. Moreover, it certainly had its own consciousness and would run away. He wouldn’t have been able to catch it even if he were at the Giant realm. Doing so forcefully was suicidal. He might have a chance after becoming an Enlightened Being.


Two days later, the other side of the mountain range had an “earth devouring the heaven” phenomenon. The world turned dark with nonstop explosions.

The demonic treasury was coming out!

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