Chapter 708: Inside Whitey's Stomach

Feiyun was chased for two days and three nights by Shyflower and Second Boss.

Their speed was insane on top of having a dog-like nose - virtually impossible to lose them.

Due to the rushed escape, Feiyun had no idea where he was going and became lost for the second time.

A cultivator at his level wouldn’t lose their direction so easily but his divine intents and senses were suppressed by an unknown power in Bronze Cauldron. The entire place resembled a boundless labyrinth without walls.

Feiyun finally made it to the gigantic mountain range that was several times higher than the clouds. It had no vegetation and was always covered in a layer of ice. This temperature resembled the northern region.

As night fell, a blizzard started at the top of the mountain range with snowflakes as big as a hand.

The chilling gales sounded like roaring beasts. The flakes struck like blades, issuing bumping sounds on the flesh.

“This place is huge, I can’t believe I needed three days to get up here. How long is it and where does it lead to?” Feiyun stood on a snowy peak, filled with snow from top to bottom. 

There were fractured spaces all around him so he needed to tread carefully. Moving too fast would result in falling inside.

If he were lucky, he would be trapped in a random dimension. Unlucky? He would be severed into pieces.

“At least I lost those bandits.” Feiyun didn’t want to return to Huang Feng Ridge because he had the scripture right now.

It was precious enough to tempt Enlightened Being. Who knows if that mysterious First Boss will maneuver against him?

Prudence was the best choice. No one could be trusted right now.

“Poof!” A spatial gap flew through the mountain range just like the shadow of a gate. It spanned for three meters with nothing but blackness. A mortal would think that it was an evil spirit.

“Boom!” This gap slammed into the peak and easily penetrated it before flying away.

More and more spatial gaps appeared, also larger in size as well. Some were several hundred meters long, looking just like a heavenly gate.

This was the “heaven devouring the earth” phenomenon, consisting of numerous spatial gaps. They swallowed the earth, sometimes thousands of miles, leaving nothing but a void zone.

“Meow.” A kitty flew over and landed next to his feet. It was covered in snow, looking quite fat. Only its amber eyes were still shiny like the stars above.

Feiyun smiled wryly, realizing that he still got caught. He picked up the kitty and wiped the snow away, revealing the character “nine” on its forehead.

“How did you find me, Whitey?” He smiled and asked.

“Meow, meow.” The cute creature stared at him with its round eyes while rubbing its head against his hand.

“Whitey’s nose is amazing, it can find you wherever you are.” A beauty slowly walked over in the snowstorm.

She wore a faint blue dress with a cap and a fur cape, both red. Her black hair draped to the waist, tied into two sections by brocade ribbons. Her thin and tall figure was peerless. Her face was incomparable, especially her spirited eyes rippling with autumn waves.

Little Demoness - Feng Qing’er.

“Why does this kitty have a better nose than a dog?” Feiyun saw her and smiled.

“Whitey is weird. It eats bones and bark at the moon every full moon. It’s more like a dog than anything.” Qing’er looked cultured and refined right now, just like a noble daughter with ample breasts and a slender waist. She had a sad expression on her face, invoking sympathy from everyone.

‘This is Little Demoness?’ Feiyun blinked once, thinking that this was a different person.

‘She must be up to something then.’ He believed.

Feiyun changed back to his initial appearance - young and handsome on top of being muscular. His facial features were well-defined, accentuated by his bright eyes and free-flowing hair. All the girls loved someone like this. He also seemed relaxed and unrestrained.

Feiyun gave Whitey back to her. She was only half a head shorter than him now, no longer the same little girl.

People were right, girls really changed once they hit eighteen years of age.

“Go back, you shouldn't have come here.” He said.

“I can’t go back…” Her brows furrowed, filled with sadness.

The two of them found an ice cave on a snowy peak with the shape of a canine tooth to hide from the chilling gales. He used his huge bell to block the entrance.

Qing’er sat on an ice boulder while holding Whitey, telling Feiyun about what happened in the clan after his departure.

“So you ran away from home?” He frowned after listening.

“Yes, we made it out thanks to the help of several uncles. We didn’t know where to go and wanted to find you but got ambushed by people from Qian. They killed everyone, I’m the only one who managed to escape.” Qing’er started crying as she leaned on his shoulder: “I was very afraid with only Whitey to keep me company but I’m not anymore.”

Feiyun smelled something sweet coming from her, not to mention her soft breasts pushing on him. However, he didn’t have a single perverted thought.

He calmly embraced her and stroked her hair, not completely sold on her story. This girl was better at tricking people than him.

“Feng Mo became so emotionless, I see, looks like Yama’s heart has changed him completely.” Feiyun said.

“Yes, the clan master changed completely after you left. Whitey told me that it saw him eating hearts from disciples of the main branches, the talented and powerful ones.” Qing’er slightly trembled and gripped his sleeves tighter, seemingly afraid that she would be next.

“That brat is indeed capable, able to fuse with my heart completely on top of using its power in full. Unfortunately, his cultivation is too weak, the same with his body. Feeding that evil heart requires eating one heart each day and it must be from someone with a similar bloodline.” Yama’s cruel and sarcastic voice sounded.

Feiyun’s eyes turned sharp.

“His cultivation grows stronger after each consumption. The stronger the victim, the bigger the increase. Brat, I’m sure your heart is his biggest target.” Yama went on.

“My cultivation isn’t high enough for him to want my heart right now. I believe that he is waiting till we reach the ninth or pseudo level before making his move. He definitely won’t touch me before that or will protect me at all costs.” Feiyun said coldly.

“Makes sense, you got a plan?” Yama didn’t want Feiyun to die either since he has uses for the guy.

“We’ll see.” Feiyun has always been wary of Feng Mo so he wasn’t surprised to hear Qing’er story.

“Qingqing, you’ll be in more danger following me. Feng Mo won’t eat your heart since you’re too weak right now. We’re the two most gifted in the clan and our hearts are the most precious too. Go back to the clan for now.” Feiyun said.

Qing’er shook her head repeatedly with tears flowing down: “No, I’m scared, I just want to go with your, Big Bro, I won’t hold you back at all, just don’t throw me away.”

“Fine. Remember, your fate is in your own hand, grow stronger and you will never be afraid anymore.” Feiyun sighed and agreed.

“Good, there’s one more thing though.” Qing’er smiled brightly and looked up after hearing this. Not even one teardrop could be seen now. She grabbed Whitey’s tail and lifted it up.

Feiyun started questioning the validity of her story. She didn’t look like she was suffering from being chased by people from Qian bur rather enjoying the situation.

She rubbed Whitey’s stomach and squeezed its throat. Suddenly, the character “nine” on the kitty released a terrible light. 

It vomited a person shrouded in a holy and frightening aura. No, to be exact, this was a corpse evil.

It looked ancient and sad. There was no sign of decay. This male corpse looked quite heroic; its empty eyes were muddled.

“Feng Chi! Don’t tell me you escaped the clan because you stole him!” Feiyun got up, shocked.

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