Chapter 707: Identity Exposed

Ye Siwan was the messenger’s favorite student with eyes above her head and rarely praised someone else. This was her first time being so generous with words.

“Haha, Fairy Ye is too kind, I only know a few trivial arts and do not dare show off before you, Honorable White Moon Messenger.” Feiyun remained cautious towards her because her cultivation was most likely a little higher than Second Boss.

If she were to find out his identity, friends would turn into enemies right away. It was best to keep a distance from the Sun Moon crowd.

The messenger nodded. She saw the powerful cultivation of these three but they were still vagabonds and had lower status compared to her.

Siwan praised the guy for being gifted but in her opinion, he might not be as good as the guest alchemist and treasure-seekers in the sect. She could tell that they had no intention of joining so she didn’t push the issue.

She left to go get ready to dig out that tree and bring it back to her sect. She knew that some real monsters had arrived in Bronze Cauldron for the demonic treasury.

Sun Moon had numerous experts but they were nothing more than children in the eyes of these real masters. Aiming for the treasury might result in total obliteration.

This supreme spirit root alone was precious enough. Who knows if they would even be able to protect it? Thus, she decided to return to the sect right away.

“Mother, we’re not competing for the demonic treasury?” Liu Ruixin asked.

The messenger looked at the large tree and said: “We’ll be heroes after returning to the sect with this tree. If I’m correct, this tree is more precious than the one on Mount Potala.”

The beautiful Junior Aunt Yue added: “I’ve sent a message to the sect. The sect master will come out of isolated cultivation and wait outside of Bronze Cauldron for the escorting mission.”

“The sect master is coming too?” Ruixin was shocked to hear this.

“We didn’t think about obtaining any amazing treasure during this trip so we didn’t bring enough men. Many other sects will try to ambush us for this tree along the way, so the sect master will definitely come in person. This is related to our future prosperity, the owner of the number one spirit root in Jin will no longer be Mount Potala but us. Its name shall be… Sun Moon Divine Tree.” The messenger gave the tree a new name.

“Senior Sister is so gifted on top of this big contribution, it seems like she’ll become the next sect master for sure.” Ruixin was full of admiration.

She also became a bit sad because she was separated at the beginning from her senior sister. Otherwise, she could have been a part of this contribution.

“Oh… what is she talking to Uncle about?” She noticed Siwan over yonder.


“Uncle, you don’t want to think again about joining our sect?” Siwan stood on top of a towering cliff while surrounded by an auspicious fog; her skin as fair and soft as ever.

Feiyun put down the bell and chuckled: “Your master is very wary of us.”

“Master… she only thinks that tree is too precious and that you three might try to go for it, that’s all. Many masters are here in Bronze Cauldron right now including Enlightened Beings, even monsters in the top ten list. This place is very dangerous now so you should leave with us, it’ll be safer that way. We can separate after leaving this place if you don’t want to join.” Siwan said.

Feiyun didn’t answer.

“I can guarantee that Master won’t kill you to keep it a secret.” She added.

“I sincerely appreciate your good intention.” Feiyun smiled.

“I will have to leave with Master soon, what will you do in the future?” Siwan realized that the guy was also on guard against her master so she stopped trying to convince him.

“Seems like there’s nowhere you don’t dare to go. Visiting Mount Potala requires crossing through Earthchild and if you consider me a friend, you need to come to our sect once. Earthchild is the largest prefecture not counting Central Royal with many ruins. It has the legendary pagoda of the number one expert from Jin too.” She said.

“Number one expert?” Feiyun asked.

“Fo Canzi, the person who started the golden age of Buddhism. Some said he far surpassed the Enlightened Being realm. Most believed that he’s the one who compiled the Golden Silkworm Scripture and that if he didn’t leave Jin, that age of Buddhism wouldn’t have ended 10,000 years ago.” [1]

Feiyun became interested. After reaching a certain level, it became hard to improve in Jin due to a lack of resources. Thus, a Buddhist surpassing the Nirvana realm in Jin? The guy must have been an incredible genius.

Moreover, he was cultivating the silkworm scripture too. He wanted to go visit that pagoda given the chance.

“We’ll go over this again later since I don’t even know if I can leave Bronze Cauldron alive. Oh right, Fairy Ye, you got a spirit fruit this time that can improve your talents. Consuming it might turn you into a historical genius, I’m gonna have to call you Enlightened Being Ye in the future, haha!” He joked.

She knew that he was messing with her. She definitely became the top prospect in the sect now and had that spirit fruit. However, becoming an Enlightened Being was easier said than done despite trying for a lifetime.

“Sister Ye, we’re about to leave. Mother said that the three lords from Dark Realm will be spreading this information so we need to leave right now before being surrounded.” Ruixin was very unhappy with seeing Feiyun standing together with Siwan.

She felt that this uncle wanted to be an old ox eating young grass. Did he not take a look at his face and see how many wrinkles there are before trying to flirt with Sister Ye? Does he not know how many geniuses in Earthchild are trying to court Sister Ye? If he dared to set foot in Earthchild, these young geniuses will come to teach him a lesson.

“I have to go now.” Siwan said.

“The path of the grand dao is long and hazy just like the mortal coil. If I don’t appear again in this world, consider me killed in this place.” Feiyun said this vague statement.

Siwan didn’t really understand and followed her sect out of Bronze Cauldron, eventually disappearing into the horizon.

Feiyun remained on the cliff while his robe draped to the ground, gazing at the distance with a sad glance.

“The romantic Divine King lives up to his fame, knowing beauties everywhere and leaving debts in all places.” Second Boss came over and said loudly.

“You don’t understand, some girls are meant to be loved and others are only to be appreciated. The former is pleasurable but the men who learn how to appreciate and respect women are loved by all.” Feiyun said.

“Which type do you prefer?” Second Boss quietly lifted his axe with treachery in his eyes.

“Haha, I naturally want both but if I have to pick one… of course, it’ll be the former.” Feiyun summoned the bell and blocked the axe just in time.

The impact issued a loud sound and actually made the cliff sink down. Pieces started falling off.

Feiyun knew that Second Boss would do this and remained on guard the entire time. He used his Swift Samsara to the limit after the successful block.

“Feiyun, we are under the order of First Boss to bring you back to Huang Feng for your own good. Everyone is searching for you right now and only First Boss can protect you.” Second Boss gave chase, as fast as a wild beast. Each step of his took him dozens of miles.

“Who knows what your First Boss is scheming?” Feiyun admitted his identity.

“Feiyun, First Boss is closely related to you and won’t hurt you.” Shyflower appeared in another direction and said: “If you still don’t trust us, I’ll marry you and you’ll be my fourteenth husband.” 

Feiyun wasn’t actually moving that fast since he wanted to see their real cultivation. However, after hearing Shyflower, his speed doubled.

Little Demoness pulled on Whitey’s ear and told it to get going. She stared towards Feiyun’s figure with a beaming smile.

1. Fo means Buddhism, Canzi means silkworm. It honestly can be a title but Buddhist Silkworm as a title doesn’t sound too great in English

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