Chapter 706: Ye Siwan’s Junior Aunt

The three lords from Dark Realm turned as cold as ice. They weren’t actually afraid. Sun Moon was powerful and ancient but not to the point where they needed to run.

Dark Realm wasn’t on the same level as Mount Potala, Senluo, and Mount Yin Yang. However, it was still a top heretical faction in Jin and part of the Great Powers List.

Feiyun’s group was ready to watch the show. There was no need for them to antagonize the Dark Realm then. This messenger clearly wanted the spirit fruit tree, ready to kill anyone in her way.

Siwan was smart enough to only tell the messenger about the tree and nothing about her fruits. She naturally wanted them for herself instead of handing it to the sect.

“Qiu Linggu, you want to fight the three of us alone? You’re overestimating yourself.” Gu Bazhi uttered coldly.

His black finger slightly moved. The tough nails looked like eight glowing swords.

Qiu Linggu was the messenger’s name, far more famous compared to the three lords of Dark Realm. She was well-known among the large orthodox sects.

If the sect master of Sun Moon were equivalent to Jin Emperor, then the White Moon and Black Sun Messenger were on the same level as the Divine King.

She was a beautiful woman that looked a bit like Liu Ruixin, obviously a stunning talent during her youthful days.

She had a noble air about her with a group of clouds gathered above and bright lights surging around her.

“Gu Bazhi, Jin Tang, Ximen Sude. The three of you have been stuck in Dark Realm for too long and probably don’t know the current climate in Jin. We aren’t even afraid of the court, let alone you. 400 years ago, you three together couldn’t even handle me.”

These four were geniuses from the same generation and have fought several times.

“Your Realm Lord Xiang Jinfei, on the other hand, might be able to put up a fight.” The messenger looked quite cool with a deep knowledge of her opponents’ cultivation.

“Qiu Linggu, this isn’t the past and we weren’t that much weaker than you either.”

“The tides are always changing.”

These three were naturally exceptional to be able to have their current status and cultivation. A single woman couldn’t intimidate them.

A while later, more than ten experts from Sun Moon arrived on the scene. They were powerful, part of the upper echelon. Liu Ruixin who has been missing for a while was with them too, the youngest in the group.

She looked beautiful and elegant despite still being innocent. She saw Feiyun with his large bell and instantly flew over there.

She grabbed him by the arm and snitched: “This uncle is the guy who captured me and hurt Sister Ye too. Mother, you need to teach him a lesson and seal his cultivation so that we can take him back to Sun Moon.”

Sun Moon Messenger glared at him; her eyes carried a strand of confusion. 

“You’re the vagabond who injured our students on top of capturing Ruixin in an attempt to take our treasure sword?” Her voice turned cold.

The girl had a pretty good grip on his arm so he couldn’t force her off without injuring her. She had a playful and gloating smirk on her face.

“Master, this is a misunderstanding. This uncle is a hidden master, there is more to this story.” Siwan quickly said.

Ruixin’s eyes widened with astonishment. Her favorite sister was actually helping this uncle? Didn’t they fight prior?

She wanted to say something else but the messenger stopped her: “We’ll talk about this later.”

The messenger clearly believed Siwan more and thought that Ruixin was still too young, lacking the same insight.

The elders from Sun Moon heard that Siwan was the one who found this tree first and became excited.

They praised her for a bit since this was worth celebrating for their sect. When they learned that these Dark Realm cultivators wanted the tree and even injured her, some elders became furious.

“These heretics are quite impudent nowaday, daring to rob our sect?”

“If they want a fight, they got one!”

They didn’t waste time and summoned their spirit treasure. More than ten shot through the sky like suns. 

Their full power destroyed the area and forced the three lords back, unable to withstand the barrages. The three had no choice but to flee.

Sun Moon Messenger finally joined the fray and unleashed a bright lunar seal, seriously injuring Ximen Sude and breaking off a piece of his skull - avenging Siwan in the process.

‘That’s Sun Moon for you, so many experts.’ Feiyun stared at the spirit treasures in the sky: ‘No wonder why they dared to take over Earthchild and banished government officials. These old sects are definitely comparable to the four clans. Maybe they have geezers at the pseudo level or actual Nirvana realm.”

Siwan saw the look in his eyes and smiled. She pointed over yonder: “See that wonderful beauty there? That’s my Junior Aunt, an instructor elder of our sect. She reached the seventh level seventy years ago and is at the intermediate realm now, a perfect match for you, Uncle.”

This woman seemed to be around twenty-five or so years of age. She wore a violet dress and held a first-ranked spirit treasure, definitely a top-notch beauty. Siwan didn’t lie to him.

“I cultivate the Immaculate Art of Buddhism so relationships aren’t suitable.” Feiyun coughed and said. [1]

Ruixin was very close to the two of them so she heard everything clearly. She became surprised: “Sister Ye, you’re actually introducing Junior Aunt Yue to this vulgar uncle? How is he a good match for her?”

“How am I vulgar?” Feiyun had black lines on his forehead.

“Ruixin, Uncle is very capable and even saved my life. Watch your words.” Siwan felt bad for him.

Feiyun proudly arched his chest, seemingly quite pleased with himself while stroking his beard.

Ruixin actually liked the old guy but still felt there was something wrong with him. His eyes during battles were particularly sharp, not something usually seen in an old man.

She didn’t actually want her mother to seal his cultivation and bring him back to the sect to torture him or anything. On the contrary, she found him interesting and wanted him to join her sect.

“He’s still so lucky with women with that old disguise? That’s the demon’s son for you.” Second Boss murmured from the distance with jealousy on his face.

“You’re certain that’s Feng Feiyun?” Shyflower remained skeptical.

“No doubt.” Second Boss’ eyes shifted for a bit and started replying with a mental transmission: 'We need to tie him up and bring him back to the ridge once these Sun Moon people are gone.'

Shyflower nodded and gazed at Feiyun with a bizarre smile.

Meanwhile, Feiyun’s ears were twitching; his lips curled into a smirk.

The three lords from Dark Realm have been forced back. The experts of Sun Moon landed next to the old spirit fruit tree. Their robes fluttered to the wind as they continuously discussed something.

A short while after, White Moon Messenger and Ye Siwan headed for the group.

The messenger wasn’t as cold as before and actually had a friendly smile on her face. She looked at Little Demoness and said: “Little Demoness of the Feng is a great beauty now. If Scholar Heaven Calculating were to redo the beauties’ list, you would definitely be among the top three. Such a heaven’s favorite.”

This simple comment actually revealed a lot to Feiyun. He thought that Sun Moon might have communicated with the Feng. Perhaps they were even allies now.

Little Demoness was playing with Whitey. She looked quite mature and attractive now but her mindset was still of a playful kid. She only smiled at the messenger then briefly said: “Senior.” 

The messenger’s brows were slightly raised. She turned her attention to the other three strangers. 

She didn’t need to greet these vagabonds but Siwan told her that they helped a lot in finding this tree. Thus, she needed to repay them.

“This unc-... Senior Yun is a lay-disciple of Buddhism, versed in both alchemy and treasure-seeking arts. He’s a master at formation and calculation too.” Siwan introduced.

“Oh?” The messenger’s impression of him improved. 

She didn’t care too much about a Giant but one with this many skills was a different issue.

The masters of the five arts were very prestigious.

1. This is an actual training method meant to start a young age, 童子功. In wuxia and xianxia, it is known that one has to be a virgin or keep their virginity to train. Here’s an interesting translation note - Deathblade, Ren, Etvo, and Alyschu all helped in coming up with a name for this art. Sometimes, picking the right name isn’t easy. It gotta fit the author’s intent, the cultural and colloquial meaning. It’s not easy to preserve these different facets.

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