Chapter 705: Supreme Spirit Root

“Boom!” A black lightning bolt cut through the sky like a heavenly saber with a frightening momentum.

Ye Siwan beneath the tree had a stream of blood flowing down her jade arm, wounded by the bolt.

Ximen Sude’s cultivation far exceeded her even though she was an intermediate seventh-level now.

She took out her fiery sword and posed coolly before the tree, not relenting one bit: “I found this spirit fruit tree first, don’t think about it.”

She knew who he was - a supreme elder from Dark Realm named Ximen Sude. He was a famous character from the same generation as the corpse master of Firmament. 

However, she wasn’t afraid at all and wouldn’t give this great supreme spirit root to anyone.

“This tree is a great spirit root and you can’t hold onto it with your cultivation. I see that you are beautiful and talented so I wish to take you in as a concubine, do you agree?” Ximen Sude had a dark smile.

He held his staff while standing on the great lizard; his black robe fluttered to the wind. If she dared to say no, he would immediately attack without showing any mercy.

“Let’s go.” Siwan had no intention of backing off and started channeling energy with a golden glow around her.

The sword became shrouded with fire. She then moved fast enough to have a hundred images, almost like a group of dancing fairies.

“You dare to attack me with such meager cultivation?” He sneered.

His hand was shrouded in black energy. He grabbed a plume of cloud and unleashed a palm strike.

The massive seal struck her real form and forced her back to the tree, injured for the second time. Blood dripped out the corner of her lips.

He was simply too strong. She only survived due to her recent improvement.

His eyes became cold, not expecting to need to use a third strike versus a young cultivator. This was actually humiliating.

“I’ll lend you a hand since you wish to die.” He didn’t want to waste time because that commotion was too loud earlier. More experts were definitely coming here. He needed to take this tree away before that.

Siwan prepared to fight to the death. An auspicious fog surrounded her shiny skin. Her eyes looked like two stars while her dantian started to glow.

“Hey, geezer, which hole did you crawl out from? Daring to rob someone before I, Second Boss? Want to steal my business?” Second Boss took one step forward and moved thirty miles closer with a single step.

He landed next to Ye Siwan while holding two axes with a smile on his face, ready to fight.

He was naturally in a good mood because he found a total of four spirit fruits earlier, all 3,000 years and up.

Two of them were heavily damaged but they were still precious treasures. Another was a 5,000-year vermillion fruit with virtually no damage. He wouldn’t trade it for a hundred cities.

Ximen Sude didn’t know that most of the fruits have been taken already, only this tree was left now since it was the most conspicuous.

Second Boss was afraid of Ye Siwan being captured. If she were to fall under the guy’s spell and torture, she would spill about their fruits too. That would be big trouble so he had no choice but to help.

Feiyun also arrived and stood on her other side. He was also in a good mood since his harvest was several times better than Second Boss’. 

Feiyun raised his gigantic bell and declared: “Old man, do you think we’re so easily bullied?”

“You want to take this supreme spirit root that we toiled to find? Let’s see if you’re capable enough.” Shyflower also benefited greatly despite being the slowest.

“That’s right, Sister Ye risked her life to find this tree, we need to help her fight off all robbers.” Little Demoness had a red complexion right now after finding better stuff than Second Boss.

They were crafty enough to divert all attention to this tree, not mentioning anything about the other fruits here.

“A bunch of misfits like you want to oppose me, Ximen Sude?” Sude sneered in response.

This heretical big shot believed he knew all the masters in Jin and didn’t recognize these people.

Two were still young and though they were strong for their age, that still didn’t mean anything to him. He alone could take all of them.

Second Boss has been reclusive for several hundred years and was definitely the strongest in Feiyun’s group. He was very excited and couldn’t wait to kill. His hand started shaking.

Sude posed with both hands behind his back and chuckled at the group: “Yes, trembling with fear now after hearing my name?”

Two more old men from Dark Realm arrived on the scene. They rode spirit beasts; hair and beard white from top to bottom.

They were two supreme elders named Gu Bazhi and Jin Tang.

These three were only below the realm master in terms of status and strength. Bazhi and Jin Tang have trained for two hundred years and rarely showed themselves in Jin. Nevertheless, people still feared their names.

“The three lords of Dark Realm are all here.” Shyflower slightly frowned.

“You know them?” Little Demoness asked.

“I was betrothed to Gu Bazhi’s youngest uncle before. Unfortunately, the guy died during our first night. Bazhi thought that I killed his uncle and ran back from Dark Realm, wanting to kill me. I heard of this and ran away beforehand. Sigh, his uncle was my fourth dead husband, very handsome and exceptional. We swore to be together until the sea dries up and that although we weren’t born on the same date, we wanted to die on the same date. It’s a shame that he went before me.” Shyflower said with disappointment.

“If you swore to die together, then why didn’t you follow him?” Little Demoness asked with innocent curiosity.

“Ahem… my heart died with him…” Shyflower felt a bit awkward.

“Then why did you marry nine more times?” The girl didn’t relent.

“My heart was dead but my *** wasn’t.” Shyflower answered. [1]


While the two women gossiped in the back, Feng Feiyun, Second Boss, and Ye Siwan were on edge.

These three lords were no joke, looking just like three black dragons posing before them.

“This tree is more precious than the one on Mount Potala, it’s a priceless treasure and we must have it.” Bazhi stood on top of a gigantic black wolf and was extremely moved.

He only had eight fingers but they were double the normal size. His fingernails were one foot long too. [2]

Jin Tang was also twitching with excitement while looking at the glowing tree with its roots revealed.

“Meditating under this tree might allow us to see the dao of the Enlightened Being realm.” He would never give it up.

“Does your Dark Realm wish to antagonize my Sun Moon Sect?” Siwan said.

“Why the hell not?” The three lords hesitated for a moment before coldly answering.

Sun Moon was perhaps the top sect in Jin, strong enough to make the court wary. However, these three lords were willing to kill anyone for this tree.

“Whoosh!” An extremely bright crescent moon flew over and illuminated the entire area.

This was a carriage with a lunar shape surrounded with chains made from white jade. A woman in a royal outfit stood on top. She had colored ribbons draping over her shoulders and also had a moonlight glow.

“A very powerful woman, far stronger than these three.” Shyflower’s expression changed.

“You’re here, master!” Ye Siwan was happy to see this carriage.

“I came running the moment I received your urgent message.” Sun Moon Messenger calmly said: “What’s going on… oh?! That’s a supreme spirit root.”

White Moon Messenger was only second to the sect master in her sect. She noticed the massive tree and recognized that it could produce 4,000-year-old fruits.

Despite being very experienced, she was still trembling a bit. Her eyes shot out a frightening light: “Who found this tree?”

“I did, Master, along with my friends. We fought hard for it.” Siwan said.

“Siwan, this is a meritorious contribution and an amazing fortune! With this tree, our sect will soar and become immortalized, haha! Our number one spot is even more assured.” The messenger laughed. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.

“But they want to rob us.” Siwan said.

The messenger turned cold right away.

1. The word is censored, no clue what it is.

2. Bazhi actually means eight fingers

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