Chapter 703: Second Boss

A demon fruit was just another type of spirit fruit. However, it had a large amount of demonic energy within, very beneficial for demon cultivators or humans with a demon bloodline.

The one fruit here was different from the ones Feiyun had seen before. It had white runes flowing through them - the laws of an Enlightened Being condensed in there.

From this, one could see the preciousness of this particular one.

This forest had other spirit fruits with dense energy, looking just like spirit lakes lingering on the branches. They had skeletons below too, showing off their preciousness.

However, none could absorb the dao of an Enlightened Being like the one found here.

“How long has this one been up there? I think more than ten thousand years?” Little Demoness stared at the skull-sized fruit.

The skeleton has been here for more than ten thousand years, so naturally, this was the case for the fruit as well.

“A ten-thousand-year spirit fruit, definitely special. We probably can’t find a second like this in Jin… I wonder if eating it will turn you into an Enlightened Being right away.” Shyflower grabbed her bow made from bones and leather, nocked an arrow then drew the string. A white light gathered on the tip as she aimed to shoot down that fruit.

This fruit was more valuable than a Dominating Armament. The knowledge of its existence would shock all of Jin.

“Boom!” This arrow was no joke either. It could travel for 980 miles and crush a smaller peak.

It carried a sharp and chilling ray and struck a leaf in the branch three hundred meters in the air. Unfortunately, it turned into dust right away.

Shyflower didn’t give up and prepared a second arrow. This one was even more dazzling than before, made from metal from outer space. She only had three and has been saving them. 

This time, she shot out two in a row. They flew like two black dragons towards the branch.

“Boom! Boom!” Both turned to dust, unsurprisingly.

She couldn’t bear to try with her last arrow because of its worth. Losing two already hurt her enough.

Meanwhile, Second Boss and his spirit energy slowed down the sinking process. He noticed that Little Demoness and Shyflower only wanted the fruit instead of helping her so he shouted: “I will really take all of you down with me!”

Feiyun was busy with carving some strange runes on the ground. He looked up in response: “I’ll save you as long as you uproot that tree too so I can take that fruit.”

“I can’t! It’s a demon tree, pretty much a pseudo Enlightened Being. I can’t do anything to it!” Second Boss could still swing his large axe into the tree trunk.

The only thing he accomplished was making his hand numb and adding a few cracks and one broken spot on the blade.

This strike carried enough force to crush a mountain yet it didn’t do anything to this tree. This clearly showed how special it was.

“This… hmm, this might be a forbidden ground demon spirit.” Feiyun slightly frowned.

“What’s that?” Second Boss kept on wiggling around and created mini earthquakes. This still didn’t stop the sinking process.

“A great demon usually leaves something behind, a corpse or a spirit. So this so-called ‘forbidden ground demon spirit’ is a relatively powerful type. Anyone below an Enlightened Being will die after meeting one.” Feiyun didn’t believe that one would be here.

After all, a great demon of this level wouldn’t have come to a human dynasty, let alone dying here and leaving behind its spirit.

Alas, the truth was before him. This 300-meter tree could really be the form of a demon spirit. That’s the only way it could produce a 10,000-year demon fruit.

Second Boss’ eyes turned white after hearing Feiyun’s last sentence. He then exploded and shouted: “I can feel this demon thing fusing together with the skeleton, their roots are pulling me down… it’s over, I’m gonna take you all down with me too as funerary mats!”

“Wait a min, we have no grievances with you, what’s the point of dragging us down too?” Little Demoness cautiously retreated and took out more ten talismans for protection.

“We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. We merely hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year.” Second Boss’ hair was standing on end. [1]

“Who the hell wants to die together with you.” Shyflower nocked her third arrow, ready to send Second Boss to hell first if he were to go crazy.

“Calm down, everyone, calm down, I have a method.” Feiyun said.

“What method, hurry up!” Second Boss only had his head above ground now, looking very pitiful.

“This forbidden ground demon spirit still doesn’t have its own sentience so it belongs to the weakest type. It normally won’t attack other living beings. We can’t do anything to it but scaring it should be possible.” Feiyun calmly explained.


“Since it takes the form of a tree, it should be afraid of fire so a flame technique should be effective, but if we do that… we probably can’t get that fruit… that priceless treasure…” Feiyun said.

“Oh lord! Do something already, I’m at my wit’s end!” Second Boss remembered a few techniques.

His head caught on fire like a fireball before he spat this affinity forward in the form of a flame wave.

Ye Siwan, Little Demoness, and Shyflower didn’t hesitate any longer and used flame techniques.

Fire engulfed the sky above the tree. The vegetation nearby got unlucky and started burning. The whole place turned into a blazing cauldron.

At the same time, Feiyun had finished carving his runes. He took out a spirit stone the size of a washing basin and pressed downward.

All the runes lit up as he shouted: “Activate!”

A crack appeared beneath his feet, around one meter wide. This crack continued moving towards the tree and freeing Second Boss.

One could see tiny roots around him like a thousand little serpents. The skeleton of the Enlightened Being had fused with the roots so it had “serpents” everywhere too.

Feiyun activated the power of his phoenix bones and created a scorching flame. The spatial area nearby became distorted from its heat. 

It shot out like a river and managed to chase away the roots.

“Boom!” Second Boss took advantage of this and cut down the main roots holding down his legs, managing to escape.

“Everyone, ruin now! This demon spirit is enraged now.” Feiyun immediately used his Swift Samsara to flee.

The three women ran without any hesitation. They could feel the terrifying aura emitted from the tree, something akin to a furious god.

Second Boss ran even faster, aware of this tree’s power better than anyone else. He wished he had four legs right now and got away fast enough to lose both of his shoes. He even made it past Feiyun who got a head start, crossing through several mountains in no time at all.

Feiyun stopped after making it 600 miles away. Though this was a relatively short distance, they were in an embarrassing state due to the panic earlier.

Little Demoness had mud on her the tip of her nose and chin, clearly having fallen previously.

Ye Siwan had leaves on her long hair. Her dress was torn in several places, damaged after being attacked by a 3,000-year-old poisonous thorn along the way. She appeared less indifferent and elegant, more like a fairy that has fallen into the mortal world now.

Shyflower had an even tougher time. Something tore off her skirt so her alluring, long thighs were exposed. Second Boss who was sitting on a tree started salivating while murmuring something to himself.

They met many strange creatures along their way, hence their embarrassed state.

“Rumble!” That forest earlier started shaking violently. One could see the tree earlier uprooting itself. Thousands of roots came out of the ground, some were a hundred miles long. They looked like dragons flying in the sky and started crushing the mountains nearby. The forest was completely destroyed along with all living creatures there.

Seeing the roots and gales emanating shocked the group. They ran for several hundred more miles before stopping.

“Even a Super Giant will be dismembered by those roots.” Second Boss turned pale.


1. A heroic quote from the Three Kingdoms between Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Definitely not used in the right context here but it’s funny

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